A riotous anthem of blinding rock’n’roll: BREED release new single “Gimme More”

BREED main
BREED by Alan Wells

BREED are by far one of the sickest, most intense bands on the scene right now. Filthy raucous rock with a brooding gritty edge makes up their sound, and it’s enticing and intimidating. What I love about BREED is this arrogance and attitude to them; there’s something compelling about the way they play, and the carelessness to them gives them an unapproachable aura which is blinding. Building on a busy few months gigging mainly with This Feeling, including festivals like Y Not and Reading, BREED recently dropped new single Gimme More, and it’s really fucking good. There’s a raucous anthemic feel to that track, the pounding bass lines and drumming amping up Jake’s raw vocal of ‘gimme, gimme, gimme more.’ I caught the band live at 229 the other night, alongside favourites of mine False Heads and Calva Louise, and seeing Gimme More live was ridiculously good. Max on guitar is lethal, really filthy raw riffs with this meticulous skill and talent which ripped that stage to bits. The intro to the track is probably my favourite part, with that rich guitar riff setting a rowdy tone for the rest of the track. The thumping broodiness of Jake’s vocal has a fantastically gritty bite to it, and his vocal is just what I like in rock music. It’s moody and edgy and dark, packed with a gritty gravely tone which is exactly what I love about post punk rock’n’roll. Something big is happening with BREED, get on ’em now.

Single rating: ★★★★★

Listen to Gimme More here: https://open.spotify.com/track/3KnqvMN1nqlIbl4WbVjOH0


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