A Hallucinogenic night of Kaleidoscopic Lights & Immersive Psychedelia; Tame Impala make a stunning return to London

A night of pure euphoria, immersive psychedelia, and a trippy feel of love glowing around the O2 Arena, Saturday night saw psychedelic royalty Tame Impala grace London for the first time since last summer


The project is led by Kevin Parker, who creates, records and produces every piece of Tame Impala music; translated on stage, he uses an immense band who mix guitars with dreamy synthetics to create a subtle psychedelic pop aura. The meticulous tightness of the way Tame Impala play is astounding; every last note played in perfect synchronicity, which creates a strange and weird bubble of glowing synths, the music alone giving audience members a definite high feeling. Swirling his day dream vocals through each track, Kevin Parker performs like a true creator and artist; quite shy and reserved in his playing, yet the daring confidence and vibrancy of his music glowing around the entirety of the sold out arena

What was most mesmerising about the performance was the light show Tame Impala put on; in the backdrop of the stage, a psychedelic arts screen was playing, filming the band in motion, whilst distorting it into an array of vibrant rainbow colours. The first time I saw Tame Impala, it was supporting Arctic Monkeys in 2015, and on the stage-screens they had a more realistic image, projecting surreal images up, such as a skull being used as a fruit bowl, and so on. The current backdrop they have is just as surreal and psychedelic, but far more immersive and stunning. This was accompanied by a magnificent laser light show, each piercing light beaming out into the arena in exact sync with the music. It was reminiscent of a shower of shooting stars, each laser beam glimmering through the venue like fairy dust. As hazy and lucid as the set was, amplified by the consistent use of reverb and fuzz effects, the sharpness and brightness of the lasers pulled the entire audience into their light; the feeling from this was just one of pure magical euphoria, their set one cosmic explosion. The most spectacular part of the performance for me was the last six songs, where the lights and music seemed to hit in a different way, a wave of complete euphoria splashing over the crowd as they played Eventually, It Is Not Meant To Be, Borderline, Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind?, Feels Like We Only Go Backwards, and finally ending their stunning set with New Person, Same Old Mistakes; to me, this last fraction of the show was the most breathtaking and magical part of the night

Tame Impala also played tracks like Elephant, The Moment and Apocalypse Dreams, opening with the famed crowd pleaser Let It Happen

The whole night was full of precious vibes, and my memory of the gig still feels like a euphoric high. Bands like Tame Impala really make you believe that magic is real

Gig rating: ★★★★★


Photo: Ethan Weatherby (Gigwise)

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