Track of the Week: “Ramona Flowers” by The Blinders

Track of the week: Ramona Flowers by The Blinders

Appears as the: B-side to Swine

For fans of: brooding indie rock, rich sensual guitar distortions, psyched up 70s punk rock, Led Zeppelin

the blinders
The Blinders 

A psychedelic trip of wistfully brooding rock, this week’s track of the week is Ramona Flowers by The Blinders. A dark, mysteriously buoyant track, the band manage to pack Ramona Flowers with a heavy Led Zeppelin-esque edge, and its sound is unbelievable. There’s a melancholy darkness to it, particularly in the line ‘as mysterious as love, show me the door. And fuck on my bedroom floor…in my Ramona Flowers.’ The lyrics are spit into the mic with a real grit, and there’s a raw sense of cynicism to it throughout, with blistering guitar distortions used to give it that 70s post psychedelic rock sound. The bass is raw and rips the track apart too, played stunningly by bassist Charlie. ‘She’s amazing, you’re amazing…hell raising’ is another one of the track’s gripping lyrics, with these moody sensual undertones to it. There’s connotations of sex and lust throughout the track, played in a more dark, subtle sense. Thomas’s vocal is really rough and gritty and raw too, accompanied perfectly by these rolling crashing drum loops from Matt throughout the entirety of the track’s duration. Bang on psyched up rock.

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