Scathing and raw: False Heads release Yellow ahead of upcoming EP Less Is Better

Yellow is False Heads’ second single of 2018; with a six month break from releasing music, it was crucial for the Retina follow up single to be just as blinding and gritty as the band’s previous work has been, and of course it is. Yellow is an interesting track; its dynamic flits between pop and grunge, a gritty punk aura resting in the verse and pre verse, whilst the chorus is pure pop, fuelled by the backup vocal from drummer Barney

It’s the pounding riffs in the verse which keeps the track a vivacious, dark one. Luke’s scathing screams of ‘my head hurts’ and ‘I let my hair down for you to tear out’ build up an abrasive, tough anger, which keeps a garage bluntness to Yellow. I hope the band can keep this DIY blunt crassness to their music, as their abrasively unique attitude is what fuels their music to be so good

False Heads, by Trust A Fox Photography

What the band have created with Yellow is something effortlessly enigmatic and intense, the tune bleeding out a combination of punk vigour and pop sensibility. This raucous, boldly in your face punk track is an excitingly promising indication of what is yet to come for the band; False Heads release the Less Is More EP next month on the 21st, featuring Yellow, Retina, Help Yourself and Wrap Up. Come party with the band at the official EP launch on October 5th at London’s Dingwalls, and catch them live on their upcoming tour; full details here

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