Talking ’bout Isle Of Wight Festival: This Feeling take over the Zone Island

The number one party #ZoneIsland of last summer is returning next week, thanks to This Feeling once again taking over a stage at the iconic Isle Of Wight festival. One of the biggest champions and supporters of new music, This Feeling are teaming up with Pirate Studios and Pretty Green, with over thirty bands gracing the stage; no doubt it will be biblical. If you’re looking for the freshest, most raw and enticingly hedonistic live music, paired with the indisputable fact that future headliners will be playing the stage, then This Feeling’s tent will be the place to be. Here’s our top five unmissable bands to catch live at the festival

this feeling IOW
Full festival lineup (dreamy or what)

Avalanche Party

Last summer This Feeling hosted a stage at Reading Festival, and Avalanche Party were undeniably the standout highlight act from the entire weekend. There’s a manic visceral energy which infuses their live sets with a deranged,almost feral nature. Tracks like Porcelain and 2021 are a solid testament to what gritty garage punk music is, and the intense brutality the band create with ease is enthralling and mosh worthy on stage

Calva Louise

A few months ago, Calva Louise were creating sugar coated punk music; blaring riffs and scarring vocals layered over delicate whispers from vocalist Jess, and carefully created pop riffs blended in with their DIY grit. Yet latest single Outrageous takes you back to the old school DIY punk sound of the band, which is one of messy, filthy grunge. Authentic and stunning in their unique brand of punk, Calva Louise are one of the tightest and most polished live bands on the scene at the moment, whilst still able to inject a scatty excitement and vitality into their live sets

Calva Louise- Anna Smith 1
Calva Louise, by Anna Smith


Having seen Cavalcade support The Wholls back in March, I have been desperate to see them again ever since. The four piece have a wild sound; it’s got a post-Britpop/ rock’n’roll bite to it, but it’s not as commercial sounding as many other bands who fall into this genre. Perhaps it’s their jaw dropping riffs that give them the edge, or it may be the energy and vigorous no-shit attitude they have on stage. Either way, this band are fast becoming one of the most interesting and fun live bands emerging onto the scene

Sophie And The Giants

Completely bad-ass and intense both on stage and on record, Sophie And The Giants are a vivacious new band, whose enigmatic sound blurs the fine line between pop and indie perfectly. Sophie’s vocal belongs to a class of head banging pop rippled with savage heaviness, similar to the likes of Yonaka’s lead vocalist Theresa. They use synths perfectly too, using them to enhance their thudding music rather than distract from the refreshing indie rock they are so perfectly creating

The Surrenders

The Surrenders time and time again have proven themselves as one of the most intense, hedonistically wonderful live bands on the scene right now. Their live sets are rippled with a bluesy nostalgia, the immensity of their groovy raw riffs akin to the talent of Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix. Connor’s vocal is scarring and raw, a gritty dirty bite embedded in his soothing voice, amped up by the vibrancy of Rich and James on guitar. Scott is a wonderful drummer, particularly with his rowdy backing vocal on Pursuit Of Love. Riff wise, lead guitarist Rich is genius in that he plays with an immaculate sense of natural ease, and this effortlessness builds up the flawless brilliance The Surrenders have on stage.

The Surrenders, by Jessie Morgan

Other bands to catch: The Scruff, The Velvet Hands, SONS, The Black Roses, Himalayas, & The Cosmics

This Feeling will also be hosting stages this summer at Y Not? Festival (26th-29th July) and Truck Festival (19th-22nd July)…they have smashed it this year lineup wise, and if last summer was anything to go by then time is running out to see these bands in small venues playing for DIY promoters, so act fast

Buy ya tickets here:


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