Interview with new Brighton rockers Howland

A refreshing burst of indie rock onto the music scene, Howland are the newest band to emerge with an aggressive indie sound and unique edge to them. The Brighton three piece are made up of Tyler, Lee, and Jake, and have a really exciting aura about them. Their music is typical head-banging indie rock, similar to bands like Sundara Karma, Peace and The Amazons, full of catchy blaring guitar riffs and upbeat rhythmic drumming. The guitar is really great, especially on tracks like Callout and Hide. The band have been releasing music since last year, and their name is fast becoming well known. Tyler’s raw gritty vocals (which I especially like on Hide) make their music stand out, with those cleverly intricate riffs and feel good mosh-pit style beats separating their music from other typical indie rock bands. It’s definitely harsher rock, drawing in garage and alternative rock elements; it’s heavy and deep, with a fantastic beat and loud raucous sound which you can really see filling out large venues. Currently unsigned, the band are big enough to have a growing fan base, but still small enough to be playing wild messy shows at smaller, more intimate venues, with a load of upcoming dates in February & March. You can purchase tickets here.


For more on the band you can read my Q&A with them

Tell me about the band; who’s in it and how did you form?

We’re Howland and we’re a 3-piece. Tyler Adams sings and plays guitar, Lee Vincent plays guitar and Jake Saunders plays drums.

Where are you guys from and what’s the local music scene like?

We’re from Brighton. I think we all agree that it’s the best music scene going at the moment, down south at least. So many bands coming out of Brighton that are blowing up; Fickle Friends, Demob Happy, Tigercub, High Tyde, The Island Club, The Magic Gang, and loads more. It’s such a creative place to be.

How did you come up with the name Howland?

Honestly we don’t have an interesting story, its just something we came up with and it wasn’t taken so we went with it.

Who’s the dream artist to collaborate with?

Tyler: Probably Simon Neil from Biffy Clyro – he’s written some beautiful songs but we all know he can go crazy. I feel like it’d be incredible just to see him at work in a studio.

Lee: I think as a songwriter, it would be amazing to collaborate with Alex Turner (obviously) just because every song he writes is amazing.

Jake: Definitely The Maccabees, Felix and Hugo made great producers on the last album in their home studio so it would be good to have their creative input.

Which bands influenced you growing up, and who would you say are direct influences on the band’s overall sound?

Tyler: For me it was watching bands full stadiums that pushed me into writing. I’d say it’s the stadium/arena fillers like Foals, Biffy and Arctic Monkeys that have had the biggest influence over us.

Lee: Bands like Bloc Party, Arctic Monkeys, The Enemy were all big parts of my childhood through my brother and were the ones that inspired me to start playing music.

Jake: Band such as Foo Fighters and The Strokes influenced me to start playing the drums but in terms of creating music other bands like The Libertines, Arctic Monkeys, The Maccabees, Royal Blood and many more have influenced us as a group to seek out joining bands and creating music.

Who are your favourite new upcoming bands?

Tyler: Asylums are up there, so are The Hunna, but my favourite band right now is Get Inuit. Too damn catchy. We had the pleasure of playing with them last year too, they’re great.

Lee: I’d say a lot of the Brighton indie scene are all killing it and I’m really into them, Marsicans from Leeds are amazing, Clean Cut Kid (everyone’s heard of them now surely?), Strong Asian Mothers, The Academic, Dead!, Rocky Nti and so many others.

Jake: I like Clean Cut Kid and have been listening to them a lot recently. Supporting them and Fickle Friends at the Joiners in Southampton was cool, they are a really nice bunch of guys (and Gal).

What’s been your favourite album/ single to be released this year?

Tyler: The 1975’s album for sure, or Twenty One Pilots’ version of Cancer.

Lee: There’s been a few really outstanding albums this year, Blush by Moose Blood, How To Be a Human Being by Glass Animals and I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It by The 1975. The new Circa Waves single is a banger, too.

Jake: Definitely Blossoms’ debut album, also their recently released extended edition has some good tunes that didn’t make the cut for the album.

What’s the dream venue/ festival to headline?

Tyler: It’s got to be Wembley, right?

Lee: I think headlining Brixton Academy would be unreal. If I had to pick a festival (apart from Glastonbury) it’d be Truck.

Jake: The dream venue to headline has got to be Brixton Academy just because so many great bands have played there. The dream festival to headline without a doubt is Glastonbury, who wouldn’t say Glastonbury when asked this question let’s be honest.

What influences your lyrics?

Just things that Tyler sees and experiences really, in a very vague sort of way.

What are the band’s plans in terms of recording and gigging?

We’re gonna be putting out new music in 2017 and touring as much as we can. We’re playing a few dates at the start of 2017 including some headlines at The Hope & Ruin in Brighton and The Finsbury in London. We’re also playing in Leeds, Bristol, Hertford and Southampton.

What’s the best gig you’ve been to?

Tyler: Muse in Brighton Dome – seeing a band that big in a small venue (small for them) was sick. That or Biffy Clyro’s Isle Of Wight Headline.

Lee: I saw Catfish and the Bottlemen at Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth just as they released The Balcony and it was insane.

Jake: The best gig I have ever been to has to be Arctic Monkeys at Finsbury Park in 2014, has to be the most mental gig in terms of the crowd going crazy and the band playing at their best.

For more on Howland you can listen via SoundCloud & Spotify, or check them out on Twitter & Facebook

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