Artist Profile: Tarantino-esque Brighton rockers Black Honey


Who they are: Black Honey are made up of Izzy B Philips (vocals and guitar), Chris Ostler (lead guitar), Tommy Taylor (bass guitar) & Tom Dewhurst (drums)

Where they’re from: Brighton

For fans of: Tarantino movies, desert-rock indie music, & 50s glamour

Top tracks: ‘Spinning Wheel’ and ‘Black and Blue’

Black Honey in Dubai May 2016 shot by Charlotte Patmore @voteforpatmore

Black Honey are Brighton’s coolest four piece, with a desert rock glare, and messy grunge edge. They encompass Tarantino style thrills, straight out of a 90s neo-noir film. With captivating mesmerising soft tracks like ‘Madonna’ and lively roaring choruses on tracks like ‘Hello Today,’ there’s a soft, melodic romanticism in their lyrics. Izzy’s vocals are stunning, particularly her eerily gripping screams on ‘Spinning Wheel’ and the light,  melancholy spirit in her voice when she broods the line ‘tell me how you sleep, I drag you back from every dream’ (‘Madonna’). The guitar is blaring and sharp, with a melodramatic distortion on tracks like ‘Spinning Wheel’ and ‘You Said It All,’ which are heaven to the ears performed live. Straight out of a desert cowboy film or Tarantino movie, the band are messily stylish with such an artistic fashionable flare to them; they dress like rockstars, like characters from a film, with Izzy’s wide eyes coated in mascara, and her messy pale blonde hair and stained red lips. They’re quite theatrical and intense, with a creative artistic flare on stage, and they’re trendy and stylish with a stunning aesthetic and aura of glam elegance. Izzy’s ‘girls only’ guitar is a beauty in itself, as well as their drum kit with the band’s striking black and white logo. They’re similar to bands like Peace, Sundara Karma and Wolf Alice; their music is messy and grungy but aesthetically soft and carefree too. The melancholy distortion and hectic mad beauty they have encaptures audiences live, and pulls listeners in on record. Their album artwork has this beautiful pop-art style, with a clear appreciation of art and fashion visible. For fans of unorthodox, interesting rock music, that’s messy and indie but has flamboyancy and elegance about it, Black Honey are perfect. Their immensity on record is one of the most beautiful things I’ve heard, and their stylish image is reminiscent of rock’n’roll perfection.


For more on the immense distorted four piece, you can check out their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Spotify

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