Track of the Week: “Fickle” by Cabbage

Track of the Week: Fickle by Cabbage

Features on the: Young, Dumb, and Full of… LP & Uber Capitalist Death Trade EP

For fans of: politically charged riotous rock’n’roll, abrasive aggressive rock, anti-establishment & anti-austerity punk, social and political awareness, music with real meaning


Cabbage…what can I say about this band. Politically brash and full of lyrically abrasive social commentaries, they are one of this year’s best, most exciting punk bands. Fickle really is one of my favourite tracks, and this amped up moodily brooding track is this week’s Track of the Week. Lee’s voice is really raw and gritty, packed with a rough post punk gravel which gives the track a really raw indie punk sound. ‘Well I’m the ficklest fucker in town, no fucker is more fickle around. Well I’m low, I’m beneath the ground- failing that, fuck all keeps the cabbage down’ he spits into the mic, an element of indie punk grit to his voice. The rough vivaciousness of Lee’s vocal is backed up by messy loud guitar from Joe and Eoghan, and the aggression of Stephen’s bass and Asa on drums builds the track up even more. Fickle is a banging track, with layers of The Sex Pistols, The Clash and Fat White Family apparent. The uncaring unorthodox nature to the band makes them really unique and bold; this in your face attitude is very much needed in the industry, and tracks like Fickle are helping build a sense of excitement in the bubbling rock scene.

Listen to my ‘Track of the Week’ playlist below (updated weekly):

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