Track of The Week: “The Lick” by shame

Track of the Week: The Lick by shame

For fans of: bands like Hotel Lux and Strange Cages, raw brooding post grunge rock, rock’n’roll music dictated by the bass line

shame shot by Guillaume Kerjean

Cynically cutting edge, moody, and broodingly raw, this week’s Track of The Week is The Lick by shame. An intricate masterpiece of a track, its intricate layers are built over this harrowing consistent bassline which plays moodily throughout the entirety of the track. Soft whispering riffs glide over the bass, before a crash down midway through where the heaviness of the guitar and gravely grit of the vocals collide. Similar to bands like Hotel Lux and Dead Pretties, the control shame have is insane; very defined and meticulously contained, they play the track to absolute perfection. What I love about The Lick is that crass uncaring sense of abrasiveness to it. The vocals go from moodily talking, almost carelessly conversating, to proper singing in the chorus. The lyrics are a sarcastically cynical dig too; ‘sit in the corner of your room and download the next greatest track to your MP3 device, so sincerely recommended to you by the New Musical Express.’ It’s blunt and open and sarcy; lyrically this is something I love in post punk music. The attitude and blinding sense of brashness to the track gives it an almost intimidating feel, and it’s packed to the brim with filthy brooding grit and a harsh DIY rawness. It oozes honesty and pain, and the way shame play together on this record is fucking stunning.

Listen to my ‘Track of the Week’ playlist below (updated weekly):

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