Laurie Vincent of Slaves set for first solo art exhibition

Kent rocker Laurie Vincent is the heavily tattooed grime punk guitarist from the hardcore punk band Slaves, alongside skinhead drummer and singer Isaac Holman. But he’s not just a musician; Laurie also has his own clothing brand, he tattoos, and is now set to launch his first solo art exhibition next week. Last year, Laurie put some of his work on show at the A-side B-side gallery in London, but this upcoming exhibit is his first solo debut. The pop up exhibition is taking place at the Amersham Arms in London, open all Saturday evening (19th March) as well as all of Sunday. And it is set to be an amazing exhibit. Laurie’s art is vivid, intense and highly distinctive. He uses a range of media as well, from acrylic on canvas to lithographs. His artistic streak has always been clear from within the band too; Laurie designs most of their band posters, especially ones advertising gigs from a couple of years ago, and he designed the infamous artwork for the ‘Cheer up London’ single. Laurie’s not just a painter though; he also has his own clothing range, Young Lover’s Club. The quirky, street art designs are highly popular, especially with fans of the band, and Laurie’s ‘hateful’ skull design has gone on to be a firm favourite. Other designs he does include the ash grey balaclava sweatshirt, and white seagull club t-shirt. His tattooing is fantastic as well, with his most notable pieces including skulls, flies, dinosaurs and roses.

laurie main.jpg

His work is on display at the Amersham Arms SE14 6TY from 7pm-10:30 Saturday 19th & all day Sunday 20th

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