Blaenavon delight us with hazy daydream of a track ‘Alice Come Home’

Blaenavon 2
One of the most unorthodox bands out there currently: Blaenavon

A hazy, meticulously composed daydream comes your way with Blaenavon’s latest single Alice Come Home. It’s this hauntingly mystical track, very delicate and fragile with the most beautiful composition and meticulous, refined production. The band are so honest and authentic, and this is what makes their sound so captivating and intriguing. Alice Come Home features this stunning guitar introduction, accompanied by Ben’s soft soothing vocal, where his voice flows from those soft high notes to his unique, deeply rich vocal. The electric guitar and drums kick in then, bringing the track into a more energetic, powerful stance. There’s an element of vocal distortion, with a raw roughness at the back of Ben’s throat. The track then progresses back to this melodic beauty from the start of the track, with the soft lightness of the guitar accompanied by Ben’s mystical vocal. It’s got this almost sad, haunting aura, very raw and stripped back and emotional. Blaenavon are full of rawness and honesty, with an uncompromising twist which makes their music so unbelievable. Alice Come Home then picks up again, with exceptional guitar from Frank and Ben, accompanied by these fantastic drum loops from Harris. The drumming continues with these clever loops and riffs, before the track falls into this dreamy, hazy trance. It’s very light and trippy, with an aura of light headed delicacy. The faded soft vocals are blurred and hazy in the background, giving the track this immensely atmospheric feel, which is emotional and dreamy at the same time. It transports you into another mind frame as a listener, putting you into a trance almost. Blaenavon have yet again delivered a piece of stunningly complex music, with an unreal composition and the most perfect, dreamy delivery. It reminds me of tracks from the band like Hell Is My Head and I Will Be The World, with those unique drum rolls and blared guitar which mixes sharp meticulous riffs with a delicate bass. For a group of young lads, the immense maturity and harrowing pain and emotion from Alice Come Home just proves how much the ‘young indie’ sound can resonate with you as a listener, and as always, Blaenavon do this in the most touching and beautiful way possible.

Blaenavon set off on a huge UK tour today (Friday 24th March), and will release their debut album “That’s Your Lot” on 7th April. You can purchase tour tickets or pre-order the album here

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