Emphatic and Bold: JW Paris & JuiceBox LIVE at Werkhaus

A night of euphoric indie Brit Pop, infused with elements of vigorous and emphatic punk and bluesy rock’n’roll, last Thursday night saw JuiceBox and JW Paris take the stage at East London’s Werkhaus. Werkhaus is a new warehouse-style, subculture-philosophy inspired DIY venue on Brick Lane, with recent bookings including upcoming DIY artists like Rascalton, Dutch Mustard and Scary Lemons, and future gigs featuring artists like Strange Cages, Phobophopbes, GETRZ and Cavalcade. Last week was a very special night, as two of London’s most popular indie rock bands came together to play

JW Paris Live

Opening the gig were JW Paris, who are now going forward as a two-piece collective, composed of vocalist and lead guitarist Daniel Collins, and vocalist and bassist Aaron Forde. Their live presence is deafening, and the tight synchronicity and articulate aura they have when playing is all the more amplified by the richness of their sound. Their sound can really be described as a multitude of genres, as they blend blues and punk elements into a classically indie rock sound, which live is captivating and enticing. Their set included older tracks that fans know well like Radio, Rapture,and Darker Side Of Paradise, as well as the newly released Fly, and previously unheard tracks That’s Why and Sober. JW Paris craft bluesy, grimy rock and roll twisted into a kaleidoscopic blur of 90s grunge, and this vivacious and fresh sound was all the more so powerful and enticing when played live on stage

JuiceBox Live

Headliners JuiceBox put on an incredible set, the four piece drawing a huge crowd to the gig. Their sound is one that is vivid and scatty, blending indie rock with more classic Brit Pop and rock’n’roll elements. Their style is very riff based and chorus heavy, all the components of a good indie rock track solidly present within their entire sound and style as a band. A personal highlight of the set was JuiceBox’s rendition of Nick Cave’s Red Right Hand, the band putting a special spin on it and performing the track in the heavier, dirtier style embodied in the Arctic Monkeys cover. JuiceBox seemed a lot scattier and heavier this gig round, more so leaning towards an industrial-rock style with this gig. They have a very well crafted attitude and sharp demeanour as well, which helped amp up the impressionable and enticing stage presence they have


You can see JW Paris and Juicebox together for Benumu at Camden Assembly on October 27th, 2019

See all upcoming Werkhaus events here

Photos: Taylor Michael, @c24photography

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