BlackWaters release explosive new single, “Down”

BlackWaters, shot by Rob Blackham

BlackWaters are this mad, hectic rock band from Guildford, and earlier on today the band released fifth single Down. A hectic explosion of loud raucous punk, Down is an unbelievably raw rock track, tying in elements of loud indie rock and post punk. The band never shy away from bold lyrics either, with the track featuring lines like ‘prosperity means fuck all if you cannot inspire, and the roaring chorus of ‘I can’t get down with people like you.’ Max’s vocal is abrasive and has a really raw, punk attitude behind it, with a very rough 70s edge to it. This ‘no-shit’ approach from the band and the causal rock edge to their music is what makes Down such an exciting track. The track opens with a mad guitar riff, giving the track a very raucous anthemic feel; you can easily see BlackWaters, with their bold youthful edge and loud abrasive music, becoming one of the defining punk bands of the young generation. This heavy riff caries on throughout the track, all backed up by James’ fantastic drumming. The chorus really defines the track, with a build up in the guitar just before that wild chaotic drop. ‘I can’t get down with you, whoa-oh-oh’ Max shouts into the mic, in a proper punk way. The riff that kicks in after the chorus paired by the drums crashing in sync perfectly give Down a polished edge too, with the wild chaotic rock sound not taking away from the faultless sound the track has. It’s similar to the wild raucous sound other tracks by the band possess, such as Jarr’ed Up Generation or So Far Out, with Down packing a brain-exploding punch.

BlackWaters feature on my Bands To Watch in 2017 list, and you can read my live review of their gig last Saturday (28/1) here

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