SXSW 2019jade-bird-debut-album-glassnoteavalancheparty1RoctbKhgDSC_075669717256_1760198947456767_3095765775022030848_n50632885_651555881927742_6981669244605825024_oimage_7ee77247-703d-44ca-89cb-44ecf0dbcfd844588069_1916267358677616_2110487383827808256_o58679295_10157360001392425_8274979503403433984_ocalvaFramaticsCalva-Louisepipblom43418843_238485606847925_2532851774771953664_nyonakaR1-01133-015AJW paris39745241_10155378608101292_8920067416415797248_nIMG_2527IMG_7992slaves one2018-07-28 18_44_09.88434284478_1359804134162919_691513052033449984_nDSC_0026satgPhobaphobesArcades- Lauren McDermottThe Scruff Neil McCartyFalse Heads Annie WarnerFalse Headsunnamedtumblr_otmbgcobdk1uj5dfao1_128029389036_151604848869335_1220783388042985472_nWhite Room Annie Warnerjosh-homme-one-e1556194710285.jpgPaves Annie Warnerimage4shamehome page 6breedAvalanche Party Annie Warnerimage1 (10)image2 (1)IMG_2833the americas mainDSC_776538536357_1913072932319774_7524584348117368832_nLIFE Lindsay Melbournestrange cagesbwBlinders by Alan WellsFalse Headscabbage.jpgcalva louisethe blindersyonaka main12814329_1545931622367242_6905182979890717161_nrosko mainvantfalse-heads-twosisteraydsc_0587.jpgThe Magic GangBlaenavonThe Big MoonClub Kurualt J 3WWblackwatersconcrete-cavernselephant-bay-threeimg_1187false-heads-oneProcessed with VSCOcam with m5 presetthe-amazons1.1821639_555733228catfish-gigs12c4598spring-kingC81FA330-1570-4057-B9B1-99781DD3A610black-honey-twoare-you-satisfiedinheavenhorn-5tlspalbum-5CATFISHPRESS14_HI_COL-9579 m.jpgbowieWolf Alice performs at JBTV Music Television on May 4, 20150pxkPsS-cas4f29bfb4my-love-is-coolarctic-monkeysmarmozetsam-one


6 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. second that, this is a great website for discovering new bands. It has got me right into seeing some smaller bands in Glasgow! i like your taste in music 🙂


  2. I just found your blog and OMG I love it !! I am Renier Lucassen from South Africa. I want to thank you for helping me discover new bands I have listened to some of the bands you have recomended in a previous post I love them !! Cant wait to see what else you are going to post !!


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