Small Victories single launch at London’s Water Rats, & live review of Moonlight Zoo and False Heads

Dubbed the ‘best club in the UK for future rock’n’roll stars’ by Noel Gallagher, This Feeling is one of the UK’s best independent promoters for rock music, hosting nights in some of the country’s best, liveliest rock venues. Saturday evening was a killer night at The Water Rats in London, with four intense bands taking to the stage; Trampolene, Moonlight Zoo, False Heads, and Small Victories. It was thrilling night with each act delivering gritty rock’n’roll riffs, accompanied by an intense stage presence and energy. Moonlight Zoo and False Heads were new bands to me, with Small Victories being one I’ve followed for a little while now. I was genuinely blown away by the vicious grittiness and raw rock and roll DIY ethic the night had to it, and would 100% love to see the bands again. The evening was not only a normal club night for This Feeling, but also the exciting single launch for gritty London band, Small Victories, with new track Paint The Picture.

Moonlight Zoo

The first band to perform were Moonlight Zoo, a quirky breezy indie-rock four piece from Dunfermline up in Scotland. They were the perfect opening act, with a stunning sound to their music. The four piece- Jamie, Reece, Sean and Graeme- obviously practiced like hell to come up with the perfectly refined intricate music they did, and their journey all the way down to London was 100% worth it! To me, they sounded similar to Circa Waves, with a great feel-good indie buzz to their music. Yet although they had a beautiful summery indie-pop sound to their music, there was still a strong element of raw rock’n’roll, with sharp guitar riffs and blaring vocals immensely present throughout. They really impressed me with their unity and uniform sound; each intricate riff had been carefully rehearsed, and all the unique, quirky elements of their music fell into place perfectly creating a stunning set. They’re definitely set for big things, and you can get more on them via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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Small Victories– single launch of Paint The Picture 

Next to the stage were Small Victories, who were ridiculously good live; they have this unreal grunge rock sound, with blaring indie rock riffs and heavy bass throughout. They premiered new track Paint The Picture live for the first time, and the catchiness and vivid energetic fire in it was enthralling. It’s a great single on record, with a heavy bass and quirky intricate guitar throughout, accompanied by soft, perfect in sync drumming from Andy. Live, it has a whole extra element of heavy rock, with really deep raw undertones to it. Last time I’ve been this excited by such a small upcoming rock band would have been Fiende Fatale, who are definitely comparable to Small Victories in terms of rawness, energy, and fiery passion. The lyrics ‘you show your face but you ‘aint my brother, you got friends but you’ve got no lover’ run throughout the song, with a crazily catchy drumbeat and riff. I was so impressed by their set as a whole; they were clearly having a lot of fun too, and channelled this excitement into the crowd. There’s a very polished sound to their music too, with a wealth of pure raw rock’n’roll to it, and to me, they sound similar to bands like The Pigeon Detectives and Spring King.  The band are made up of Nick on lead guitar and vocals and Andy on drums, with Louis playing bass live with them, and they are based in London. The dynamism and electric vitality of Small Victories was an honour to witness live- rarely can bands excel their on-record sound when you see them live, but Small Victories did that with ease. For more on the band, you can check out their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or listen to their tracks on Spotify

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False Heads

False Heads are, like Small Victories, another raucous three piece, who completely ripped the stage to pieces. They had an immense vibrancy and intense rawness to them, belting out heavy rock riffs and blaring fast-paced rock tunes. It was around the time of their set that the crowd began to get more amped up and excited, with Luke crowd surfing and playing on a mate’s shoulders. Their energy was really intense and atmospheric; made up of Luke, Jake and Barney, the band have a nail-bitingly tough rock sound, with punk, garage and alt-rock influences clear. They’re crazily dynamic and energetic too, with a fiercely bold presence on stage backed up by their impeccably rehearsed tracks. Similar to groups like Yak, Pulled Apart By Horses and VANT, their post-punk immensity had made them a colossal force of power and energy on stage, definitely one to catch live. You can find out more on False Heads via their Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, and Soundcloud.

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Photos of Trampolene’s set, plus more photos from the gig can be found here

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