Pip Blom wow The Horn with their sultry glaze of retro, Rock’N’Roll authenticity

It’s that magical time of the year again – Independent Venue Week. A yearly occurrence where DIY venues, artists, and fans dedicate themselves to supporting the grassroots scene which as we all know, comes under threat time and time again. The Horn last year had a spectacular week of gigs, with bands like Spring King & Fizzy Blood playing the venue, the year before that having artists like Strange Bones, Concrete Caverns and BlackWaters playing. This year has kept up the venue’s impeccable reputation for IVW, in particular last night with Pip Blom blowing the packed-out venue away with their sultry, authentic rock’n’roll quirkiness.

Pip Blom

A wave of delightfully nostalgic indie, Pip Blom were enigmatic and electric on that stage, a breezy ripple of fun energy and light heartedness emitted throughout. Their sound transmits an overwhelming feel of nostalgia, quite similar to artists like The Big Moon, Zuzu and The Magic Gang. On stage, their set had a cute quirky feel to it, which was refreshing; lead singer Pip fuses a cheeky teenage angst with something vibey and spirited, her fresh licks of guitar mirroring the buzzsaw riffs and loops from the rest of the band. Tracks like I Think I’m In Love and Pussycat feel so 70s in nature, pop-tinged beauty flowing effortlessly as the band played. The dizzy hazy pop sound Pip Blom create is really special, as it meshes their cheecky indie bite, a whirlwind of emotions stirred up in their sound. The Amsterdam quartet are revolving in a very special little bubble, and excelled perfectly on The Horn’s stage; yet another excellent addition to the venue’s IVW legacy



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