The best of London’s upcoming rock bands at Nambucca for This Feeling: 485C, Scarletinas & Slowlights

There’s a reason why This Feeling is known as ‘the best club in the UK for future rock‘n’roll stars,’ dubbed this by Mr Noel Gallagher; every week they put on the best gigs with some of the most exciting new bands playing for them, and Saturday night was no different, with Nambucca hosting three of London’s most brilliant new bands; Slowlights, Scarletinas and 485C. Each one of the bands had a wonderfully unique edge to them, with something really vibrantly different and exciting about each of them. There was a lot of distinctive individuality to each of the bands, with the unorthodox approaches to their music making for a night of blinding rock’n’roll.

485C live

The first band to play were Slowlights, a soothingly buoyant indie rock band. Their music was quite soft, but didn’t lack the intensity of good indie rock music. There was a lot of depth to their set I felt, with really beautiful meticulous riffs and crashing drums. There’s a sense of build up and anticipation to their music, with their tracks being heavily controlled and well written. Rather than having a raw DIY edge which I typically prefer, their tracks were far more controlled and cleverly written, which was actually fantastic live. There’s a wonderful confidence and assured attitude the band have on stage too, which gave their set a brilliantly refined edge. Energy wise, the band had heaps of this on stage which made their set really engaging and entertaining. Their music was laced with meticulous riffs and really well thought out, well written chord progressions, filled in with brilliantly delivered lyrics and drum loops. They were a wonderful opening band, and the professional sound to their set and on point attitude they had sets their future up to be potentially huge.

Slowlights live

Second to the stage were Scarletinas, possibly one of the most exciting bands out there right now. Their set was immense and intimidating and thrilling right from that first chord, with a unique roughness throughout. I haven’t had that kind of reaction to a band in a long time, but Scarletinas were truly thrilling. It was such a mad set from them, and I was literally blown away. They were really unique, and dressed in a sort of 70’s glam rock style, this artistic fashionable flare just adding to the experience of seeing them live. Their energy and vigour ripped through the venue, with a sense of exuberant electricity to their music. For a band that have only been playing for a year, the image and sound they’ve built up is blinding. They have one track released online- Walking On Water– and it’s killer. It’s packed full of loud blaring riffs and Marc’s authentic rock vocals, qualities which transcended throughout their entire set on Saturday. They reminded me a lot of late 60s and mid 70s rock‘n’roll bands, similar perhaps to groups like Thin Lizzy and Deep Purple. The anthemic sound to the band gave their set a stage-shaking, blistering feel which was full of proper rock power.

Scarletinas live

And then for the headliners, one of London’s coolest most intriguing live bands, 485C. I’ve been a massive fan of the band since I saw them at The Horn earlier on this year, and Saturday’s show just proved how unreal the band are. Live, their presence is captivating and unique, with a wonderfully intense on stage atmosphere. Atmospherically the band have a really eccentric, unorthodox aura which makes their live sets all the more immense and exciting. The band are a five piece, and at times there were four guitars playing at once which just added to the intense rock sound to the band. 485C are fronted by lead vocalist Adam Hume, who stands still a lot of the time when singing, with little sways and dances which reminds me a lot of artsy atmospheric artists such as Ian Curtis or David Bowie. The band have been playing together for around seven years now, and this is evident through their meticulously sharp riffs which blend together stunningly, played in absolutely perfect sync. On guitar you have Rory and Dom, with Sam on bass and Lucas on drums. As a vocalist, Adam is blinding; his vocal can be rough, with this gritty gravel to it, and he also uses these long wails to add to the intensity of the band’s sound. Very uncompromising and unique, 485C’s rough rock sound is laced with artsy elegance and a modernised twist on 80’s indie rock. Their music has a sense of captivating post punk, taking clear inspirations from art sub-culture movements and traditional guitar rock music. In terms of modern current day bands, there’s no one out there quite like 485C, and they’re revitalising the core essence of indie rock which may have been lost slightly. Set list wise, the band performed a wonderful array of tracks. They opened with Kids On The Beach, going on to perform tracks like Oh Rhianna, Primal Concerns, American Walls, She’ll Lie and In My Cell. It was an honour to see these tracks played live, and as always 485C were blinding. Heavily tipped by Radio X and John Kennedy, 485C are quite possibly one of the most intriguing and promising bands out there, with a mad future ahead of them. With plans for a debut album and the band constantly gigging and recording, it would be mad not to take notice of 485C.

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Gig rating: ★★★★★

© All photos to Alan Wells Photography (see more of his photos here)

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