The Magic Gang bring back effortlessly flawless indie rock with new EP, ‘EP Three’

EP three
“EP Three” from The Magic Gang

The Magic Gang are a flawless indie rock band who create the most effortlessly cool perfect indie tracks, and EP Three is no exception to this. Released yesterday (March 24th), EP Three is another instalment in the group’s amazing discography, setting the release of their debut album (which must be coming soon right?) to be one of the most exciting releases in a long time. The EP really showcases Jack’s stunning vocals, and the band use heavy backup vocals and harmonising to add these magical (pun intended) elements to the EP. This is done beautifully on Life Without You, which is a cleverly simple and understated track, giving it this purity and authentic indie excellence. The guitar strumming softly in the background merges with those heavy vocal harmonies perfectly, going from soft ‘ooh la la’s’ in the background to singing along with the lead vocal. This reminds me a lot of early music by The Beatles actually, with the really stunning vocals and melody giving the track a dream-like sound. The guitar is beautiful on the whole EP, notably on Hotel Apathy, which has Jack’s soft soothing vocal play over the meticulous guitar riffs which open the track. The track is very controlled, and has these wonderful foundations which make it really hazy and stunning to listen to. The simplicity and controlled nature of the EP shows how well produced it is, and this understatement gives it a more humbling aura.

magic gang
The Magic Gang

My favourite track on the EP would have to be How Can I Compete, which has a more groovy funk to it. The beat to it gives the track a feel good dance vibe, and I’m so excited to see it performed live! ‘How can I compete‘ Jack broodingly asks, following an intense build up of the guitar. ‘You’re saying there’s nothing I can do, I’m saying the things I’d like to‘ he cheekily sings, with a quirky attitude behind his vocal. No One Else is a stunning track too, which features the soft guitar strumming and soothing light vocal that you get on Life Without You. ‘I know I’m gonna be talking to myself, and not to anyone else. There’s something wrong with me, that no one else can see‘ Jack sings, with his vocal really beautiful on this track. Again it reminds me of early music from The Beatles, like the Please Please Me album, or even solo tracks by John Lennon such as (Just Like) Starting Over. EP Three overall is stunning, and just perfectly faultless. The band started releasing music a couple of years ago, releasing debut singles No Fun/ Alright back in 2015; this release kickstarted something very special in indie music, and the resonance of pure authentic indie with a fresh modern edge has The Magic Gang at the forefront.

EP rating: ★★★★★

Listen to the EP here

The Magic Gang are currently on tour with Circa Waves, and go on their own headline tour next month with support from the wonderful Abattoir Blues and Paris Youth Foundation, with tickets available here

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