Issue TwoSome Might Say is a DIY zine for indie rock, post punk and grunge music. Issue Two is a ‘Bands To Watch in 2018’ special, featuring 30 of the UK’s best upcoming, underground bands. Following the sell out of Issue One, Issue Two is longer, more detailed, and more exciting. Including exclusive features on False Heads, The Blinders, White Room, Anteros & more. Buy a limited edition copy now for just £4.00 (including p&p).
Some Might Say is made up of 28 pages, printed on 135 gsm A5 gloss paper.



Posted by:saherawalker

Rock music journalist/ gig photographer focusing on upcoming DIY bands and post punk, indie rock & grunge music. For bookings & enquiries drop an email to For zine related enquiries drop an email to Thank you for visiting my page! x © All copyrights reserved to Sahera Walker 2017

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