Track of the Week: “Thank God I’m Not You” by Himalayas

Track of the Week: Thank God I’m Not You by Himalayas

For fans of: rough gritty rock’n’roll, blaring guitar riffs, post punk garage rock

Manic, frenzied, rough rock’n’roll hits you hard in the face with Thank God I’m Not You, the new single from garage indie rock band Himalayas. Thank God I’m Not You has this blindingly authentic rawness to it, with a gritty emphasis on the intense indie rock sound the track has. That opening guitar is killer, and the effect of the amped up distorted riff which opens the track continues throughout. The bass is deep and heavy too, and the way Louis plays it really sets the solid foundations of the track, accompanied perfectly by the raucous yet well contained drumming from James. Himalayas are completed by vocalist and guitarist Joseph, and lead guitarist Mike. The way Joseph and Mike play guitar together is blinding, with these electrifying distorted riffs crashing down in sync with these rolling drum loops throughout. Intense is just one way to describe Thank God I’m Not You. The way the drums crash down in the opening few bars with that short snappy riff in between is killer; and the opening line sets a harsh abrasive tone for the rest of the track- ‘I’m a coward, I’m a freak, the scum of the earth, a liar and a cheat but I could be so much worse.’ The rough abrasive lyrics and attitude behind the track give it a raw rock’n’roll edge, laced with meticulous riffs and blinding confidence.

In terms of new bands shaking up the music scene, big up Himalayas.

Listen to my ‘Track of the Week’ playlist below (updated weekly):

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