Introducing Dirty Orange: exclusive interview & This Feeling gig preview

The scene right now is unbelievably good, I think anyone based in London at least would agree with me. One band I’ve recently become really excited by is Dirty Orange, a blinding post grunge punk band from London. I bloody love these guys, everything from their image to their tight sound is meticulous and there’s a vivid rock’n’roll feel to them.

This Feeling
Dirty Orange play This Feeling 9/09/2017

Dirty Orange embody filthy gritty rock with so much passion and emotion, and this grit and power makes their music wicked. I personally love I Don’t Mind and Would You Rather…there’s something really exciting about how the band write and play, and the raw openness of that guitar sound is mega. Gig wise, Dirty Orange will be playing what is set to be a killer show in a couple of weeks for This Feeling. They will play Nambucca alongside Sheafs, Himalayas, The Americas, and Kid Luna (the lineup on that!!) on September 9th, with tickets available for £6 here (or £7 on the door). I’m really excited for this gig, simply because the bands playing are stellar; Dirty Orange slot into the lineup perfectly, but have that added grit which makes them stand out as a unique band in their own right.


dirty orange
Dirty Orange

To find out more on Dirty Orange, you can read my interview with the band below, and check them out on Facebook and Twitter

  1. Tell me a bit about your band; who’s in it and how/ when did you form?

George, guitar and vocal, Scott, bass and Connor drums and backing vocal. We formed just over a year and half ago, had 2 rehearsals which were testing to say the least, and then we were offered a gig in London, which was to be our first at ‘The Social’ Little Portland St.. so we got it together and haven’t looked back. That first gig was actually packed out, at capacity which probably gave us too higher expectations. We spent most of the next few months playing to no one..

  1. What’s your local music scene like, any good local bands and venues?

We love London and love playing at venues across the capital, there is a great music scene on the right occasion or night.. but we’re working to make this happen a lot more often. And we’ve played with some great bands, some local and some not so local, a band called ‘Chambers’ from Leicester are a mega live band. We went up to Leicester earlier this year and they were on the same bill. We got ‘em down a few months later to play in London with us. Loads of good bands out there, and always good to work together to progress. We’re based around South West London so do a local Kingston show every so often down at The Fighting Cocks. Wicked little place.

  1. What’s the best gig you’ve played?

Manchester earlier this year at Academy3, packed out crowd who were very welcoming and really got behind us. A real buzz being up there and we can’t wait to go back to play Manchester Indie Week this October.

  1. Where’s the name Dirty Orange from?

We’re dirty (George and Connor) and he’s orange (Scott).. And it sounds fucking cool as

  1. What’s the writing process like for the band, and what track are you most proud of?

It has varied for a few songs, but mostly I  (George) write the lyrics and guitar, bring it to the boys and we develop it into a Dirty Orange song, and it’ll chop and change until it’s there. We’re so proud with all our songs. Every song is something that’s happened in real life and tells a story, they’ve all had completely different processes to getting where they are today, and all three of us have our own input into each. But also we can never fucking agree on our best song, let alone what we are most proud of

  1. What’s your favourite track to play live?

Julie You Ain’t No Clara, I Don’t Mind and Would You Rather. All three are full of energy and really come across as they should live… Filthy

  1. As a small band, what do you think of protecting grassroots venues and working with upcoming promoters?

We think it’s so important, especially at London gigs it’s rare to have punters coming through the door to watch unknown bands these days, so working with upcoming promoters, you both make a real effort to get people along to gigs as they are as passionate as seeing packed out venues as we are. We’re buzzing to be involved with This Feeling for our next show at Nambucca on Sept 9th, it’s mega what they’re doing for up-and-coming bands and loads of the grassroots venues around the country. Protecting these venues is so so important! You only have to look at the great venues in West London that have closed down over the years.. Like Nashville rooms, Hammersmith Palais and Lyceum.

  1. Is the impact of politics something you’d ever want to embed in your music?

Social issues, but not politics

  1. What musicians are you listening to right now?

We’re always listening to a huge variety of music, new stuff from Kasabian, Joey Badass, Stormzy, The Killers and a top reggae artist called Chronixx. But also all our favourites like, Nirvana, The Clash, Johnny Thunders, Arctic Monkeys, Oasis, The Strokes, Bowie, Elvis Costello, old Motown and blues records etc. Can’t go wrong

  1. How did you get into music, which bands influenced you growing up as a musician?

Between the three of us, growing up our influences really vary but some we share our love for are Nirvana, The Libertines, The Clash, Kings of Leon (early stuff mainly), Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, and Amy Winehouse to name a few

  1. How would you describe Dirty Orange’s sound?

Raw rock, plenty of energy and vitality and meaningful lyrics.

  1. What plans have the band got in terms of future recording and gigging?

We are recording our upcoming EP, which will be our first studio produced. Everything we’ve recorded thus far has been bedroom recordings. We haven’t announced it yet but it’ll be out mid-October all going well. So we are buzzing for that, we will put on a launch show in London, autumn time and a few dates around the country. Also mega excited to play Nambucca with This Feeling on September 9th. It’s our first show with them so buzzing to be involved with some wicked bands. The line-up is fucking mega! And as we said earlier Manchester Indie Week in October. We’re playing Factory on Saturday 14th Oct.

  1. What’s the dream festival/ venue to play?

Playing great venues and festivals all over the world is the dream, but main stage at Glastonbury wouldn’t be bad!

  1. If you could play or collaborate with any musician, who would it be?

There’s so many, if I (George) could pick any one from over the years it’d be easy, Joe Strummer.

  1. What’s been your favourite musical release this year?

Kasabian new album For Crying Out Loud, and Chronixx’ new album Chronology, totally different music but both cracking albums. Also great to hear Liam Gallagher back with two belting singles, looking forward to his new album. What a boy!

You can listen to Dirty Orange on Spotify here

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