A blistering showcase of the UK’s most enticing and hedonistic live bands; This Feeling’s Big In 2018 Party Reviewed

A masterclass in how live music should be done, This Feeling hosted an iconic gig last night which can only go down as an ‘I was there night.’ Blistering, sweaty, hypnotic rock’n’roll dazzled the crowd from the very first band, this aura transcending the entire night. The lineup was immense to say the least, with some of the best bands in the underground circuit all billed on the same lineup, with sets from Lucie Barât, The Surrenders, Calva Louise, Hey Charlie, Avalanche Party, Anteros, Himalayas, SHEAFS, and Judas. Tipped as ‘bands to watch’ by a variety of bloggers and promoters spanning the country, Mikey Johns outdid himself with last night. The gig took place in the heart of London’s music scene, in the much-loved Nambucca, and by the first act the venue was crammed with bands, fans, writers, photographers, and industry lovers alike. The gig was a magnificently starry night, full of the infectious warmth and love which keeps underground rock’n’roll so viable.

Here are Indie Underground‘s top three picks from last night

This Feeling: Big In 2018, shot by Will Ireland

Calva Louise

Snarling explosive riffs oozing with melodic pop filled the venue last night when three piece Calva Louise took to the stage. Jess has a violently stunning aura on stage, her voice and riffs dangerously gripping and meticulously enticing, the bass from Alizon and drumming from Ben a sharp razor blade slicing through this gritty cloud of sound. Their set last night was riotous and enthralling, compelling and enticing every single audience member. Performing a stellar set of tracks including Outrageous and Getting Closer, the heaviness and raw pop balladry embedded in their dirty DIY edge made Calva Louise a tremendous stand out act.

The Surrenders

Groovy Zeppelin-esque psychedelia made for a trippy and bouncy carnival of raucous rock’n’roll when The Surrenders played. Connor’s voice has a sublime quality, with a harsh raw ripping edge to it; this gritty cutting roughness to his voice is gripping and possesses a very strong 70s bite, which made their sound a rather retro one. Yet despite this, the blues-packed anthemic guitar riffs elevated their hooks and lyrics into a boldly youthful, fresh sound, which translated brilliantly on stage. Accompanied by a lot of dancing from the crowd, their set went down an absolute belter.

Avalanche Party

Avalanche Party were one hundred percent last night’s stand out band, tearing the venue to infinite pieces with their intensely visceral sense of hectic menace and theatrical immensity. Jordan’s manically possessed edge was entrancing, the band fully losing themselves in the deafening magnitude of their riffs. With tracks like Solid Gold and I’m So Wet embedded in their set, Jordan may have spent more time in the crowd and lying on the floor in a demonically possessed manner rather than actually being up on stage. But this is what makes their live shows so special. The vibrant demeanour of the band was one of thudding brutality, this gripping power hypnotising the audience.

This Feeling’s Big In 2018 extravaganza continues over the course of the month, and will be taking to Camden’s Monarch on the 25th of this month. Purchase tickets here, and do yourself a favour and buy a ticket for every This Feeling gig taking part in your local venue

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