Track of the Week: “The Boys” by Rosko

Track of the week: The Boys by Rosko

For fans of: cutting edge indie, grime and hip hop infused punk and reggae, indie infused rap, cocky abrasive attitude, early Arctic Monkeys, Jamie T, & The Streets

rosko main

Authentic, unique and part of the UK’s growing underground scene, this week’s track of the week comes from Rosko with debut single The Boys. The creative edge to the track makes it a crazily exciting and fun piece of indie grime music. In terms of genre the band are quite hard to describe, as they fuse a variety of different genres together- from indie to hip-hop, to post punk to grime. This sorta R&B edge gives the band a really quirky exciting sound and The Boys is genuinely one of the coolest, catchiest tracks to have been released this year. It’s an electric track, with very raw rough guitar and brilliantly British authentic vocals from Bruce. Performed live the track is a riot, with the band playing it not once but twice earlier on this month at The Water Rats. The track resonates with young people so well too, with a very blunt and real sense of honesty to the lyrics- lines like ‘same old drink double the price, tequila salt ten pound a pint’ and ‘might not be your cuppa tea we’re the boys, running from the police with the boys like “ayo, ayo”’ give the track a cocky attitude, backed up by the ‘Oi’ shouts and deep bass in the background.

Listen to my ‘Track of the Week’ playlist below (updated weekly):

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