Wolf Alice stun their London crowd with a rough rock gig, and a whole lotta glitter

London’s grungy indie rock band Wolf Alice have recently finished their sold out UK tour, rounding it off with four nights at the O2 Forum Kentish Town and Sunday night saw the glittery quartet (minus bassist Theo) perform to a crazed psyched up 2,300 strong crowd. The show was a messy, intense pure rock gig from start to finish, with fantastic support acts and a vivid, lively atmosphere for the whole show. The gig opened with FISH, a raw grunge band from Camden with a rough unrefined North London edge. Frontwoman Asha Lorenz has a vivid post punk undertone to her voice, filling the Forum with savagely intense screeches. The band are something new and exciting, and hopefully playing to such a large crowd will have given them the much deserved platform they deserve. They’re interesting and intriguing to watch, with an unorthodox unconventional bite. Their setlist included tracks like ‘Stunner’ and ‘On The Surface.’ The next support band were fiery rock band Spring King who recently supported Slaves on their sold out January tour. The band’s fronted by Tarek Musa who plays drums and sings at the same time and their whole onstage atmosphere is insane; with mosh pits starting from the first couple of songs, the band excited the crowd with stellar performances of tracks such as ‘Demons,’ ‘Rectifier’ and ‘Who Are You?’ The band’s stage presence was rousing and vivid, and they really engaged the crowd and rallied them for Wolf Alice.


Wolf Alice live

And then Wolf Alice came on; the crowd were so amped up and exhilarated that even the band’s entrance to stage was electrifying and insane. Crazed fans drenched in glitter were out of their heads with excitement as Ellie, Joel and Joff came on stage, with Gengahr bassist John who was filling in for Theo who had an elbow injury. And their performance was absolutely incredible. The band’s aura on stage is heavy and grungy, with a pure rock edge to their set. Joff’s guitar was exceptional as well, with Ellie’s voice having a tough raw undertone to it throughout. Even without Theo’s presence (John played excellently) the entire show was brilliant, with the band playing all their hits as well as some of their EP tracks and more unknown album tracks. For me, the most intense tracks were ‘You’re a Germ’ with the entire crowd chanting the countdown, or ‘Blush’ with one fan screaming ‘I’m happy’ after the melancholy line ‘are you happy now?’ Despite Wolf Alice playing a selection of softer slower tracks, like ‘The Wonderwhy’ and ‘Turn to Dust,’ they also played all their heavy grunge tracks like ‘Fluffy’ which was followed by ‘She’ then ‘Moaning Lisa Smile,’ accompanied by heavy moshing and circle pits in the crowd. The band’s crazy stage energy and dynamism was infectious, and fans were even moshing to tracks like ‘Silk,’ ‘Your Loves Whore’ and the end of ‘Swallowtail.’ The audience were mesmerised too, trapped in the mental rough glittery world of Wolf Alice, and the atmosphere inside the small dark venue was mad; the fans were hyped up and going out of their heads, and after months of waiting the show certainly did not disappoint. They ended with an epic performance of ‘Giant Peach’ where, at the guitar drop after the bridge, glitter confetti was sprayed all over the crowd. The band definitely deserve their reputation for being one of the UK’s best live bands (which they won the 2016 NME award for) and their passion and energy and vigour is contagious. Their force and power is colossal, and the roaring flame that is Wolf Alice is set to burn for a long, long time.

See their setlist below:

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