Yonaka Bring Their Enigmatic Furore to The Macbeth, Hoxton, for This Feeling

Down in the gritty and authentically retro venue that is The Macbeth down in Shoreditch, last night saw This Feeling’s best showcase in a long time, as Sophie & The Giants, BlackWaters and Yonaka took to the stage, the cramped intimacy of the venue combined with the eclectic genre of live music creating a very special atmosphere. There’s a dominant confidence that resonates live in each artist, who all have a indie base to their music, Sophie & The Giants infusing this with a cocktail of swirly pop synthetics, with BlackWaters and Yonaka leaning towards a vivacious punk eccentricity

Sophie & The Giants opened up the night, their enigmatic energy flitting between dreamy indie pop and synthetic choruses, screaming of low-fi ambience. Whilst not as jagged or avant-garde as a lot of new bands stealthily circling the music scene at the moment are, Sophie & The Giants have maintained a consistency in their sound and image, their pop haziness eluding a very interesting on stage aura. Intriguingly catchy and with an instant melodic appeal, Sophie & The Giants are perfect for pop fans who are craving something a bit more edgy and vibrant, an elegant aesthetic warmly intertwined in this band’s entire aura

Sophie & The Giants

BlackWaters were next, scarring the audience with their scatty chaos. They have always embodied a raucous, messy passion when playing, and manage to create an old school punk vivacity almost effortlessly. This uncaring, abrasive sharpness is paramount to the evocative nature of punk music, and BlackWaters have a sleasy brawling riotous edge which amplifies their disorderly, jarring grit. Given their rowdy punk flare, it would be intriguing to see the band explore something slightly more avant-garde, as their sound has matured into something a lot more eclectic since the last time I saw them – it would be interesting to see this grow into something more innovative


Brimming with an eccentric wildness, fuelled by dazzling grungy furore, Yonaka’s headline set was savage. This band are one of the most special live bands that I know, their live sets feeling almost biblical in that they are a pure experience. Ear splitting, broody riffs are used to evoke a burst of gritty post punk, Theresa’s sharp vocal overwhelmingly matching the deafening riffs and shock-wave drumming perfectly. The band played a variety of tracks, old tracks like Drongo and Ignorance making their way image1into the setlist, as well as Fired Up, Waves, Creature, and brand new track Rock Star. Genuinely one of those bands I could never tire from seeing live, the power of Theresa’s voice, accompanied by the confidence and sultriness of her on-stage presence evokes a raw, formidable presence, inspired by the lightning bolt of fiery energy that comes from the grungy riffs and bass lines, aggressive and rich in essence. From seeing them at The Horn two years ago to selling out The Electric Ballroom at the end of last year, the growth of this band has been incredibly inspiring to watch, and they have gone from supporting Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes and Bring Me The Horizon, to being sell out headline material in their own right. Seeing them in such an intimate setting once more was oddly nostalgic, as I know it is rarely going to happen again – a huge thank you to This Feeling for curating such a special night.

Gig rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆


Photos: no photographer source (please message if they are yours!)

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