Bands To Watch in 2019

Another year of eclectic music has come to an end, the last twelve months tracing out the story of something very special within the music industry, particularly the blossoming strand of it which is the DIY circuit. The development and growth of new bands like Happy Hour, Legss and The Howlers has unveiled a perplexing and intriguing branch of the industry’s psych rock artists, and it has also been a pleasure to follow the growth of bands whom we tipped as ‘Bands Of 2018’ back at the end of last year, such as Calva Louise, Strange Bones, The Blinders, and Yonaka. 2019 promises a lot for new music; the next few months are poised to make their mark in music as tantalising and hedonistic months of growth, as new bands have a breathtaking foundation to build upon, one of abrasive creativity, and unorthodox flare. The new wave is coming, and you best be prepared. Here are our top Ten New Artists to watch in the New Year

The Howlers

Fulfilling a murky, post punk attitude of brash uncaring rock, The Howlers embody a raw, vividly angry rejection for mainstream convention in their music. Full of snarls and spits, the band use distorted grungy guitar riffs in a psychedelic twisted hallucination to build up a feel of darkness and savage rawness. Their sound has remained scathing and twisted, both the lyrics and riffs building up hyper, erratic stoner-rock balladry

the howlers
The Howlers


Clearly vibing of an influence from the South London artsy prog-rock scene, Jerry are an immense thrill to watch on stage. They have a feral roughness to them, blistering, incisive, fuzzy punk played in a meticulous yet wild manner. Full of unhinged surprises, their tracks take many twists and turns, leading you on a winding, sonic trip of a journey


A nod to the groovy elegance and spirit of 70s indie pop, FUR are a retro masterpiece. They bind sublime mellow pop with a modernised indie edge, infusing their sound with something old school and vintage, richly combining Magic Gang style lyricism with vibrant neo-psychedelic old school pop riffs. Their entire essence is charming; a pure delight to listen to

FUR by Julia Nala

The Mysterines

Fronted by the ever so bad-ass lead vocalist Lia, The Mysterines are a forceful punch of new wave furore, hailing from Liverpool. Their psych-rock grit is intense, especially in a close knit live atmosphere, where their deep riffs and rich bass lines bounce shakily from wall to wall – The Mysterines possess a hunger, a vivid passion, and are naturally extraordinary live

Milk Disco

An 80s style art-pop ensemble who experiment with synths and post punk influences, Milk Disco mix the bleakness of punk with the ambiguity and brightness of 80s pop synthetics. The clever usage of disco distortions and elusive post punk riffs takes you right back to an underground warehouse rave in 1984

Gently Tender

Sonically eluding you into a kaleidoscopic daydream, Gently Tender are one of the purest, most interesting bands to have emerged this year. They use choirs and a series of string instruments alongside soft harmonies and vocal layering, building up an almost holy image of the band. The psychedelia nods to a warming 60s-esque hypnosis, fuelled by an evocative and overpowering presence on record

gently tender
Gently Tender

Happy Hour

A dynamic four piece who formed in the scene in and around New Cross’ notorious Five Bells, Happy Hour are an artsy concoction of post punk and creative psych indie. They blend garage and punk in a very clever way, creating something that writhes with chaos and disorder. Rather than musing on the past, Happy Hour are building upon the foundations of old school punk to create something fresh and eclectic

Happy Hour, by Lina Zabinskaya

Uncle Tesco

Brooding and scathing, Uncle Tesco emit a perplexing scarring broodiness through their moody, abrasive lyrically witty pieces of music. Their dynamic is controlled, and very blunt and straightforward, the band using a careless vocal to add a brooding layer to their sound. Speaking rather than singing gives them an interesting edge, built up by the chanting of riffs (most notably in stellar track Meal Deal)


Witty and compelling, Legss produce with ease an eclectic fusion of so many different sounds and emotions, creating a vivid, sonic sound. They are overpoweringly good, a fuzzy authentic punk sound rippled through their sharp goriness. I particularly enjoy the well balanced combination of indie punk with a more mellow shoegaze element – they are immense live, and I would strongly suggest getting out to see them in the New Year

Legss, by Lina Zabinskaya

Pip Blom

Melodic and enticing, Pip Blom are an Amsterdam based four piece who have a glowingly addictive sound, one which resonates with you in a really special, impactful way. There’s a scuzzy swagger to their music; as a band they are keeping something fresh and revitalised in their strand of the industry, and it’s refreshing to see a young band recklessly making these steps

Indie Underground’s further picks for 2019 …

Projector, Haze, Phobophobes, Haze, Blue Bendy, Lumer, Luxury Apartments, Mice Ön Mars, Serene, Forever Cult, Squid, & Sorry

Mice On Mars, by Lina Zabinskaya

Top Ten Albums of 2018

Acts Of Fear And Love – Slaves

Tranquility Base Hotel And Casino­ – Arctic Monkeys

You Say I’m Too Much, I Say You’re Not Enough – Estrons

Joy As An Act Of Resistance – IDLES

Songs Of Praise – Shame

Friendship Music – Surfbort

Columbia – The Blinders

Coup De Grace – Miles Kane

A Better Life – Spring King

Black Honey – Black Honey

Top Five EPs of 2018

Less Is Better – False Heads

People Street – BlackWaters

Hate Music Last Time Delete – HMLTD

Blood On Suits – LUMER

Teach Me To Fight – Yonaka

Highlights of 2018…

Some Might Say ran launch parties this year for Issues Two, Three, Four and Five, as well as celebrating our One Year Birthday, and we were lucky enough to have the following bands play; Strange Bones, Arcades, Mummy, Calva Louise, Dirty Orange, Concrete Caverns, The Surrenders, The Americas, Monarchs, False Heads, Nana White Pepper, SONS, Freakouts, The Strawberries, The Wholls, Mice Ön Mars, Leggs, Happy Hour, & Luxury Apartments

Arcades- Lauren McDermott
Arcades, by Lauren McDermott
Calva Louise- Anna Smith 1
Calva Louise, by Anna Smith
Strange Bones- Anna Smith 2
Strange Bones, by Anna Smith
The Surrenders, by Jessie Morgan
The Surrenders, by Jessie Morgan
The Americas, by Eleanor Freeman
The Wholls, by Eleanor Freeman
FREAKOUTS, by Eleanor Freeman
The Surrenders, by Eleanor Freeman
False Heads, by Eleanor Freeman


All five issues of the Zine have sold out, and in 2018 we released three issues; Issue Three had Strange Bones on the cover, Issue Four had three split covers with The Scruff, Avalanche Party and The Surrenders, and Issue Four launched as the new square A5 edition, with Haze on the cover


It has also been a very proud year – artists we tipped last year have been making waves in the music industry; Strange Bones, False Heads, Anteros, Yonaka, Hotel Lux and The Blinders have been killing it this year, to name but a few, both in terms of album and single releases, and playing live all over the world

& MASSIVE love to fellow zines – Denim & Leather / Live Circuit

Listen to the Sound of 2018…

6 thoughts on “Bands To Watch in 2019

  1. This site ( has some amazing new and upcoming indie bands and artists!
    Must listen


  2. Check out Riskee & the Ridicule. Awesome DIY punk band, just toured the USA’s East Coast and are going down a storm in the underground circuit.


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