Meet a riot of twisted, distorted guitar punk with new single from The Slumdogs, “Nightmare”

‘I’ve got people telling me I need to get out and do more. But that’s what I left school for. I got the time in my hands and it’s running through like sand, will I ever be able to keep up with it?’

Indie punk four piece The Slumdogs are causing a riot in the underground music scene right now, with release of new single Nightmare. From Blackpool/ Leeds, The Slumdogs are fast becoming a genuine favourite new band of mine, purely through the new breath of life they are giving punk music. Shaking it up and giving punk a more energetic and intense sound, their new single is a perfect showcase of how promising young bands at the moment are.

Lead vocalist Bobby spits the opening line into the mic, before that thudding bass from Will and rolling drum loop from Gaspar kick in. A gritty punk infused mess of blurred riffs and scratchy vocals, Nightmare is The Slumdogs’ best single to date in my opinion. Produced by Bobby Bentham from Strange Bones, the track has a really raw abrasive feel of uncaring post punk rock. The energy and intimidating attitude is blinding, the toughness and gritty gravel of the lyrics layering perfectly over the raw darkness of Cameron’s guitar. ‘I’m sick of people always being a FUCKING NIGHTMARE’ Bobby screams, the line coated in punk savageness. There’s so much cockiness and confidence in the track too, both of which are integral to punk authenticity. There’s an emphasis on the vocals with a conscious push on over annunciation, giving the track a proper bite and riotous edge. The thrashing nature of the chorus too makes it rowdy and hectic, with enough chaos packed in it to cause mosh pits at gigs.

There’s something youthful and energetic about Nightmare too, amplified by the raucousness of the video which reflects the thudding punk edge to the track musically. The video was produced by the legendary Jack Bentham, who plays lead guitar in Strange Bones and makes films and music videos for bands too. The shakiness of the camera and blurred background which fades in and out of a distorted image reflects the chaotic nature of the track, with a pure punk edge built up by the visuals. This is similar to videos from Strange Bones like Big Sister Is Watching and Spitfire; the Blackpool lads’ influence is clearly felt here. There’s a lot of grit and anger to Nightmare, the build up of the guitar and those crashing riffs amplifying this. It’s fresh and new and exciting, and I’m now desperate to see these lads play live at some point. In terms of what they sound like, there’s something fresh and unique to their sound, but it does to me draw similarities to bands like Demob Happy, Yak and King Nun.

the slumdogs
The Slumdogs

Go give ‘Nightmare’ on iTunes a purchase here


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