Snarly and vicious in nature, False Heads release new single RETINA

Hanging on to their nasty post punk bite, False Heads have released an unflinching, harrowingly cold new single, Retina. Brimming with an aptitude for DIY vitality, anger, and raw passion, Retina is a brutal, perfectly brewed combination of nasty lyrics and incredibly hooking riffs. The track is a moodily brooding cocktail of arrogance and wit, the triad recklessly disregarding the formula and standard ‘rules’ many bands on the verge of making it tend to embody in their music. False Heads have been gigging relentlessly for over a year now, dropping the Gutter Press EP along the way, as well as formulating and crafting to on-stage perfection tracks such as Fall AroundWrap Up, and Yellow. What makes Retina so tight and dreamy to listen to is the insatiable passion the band possess. The track has an element of finesse about it, a very delicate refined feel of meticulousness to it, every sharp detail from Jake’s thudding bass line to Barney’s cocky back up vocals intertwining with each other in jaw dropping perfection. Vocalist and lead guitarist Luke wrote the bass line, and came up with the lyrics which set the dark tone of the track; “it was kinda like an acid trip to be fair that inspired the lyrics…it’s about manoeuvring your way through your own mind”

False Heads
False Heads

Lyricism is key to False Heads; Wrap Up and Slew in particular stand out, as examples of the band’s core, uniquely identifiable sound. These tracks are built on the foundations of heavy riffs though, and the riffs and bold thrashing aggression they channel on stage can often disguise the lyrical quality Luke comes up with; it’s important to take note of the evocative lyrics he scribes though, and especially to engage with the stunning lyricism in Retina.


Lines such as “Flicking through a dream, hoping for a theme” and “set my retina off, tastes like metal” have thought provoking broodiness to them, the grit and muck of the band forcefully projected with lines like “sew the other shut, mongrel or a mutt?” and “you could shoot away, we’ve all seen better days.” A pure genius in his lyrics, which have a trippy quality of mad, twisted insanity to them, Luke writes like a true poet. There’s no camaraderie or falseness behind them, simply pure in your face honesty, which he takes to a more personal level, giving the lyrics as a result a gritty dirty bite. The snarly rawness of Retina gives the track a viciously ear splitting demeanour, one which is hooking and gripping, and in nature stunningly enticing to its listeners.

Listen to Retina here

© photo by Luke Marcus Nugent, & single artwork by Chris Hanvey

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