Single review: ‘Berlin’ by J.W. Paris

JW Paris
J.W. Paris

Full of grit and raw blues infused grunge elements, J.W. Paris are back with new single Berlin. The band’s finesse and grunge rawness is what makes them such a wonderful band, and I’ve been a huge fan of the three piece since catching them live last year with The Amazons. Made up of Daniel, Aaron and Josh, J.W. Paris have this thrashing blistering sound to their music, with very raw rough DIY rock elements to their sound. They’ve built up a unique image and musical edge as a band, and are an electrifying presence of rock’n’roll in the music industry right now. Featured on my Bands to Watch in 2017 feature, the band released debut single Rapture last year, and Berlin really is the perfect follow up to this. The track has this really rough gravel to it, with the chorus opening the track and crashing down throughout as the track progresses. Attitude wise, there’s this very abrasive confidence to the track which makes the band’s delivery of it even better; the delivery of the lyrics are gritty and messy, with both Daniel and Aaron singing together. Their vocals work together meticulously, paired by wonderful guitar and Josh’s thrashing drumming. Opening with a slightly quieter vocal from Aaron and acoustic guitar, the track immediately lifts in intensity as a more powerful guitar kicks in with the drums, backed up by that rich deep bass. ‘It’s taking me over, it’s dragging me down‘ Aaron broodingly sings, with him taking lead vocal on the track and Daniel singing and harmonising over certain parts of the track perfectly.

The rigour and energy of the track is blinding, and the chorus has an immensely catchy guitar sound to it. It’s pure authentic guitar rock, with a garage bluesy feel to it. Both Daniel and Aaron have these really gritty tough vocals which pair perfectly with the deep grunge infused sound the lead guitar and bass have together. The build up mid way through the track before crashing down into the line ‘I’m no fun’ makes for a sense of adrenaline and anticipation, keeping you as a listener on your toes and craving that heavy crashing down chorus which the band deliver. ‘Berlin’s my chosen place, I leave without a trace’ Aaron sings, with that bold amped up guitar from Daniel further adding to the roughness of the track. It’s tracks like Berlin from small rock bands like J.W. Paris which proves guitar music is more alive than it’s ever been before, and the clever riffs used and little musical techniques show just how exciting the current rock scene is. J.W. Paris match bluesy rock’n’roll with a rough indie bite, and the wonderfully distorted guitar paired with that rawness of the vocals makes Berlin one of the best tracks I’ve heard in a long time. Having seen Berlin performed live before, it’s safe to say J.W. Paris are just as brilliant live as they are on record; upcoming dates for the band include Nambucca (London, N7 6LB) on April 15th, and Hoxton Underbelly (London, N1 6NU) on April 21st. You can purchase tickets and keep up to date with the band via their Facebook page here.

Single rating: ★★★★★

‘Berlin’ will be available to purchase and listen to later this month (April 2017)

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