Top 10 Bands to Watch at Truck Festival 2017

Summer 2017 has an immense lineup of festivals coming up, with some of the best rock bands being given a well deserved platform on the most famous festival stages this summer. Truck festival definitely stood out for me, and I think it’s safe to say the lineup is one of the best festival lineups to have come out in the past few years. With some immense bands playing, like Franz Ferdinand and The Libertines, there’s also an unreal host of smaller acts to grace the lineup. For those of you lucky enough to have got tickets (as it’s now completely sold out), here are your top 10 bands to watch out for at Truck.

Pulled Apart By Horses

For fans of heavy, gritty post punk heaviness, Pulled Apart By Horses would be right up your street. A thrilling live band, they’re full of punk angst and aggression, making for vividly exciting and intense live shows. They’re highly receptive to crowd reactions too, making the exciting energetic vibe of festivals the perfect atmosphere to see the Leeds quartet in.

Top tracks: I Punched A Lion In The Throat & Medium Rare

Pulled apart by horses
Pulled Apart By Horses


Yak are a messy three piece, full of loud blaring riffs and a wild on stage presence. They’re a proper rock group, with undertones of alt-rock, garage and post punk to their tracks. They’re very heavy and have this raucous bite on stage. They’re crazily entertaining too, and use their amped up guitar sound to create this forceful explosive nature live.

Top tracks: Alas Salvation & Plastic People

The Magic Gang

The Magic Gang are probably the most perfect indie band out there- fun lyrics, brilliant riffs and wonderful interactions with the crowd makes them one of the most fun and entertaining live bands I’ve seen. They have a more reserved indie sound, which has a perfect rock solid beat throughout, giving them the perfect sound to jump and mosh to. Their energy and charisma, and just overall fun they have on stage, makes them a pleasure to witness playing live.

Top tracks: Lady Please & No Fun

The Big Moon

I love seeing bad-ass women taking over the rock industry, and The Big Moon are the best band right now doing this. Their riffs are beautifully catchy and mesmerising, with the drop in Formidable an unreal piece of rock music. Their feel good indie rock aura is made even better by Soph’s stunning vocal, which goes from soothing and light to raw and rich in seconds- they’re one of those bands who I can envisage getting massive one day, and their set at Truck ought to be a huge step for the band.

Top tracks: Formidable & Cupid

The Big Moon
The Big Moon


Fusing indie rock with pop and grunge, Inheaven have this crazy pop-art aura to them, very stylish and messy and fun live. With tracks that naturally draw heavy moshing and circle pits, James, Chloe, Jake and Joe were made to be on stage. They have a really sick bad-ass attitude which gives them a unique edge, and this is channelled perfectly on stage. They adore their fans too, and their love and excitement on stage makes them one of the most fun, passionate bands I know.

Top tracks: Baby’s Alright & Treats


Yonaka are one of the most crazily unique bands out there, with a very unorthodox and interesting sound.The alt-rock group are fronted by Theresa who has one of the most killer voices ever. The band group heavy alt rock sounds with post-punk indie elements to give them a wildly explosive rock’n’roll bite. And they’re touring this month with Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes and Strange Bones, so they must be good.

Top tracks: Ignorance & Drongo

Palm Honey

Indie psychedelia and hazy drugged up rock comes from Palm Honey, who have a highly intriguing and distinctive sound. Their tracks are full of distortions and blurred guitars- they’ve got these really exciting psychedelic rock elements to their sound which takes you right back to the 1960s. To see how they conjure up their trippy psychedelic sound live will be really intriguing, and they have the potential to be the most exciting bands to play the weekend.

Top tracks: Bewitched & Bones

palm honey
Palm Honey

Goat Girl

Goat Girl are a cynical four piece, full of bitter lyrics with a rough indie guitar rock element to them. They’re really unique, as in no other band out there seems to have the dark indie sound that they do. They have this unorthodox ‘no shit’ approach, which makes them effortlessly cool- this attitude transcends their music, and makes their on stage presence almost intimating, making them an unreal act to catch live.

Top tracks: Country Sleaze & Scum


This Brighton three piece are a group I’ve been desperate to see live for months now. They’re bold and brash and abrasive, with a heavy gritty alternative rock sound to their tracks. This doesn’t take away from the meticulous riffs and polished well written tunes they have though; the band possess a brilliantly raw DIY rock edge, which blends together post punk with alt-rock and grunge. For anyone into messy grunge with a raw authentic 90s sound, Tigercub are the band for you.

Top tracks: Pictures of You & Rich Boy



An artsy, alternative indie rock band, Palace have one of the coolest auras out there. They use beautiful riffs drowned in elegance and simplicity with haunting lyrics, all so well written and well composed. Their tracks posses a refined edge, with a very controlled delicacy. Leo’s vocals are stunning too, and it’ll be unreal to hear tracks from their stellar album So Long Forever performed live.

Top tracks: Have Faith & Bitter

Other bands to catch… Franz Ferdinand, Abbatoir Blues, RedFaces, Crows, VANT, Cabbage, The Libertines, Slaves, The Wombats, JAWS, The Vaccines & Sundara Karma

Listen to my Ultimate Truck Fest 2017 playlist below:

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