“In the future, everyone will be world famous for 15 minutes”… Introducing new Sisteray EP “15 Minutes”

sisteray 15 minutes EP
15 Minutes EP

Politically engaged, passionately vocal, and making a riot over the issues many bands tend to avoid, Sisteray have released new EP 15 Minutes. Based on the Andy Warhol quote “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes,” the EP is more an artistic project and means of social commentary rather than simply a collection of tracks. Lasting exactly 15 minutes, the EP embodies filthy rockn’roll, and proper DIY guitar rock. The band have been a unique, passionate force of rock for a long time now, and maintain this DIY politically riotous edge to their sound. Fierce and abrasive, the EP is a bold statement against the political elite, the royal family, Brexit, and the need in society for instant gratification and satisfaction. This tone and attitude really captures the raw traditional spirit of punk, with an archaic anti-establishment aura. There seems to be an underground revitalisation of this politically fuelled rock, and Sisteray are one of the most exciting bands currently leading this resurgence. From East London, Marco, Dan, Niall and Mick are bringing back the attitude and nostalgic meaning of punk which the music scene may have been lacking. This ‘no-shit’ approach the band have is shown through their countless DIY ventures, such as their monthly ‘Welcome To The Monkey House’ club nights and being signed to underground label Vallance Records.

The EP itself is packed full of punk vibrancy, careless grit, and a raw attitude. Lasting exactly 15 minutes (which was an exciting and testing challenge in itself), the EP was recorded with Rory Attwell, who has worked with numerous well known bands including Palma Violets and The Vaccines. No doubt Sisteray will be the most exciting band he has worked with though. 15 Minutes is made up of five killer tracks; Queen’s EnglishNostalgia TripFaaast FoodFamous For Nothing, and White Knuckle Joyride. The entire EP is a brutally honest, hard-hitting refection of the political and social state of the UK, and this honesty and brash abrasiveness is what makes the EP such an outstanding 15 minutes worth of music. For me, the best track on the EP would have to be Queen’s English, which focuses of the clear gap between the rich elite and the working class, which has been becoming more bluntly obvious and shocking. Opening with the Queen herself speaking before that raw guitar kicks in, the track features lines like ‘we don’t speak the Queen’s English, just an accent you won’t be familiar with’ and ‘we use words that you’ve never heard, new slang.’ The guitar is distorted and blurred, which makes the track more layered and gritty. The whole EP embodies this sense of gravel and grit, and there’s nothing manufactured or fake about Sisteray. The band performed an EP launch secret set at The Victoria, Dalston on Saturday evening (15th April), and the live set brilliantly showcased the skill and finesse within the EP. White Knuckle Joyride is brilliant too, with heavy guitar and drumming throughout.

What makes 15 Minutes such an exciting and intriguing project is the meaning behind it. Focused on the issues of social gratification, political inequality, and nostalgia in the industry (predominantly in Nostalgia Trip) the EP is a huge ‘fuck you’ to the political establishment, and a massive statement piece. Breaking more and more boundaries as they go along, Sisteray’s fame is set to last a lot longer than 15 minutes- big things coming.

EP rating: ★★★★★

Sisteray feature on my Bands to Watch in 2017 list, and you can read my interview with guitarist Dan Connolly here

Listen to the EP here

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