Track of the Week: “Weigh In” by False Heads

Track of the week: Weigh In by False Heads

Features on the: Gutter Press EP

For fans of: Anti-establishment rock, guitar rock, DIY punk music, blaring riffs and shouty lyrics, & rock music packed with energy and attitude

False Heads

‘The stink swings back and forward, you are hung, drawn and quartered- that’s my idea of torture’ Luke spits into the mic, the opening line a blistering start to track Weigh In. False Heads are one of those effortlessly class bands, who you can just listen to on repeat all day long; like Nirvana or Strange Bones, their tracks are full of gritty energy with intense punk undertones. The attitude behind Weigh In is blinding, and it’s the heaviness of the guitar which crashes down in an electric drop just over halfway through which makes the track so insane. Luke’s rough authentic punk sounding vocal on Weigh In is backed by his heavy raw guitar, and that intense bass from Jake and thrashing drumming from Barney. Blunt cynicism and abrasive hostility gives this track an edge over a lot of the music out there, and the passion and work ethic the band have makes it all the better.

False Heads feature on my Bands to Watch in 2017 list, as well as being part of my Who Says Guitar Music Is Dead? feature. You can read my review of the Gutter Press EP here, and read my interview with Luke here

You can listen to False Heads’ killer tracks via Spotify, iTunes & SoundCloud, or check the band out on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter

Listen to my ‘Track of the Week’ playlist below (updated weekly):

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