Track of The Week: ‘She Sees Through’ by Strange Cages

Track of The Week: She Sees Through by Strange Cages

For fans of: raw, raucous post punk music, heavy thrashing grunge-esque rock, blinding riffs with a most pit inducing aura

Appears on: The Cracks EP

Strange Cages at 1234 Records’ Happening

A raw mess of heavy riffs and bold abrasive drumming, this week’s Track of The Week comes from the legendary Strange Cages, in the form of She Sees Through from the band’s The Cracks EP. I’ve had the riff stuck in my head for ages since I last saw them (a few weeks back at 1234 Records’ The Happening), and thank fuck the name of the track came back to me. The track is a well-controlled, cleverly written piece of dark moody rock’n’roll, with multiple build ups and crash downs throughout. It starts with unaccompanied drumming, before Charlie’s distorted vocal slices through. That rich heavy bass then cuts through the track, amplified by these little cutting chords played alongside the bass. The best part of the track is around the chorus, where the guitar loop sound gets frantic, causing this manic explosion of riffs and drumming. The steady beat of the drums drops into these little drum fills, which is insane. I’ve seen the band live twice now, and they are honestly one of the most exciting bands right now. The progression of She Sees Through and the way the band write it is all rock music needs right now, as Strange Cages are creating a whole new sound and style of rock, completely Avant-grade and unique to them.

Listen to my ‘Track of the Week’ playlist below (updated weekly):

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