Hazy psychedelia at its finest: Club Kuru release new single “Giving In”

Club Kuru

Club Kuru are one of the most intriguing bands out there currently; based in London, the project was originally a solo one fronted by Laurie Erskine, and he is now joined by Graham, Ferg, Jess and Laurence. They mix synthetic indie sounds with dark cleverly meticulous R&B sounds, incredibly soulful and unique. Unlike other tracks like Layla or Seesaw, which have more heavy R&B elements to them, Giving In has this hazy trippy edge to it, with these beautifully soft psychedelic vibes throughout. It’s very slow and dreamy, with this very raw, drugged up sound. I like the authenticity of it, and the hazy vocals give the track this almost haunting sense of nostalgia and wistfulness. It’s got an almost romantic edge too, very soft and sexy with that drugged up 60s feel.

“I was thinking of an old man looking back on his life and his relationships. The ménage à trois he still dreams of, the lost love and the bad choices he made, so this song’s like a little snippet from his dreams and his nightmares. Where did he go wrong?” (Laurie Erskine)

The bass line is prominent throughout, and has this stunning synthetic overlay. The guitar and keyboard are played so beautifully too, and add to the softness and laid back wistful vibes of the track. Giving In blends psychedelic indie with funky R&B, and these two genres are fused together perfectly. It’s such a delicate, controlled track which gives you that hazy light headed feeling. It almost feels like you’re in a trance with it playing, like you’re inside one of Erskine’s dreams. To me the band’s sound is reminiscent of artists like Tame Impala, Pink Floyd, James Blake, Palm Honey and King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard, whilst maintaining an incredibly unique sound. The track is a pure trip from start to finish, with blurred psychedelia taking over the piece completely, putting you as the listener into a delicate, dreamy trance.

Club Kuru will release the Waiting At The Corner EP on March 20th

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