Hey everyone, thanks for visiting my page! Indie Underground is my music blog focused on new, upcoming rock bands, with album reviews, gig reviews, band interviews, and much more. I set this website up back when I was 16 in January 2016, the name itself encompassing what I love about rock music; independent, DIY, authentic rock’n’roll.

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With some of my favourite people backstage at Nambucca (my second home)

So a little bit about me…I’ve basically been raised on rock music, and both my parents have been huge influences on my music taste. When I was younger, they used to play bands like Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs, Blondie and The Beatles, as well as heavier punk bands like The Boomtown Rats, The Clash, and The Sex Pistols. My mum loves all that old rock’n’roll music, bringing me up listening to The Beatles, Hendrix, Genesis, Queen and David Bowie; she’s been a huge supporter of what I do and took me to see Paul McCartney a few years back (eternally grateful)

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Blinders/ False Heads/ fan girl super group

My first proper gig was Arctic Monkeys at Finsbury Park in 2014, and that kick-started my passion for rock music; I started listening to more classical rock bands like Pink Floyd, Nirvana and Led Zeppelin, before developing a more modern music taste with my favourite bands including The Libertines, Royal Blood, Wolf Alice, Slaves, Franz Ferdinand and Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes. I also love Wonk Unit, Pulled Apart by Horses, Marmozets, Yak, Blaenavon, Cabbage, Trampolene, Spring King, Demob Happy, Yonaka and The Magic Gang. Going to gigs is my favourite thing to do; my top live acts would have to be Arctic Monkeys, Slaves, Strange Bones, Naked Six, LIFE, The Libertines, False Heads and Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes. My local venue is The Horn in St Albans, and it accommodates some of the best bands I’ve seen live, and has introduced me to some unreal bands such as 485C, The Scruff, Judah Gayle, J.W. Paris, and Concrete Caverns. New bands I’m digging include The Starlight Magic Hour, PROJECTOR, Mystic Peach, MOLD, Haze, Jerry, Mice On Mars, Phobophobes and FloodHounds.

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Crashing Strange Bones’s set, standard gig behaviour

Being near London means I gig there a lot too too, current favourite bands from the city being False Heads, 485C and Dirty Orange. I (of course) love DIY upcoming rock bands like October Drift, The Blinders, BREED, Rosko, Calva Louise, BlackWaters, Strange Bones, Sisteray, The Assist, Yes Problem, Mummy, Naked Six, SAP, The Wholls, The Velvet Hands, HMLTD, YOWL, LICE, SHEAFS, White Room, Strange Cages, and The Americas.

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With Isaac from Slaves at the This Feeling TV launch party

Not only do I love checking out local bands and going to gigs, but I enjoy collecting vinyl too, my favourite vinyl records currently being Retina from False Heads, Getting Closer/ I’m Gonna Do Well on pink vinyl from Calva Louise, and Water/ Confidence by Dead Pretties. My music taste varies; whilst post punk is my favourite, I also love garage, alternative rock, indie rock, punk, grime, and desert grunge. Basically this blog was set up as a way of showcasing my love for music, but it’s quickly developing into something so much bigger; I hope you enjoy the content of my blog, and hopefully it will introduce you to loads of sick new bands.

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With the better (or worse?) half of The Scruff 

I’m always on the lookout for gigs to review/ photograph, EPs/ singles and albums to write about, and bands to interview so if you’re up for that don’t hesitate to get in touch through my contact tab, orrrr come find me at a gig. Other things I love include animals (big animal lover & vegetarian) fashion (obsessed with 60s mod style), and going out in London.

Getting boozy with False Heads in Hoxton


I have recently set up a DIY zine called Some Might Say…the aim behind it is to create a DIY print outlet for indie rock, post punk and grunge bands, focusing on the underground grassroots scene. The zine celebrates music and creatives alike, go check it

“Yeah that rock’n’roll…it seems like it’s fading away sometimes, but it will never die” – Alex Turner

much love,

Sahera x


3 thoughts

  1. second that, this is a great website for discovering new bands. It has got me right into seeing some smaller bands in Glasgow! i like your taste in music 🙂


  2. I just found your blog and OMG I love it !! I am Renier Lucassen from South Africa. I want to thank you for helping me discover new bands I have listened to some of the bands you have recomended in a previous post I love them !! Cant wait to see what else you are going to post !!


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