The Americas release hot new single “Something’s Gonna Happen”

The Americas, man, what a band. A group I bang on about a lot on here, they’re an undeniably brilliant force of pure classy rock’n’roll. Despite the name, The Americas are quintessentially British, with their riffs and the way they play epitomising perfectly classic old school British rock’n’roll. They use a keyboard in their music, accompanied by this raw feel good guitar rock sound, which is a unique and refreshing set up for a band. The three piece are made up of lead vocalists and guitarists Aaron (who also picks up keyboard) and Alex, backed up by drummer Harry. So I’ve seen the band a couple of times now, playing for This Feeling back in March and again at Truck festival in July. Their live performance is always brilliant, with heaps of energy and a fun feel good aura to their sets. This bluesy old school sound they have is whisky ridden, sex infused, classic 60s style rock, with something more youthful and fresh to their music to give them a vibrant modern day edge.

the americas main
The Americas, by Annie Warner

The band have just released new single Something’s Gonna Happen, and it’s ridiculously good. This bold anthemic track has a brilliant beat to it, perfect for grooving and dancing. The funky beat of the tambourine with that bold old school blaring guitar sound gives the track a really upbeat, uplifting aura. I bloody love this band, and the new single is proof of how class they are. Despite the same riff being played on a loop with the lyric ‘something’s gonna happen’ being repeated continuously, that bluesy bass line gives the track something exciting and interesting, the chord progression just before the chorus keeping that unique feel to the track. I love the chorus vocally too, as Aaron and Alex sing together which adds another layer of immensity to the track. The blaring meticulousness to the guitar riff too makes the track a really catchy piece of music.

the americas one
The Americas, by Alan Wells

Listen to Something’s Gonna Happen here

The Americas will be releasing an EP early 2018, and it’s safe to say this will be one of the most anticipated releases of next year. The three piece will also embark on a This Feeling tour next month, following countless appearances with This Feeling this summer at festivals like Isle of Wight, Y Not and Reading. The band’s tour will include gigs at Nambucca (London), Jimmy’s (Manchester), and a special hometown gig at the Sunflower Lounge (Birmingham)

Tickets are available for purchase here (trust me you won’t regret it)


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