Cynically Vehement: False Heads release new EP

Scathing and brutal in their sarcastic blur of scatty DIY enigma, False Heads have released the long awaited EP Less Is Better. The EP is made up of lead singles Retina and Yellow, as well as Help Yourself and Wrap Up. As a whole, the EP has a sharpness ingrained in it, the lyrics and riffs seeming to compliment each other in a rather structured, rounded manner, before the three piece inject a classic scatty aggression into it, ripping apart convention and cliches by tearing their tracks to shreds and rebuilding them into something enigmatically bold and hedonistic. Catchy and very riff heavy, Retina has been re-recorded, which gives the EP a feel of maturity; it’s not just thudding punk noise; it’s a disc’s worth of carefully crafted tracks, wittily meaningful lyrics comfortably sitting on top of glassy slabs of riffs

false heads jessie m
by Jessie Morgan

It’s vehement and cutting, a sharp slice of cynical off-handedness layered in Luke’s lyrics. Lyrically, Help Yourself is brutal, a mocking and blunt concoction of attitude…it emits a frustration of some sort, Luke snarling the line ‘and if you want you can stick around…you can’t help yourself

Similarly, Yellow is just as bold and staggering, the pop chorus an intriguing contrast to the garage rock sound infusing the verses. ‘Are his guess work?’ Luke ponders, before screeching effortlessly ‘my head hurts!‘ just before that thudding riff kicks in, amplified by the grungy mess of Barney’s drumming. The whole EP is a broody, sulky grudge, a more scathing bitterness giving the band a sound vaguely reminiscent of The Slits in terms of attitude, and Them Crooked Vultures in terms of sound.

Overall it’s not going to be a popular EP; it’s unconventional, it’s nasty, it’s cynical. The three piece don’t care about impressing people though, and if anything, that’s what makes fans crave this band even more

Listen to Less Is Better below

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