The Magic Seven: Jack Daniels/ This Feeling Reading Festival Preview

Jack Daniels and This Feeling; the lethal combination. Carl Barât, Liam Gallagher, Slaves and Kasabian all love This Feeling, so trust me (and them of course) when I say they are THE best promoter for upcoming guitar bands. The ‘magic seven’ this year, otherwise known as the Jack Rocks Seven, are seven of the coolest, funkiest most unique raucous rock bands the scene has to offer right now, touring a series of festivals this summer on the This Feeling stage. Next month I’ll be heading to Reading to cover the This Feeling stage on behalf of the legendary Northern Exposure (big up Rachel Brown for this), so keep an eye out for my festival review later on.

blinders two
The Blinders, shot by Sam Crowston

Reading festival this year is going to be one of the best, simply because the legendary Mikey Johns will be gracing the weekend with a This Feeling stage. This preview is part one of two; when the whole stage is announced, keep an eye out for my top bands you need to see. But for now, introducing the magic Jack Rocks seven…


Witty tongue in cheek humour is what makes Trampolene such a lyrically exciting and fun band; frontman Jack Jones (who also plays guitar with Pete Doherty’s band The Puta Madres) has the ability to spit out lyrics with a certain witty lick of charm and rock’n’roll vibrancy to them. From spoken word poems to heavy rock tracks, Trampolene encompass versatility and flexibility in their sound. The heavy post punk rock sound they have is deafening too, with brilliantly rich raucous guitar on tracks like My Bourgeoisie Girl and Divided Kingdom. Expect blaring guitar rock riffs, cheeky spoken word poems, and possibly Jack’s stunning acoustic cover of Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want by The Smiths to crop up in their set.

White Room

Using old school classic riffs and styles in their music, White Room are one of those bands with an almost predictable sound. I wasn’t too keen on them when I last saw them live, but there’s promising elements to their music definitely. Riffs are blaring and loud which always gets the audience going, and they definitely know how to put on an engaging and fun gig which will get their audience moving. Soft harmonies and backing vocals are blended well with the guitar riffs, and the band play extremely well together. Despite the repetitive sound I get from their music, I like their tightness and the DIY setup to the band; hopefully Reading will give them, as a new guitar rock band, the opportunity to play to a wider audience.

White Room by Alan Wells
White Room, shot by Alan Wells

Bang Bang Romeo

Bang Bang Romeo basically stepped right out of a dynamic 60s rock club, straight into the heart of the underground guitar rock scene of today. Their music possesses this brilliantly rich, authentic quality, and they match dark and brooding guitar rock music with intensely powerful vocals from front woman Anastasia. Their sound is atmospherically blinding, and the aura they have is magnificent; really a soul shaking band who capture everyone’s attention. The rolling riff that opens Carnival is immense too, and the dark power of Anastasia’s voice glides across the guitar, creating a pure old school rock sound, laced with Led Zeppelin and Janis Joplin vibes.

Broken Witt Rebels 

Fusing indie rock with a raw old school bluesy sound, Broken Witt Rebels are a Birmingham based four piece. It’s nice raw rock’n’roll, with Danny’s rough gritty voice giving the band a more tough sense of rock authenticity. There’s a southern feel to their music, with a more Americanised rock edge to their sound. Tracks like Guns and Shake Me Down have really groovy dance beats to them, and there’s an exciting build up of anticipation throughout the tracks before those crashing down choruses. I like how they blend Americanised rock with classic British indie; it’s unique to say the least, and I reckon they’ll put on an exciting set this August.

Broken Witt Rebels by Alabn Wells
Broken Witt Rebels, shot by Alan Wells

The Blinders

The Blinders are one of the best live bands around right now, fact. Their music is full of heavy distortions, pounding bass lines and lyrically brooding dark connotations. Their shows are hectic and manic, with a frenzied post punk aura to their sets. Looks and sound wise there’s a very cutting edge sense of political frustration, with lead vocalist Thomas wearing a shirt which said  ‘the Tories are a bunch of cunts’ last time I caught them live (can’t disagree with that). Thomas on lead guitar and Charlie on bass is a lethal combination, resulting in vivacious heaviness which rips their stage to bits. If you’re into heavily politicised, abrasive cutting edge rock music then look no further than The Blinders; the dynamic vigour and energy they have is blinding, and their music is packed to the brim with a sensual DIY edge.

Blinders by Alan Wells
The Blinders, shot by Alan Wells

The Wholls

A band who produce alt-rock, post punk music infused with rock rawness and a shot or two of Jack Daniels…The Wholls are maybe one of the coolest most exciting bands to have been picked up by This Feeling. I LOVE these lads. Their guitar sound is roaring, with raucous rock heaviness. The thing which makes their sound so intense and unique is that rough gravel of Tordy’s voice. There’s a gritty undertone which makes tracks like X21 and Take Jimi works of art. Their music is heartfelt, authentic rock’n’roll, and it’s packed with passion and spirit which make them phenomenal live. There’s something brooding and sensual to their tracks too, most of which have a mosh pit inducing aura.

The Wholls by Alan Wells
The Wholls, shot by Alan Wells

The Sundowners

The Sundowners aren’t my cup of tea in all honesty; the vocals and guitar have a very bland pop sound to them and to me they lack an overall grit and pure rock rawness. However, This Feeling should be championed for expanding their normal sound a bit more, and giving more soft light bands a platform. Rather than being indie rock or post punk (such as bands like The Wholls and The Blinders), The Sundowners possess a more psyche-pop folk quality, with a much more soft soothing feel to them. For fans of bands like The Velvet Underground, or other psyche-folk artists like Elliott Smith perhaps, this band may be one to look into.

You can purchase tickets for Reading 2017 here




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