Track of The Week: ‘She Sees Through’ by Strange Cages

Track of The Week: She Sees Through by Strange Cages

For fans of: raw, raucous post punk music, heavy thrashing grunge-esque rock, blinding riffs with a most pit inducing aura

Appears on: The Cracks EP

Strange Cages at 1234 Records’ Happening

A raw mess of heavy riffs and bold abrasive drumming, this week’s Track of The Week comes from the legendary Strange Cages, in the form of She Sees Through from the band’s The Cracks EP. I’ve had the riff stuck in my head for ages since I last saw them (a few weeks back at 1234 Records’ The Happening), and thank fuck the name of the track came back to me. The track is a well-controlled, cleverly written piece of dark moody rock’n’roll, with multiple build ups and crash downs throughout. It starts with unaccompanied drumming, before Charlie’s distorted vocal slices through. That rich heavy bass then cuts through the track, amplified by these little cutting chords played alongside the bass. The best part of the track is around the chorus, where the guitar loop sound gets frantic, causing this manic explosion of riffs and drumming. The steady beat of the drums drops into these little drum fills, which is insane. I’ve seen the band live twice now, and they are honestly one of the most exciting bands right now. The progression of She Sees Through and the way the band write it is all rock music needs right now, as Strange Cages are creating a whole new sound and style of rock, completely Avant-grade and unique to them.

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Track of The Week: “The Lick” by shame

Track of the Week: The Lick by shame

For fans of: bands like Hotel Lux and Strange Cages, raw brooding post grunge rock, rock’n’roll music dictated by the bass line

shame shot by Guillaume Kerjean

Cynically cutting edge, moody, and broodingly raw, this week’s Track of The Week is The Lick by shame. An intricate masterpiece of a track, its intricate layers are built over this harrowing consistent bassline which plays moodily throughout the entirety of the track. Soft whispering riffs glide over the bass, before a crash down midway through where the heaviness of the guitar and gravely grit of the vocals collide. Similar to bands like Hotel Lux and Dead Pretties, the control shame have is insane; very defined and meticulously contained, they play the track to absolute perfection. What I love about The Lick is that crass uncaring sense of abrasiveness to it. The vocals go from moodily talking, almost carelessly conversating, to proper singing in the chorus. The lyrics are a sarcastically cynical dig too; ‘sit in the corner of your room and download the next greatest track to your MP3 device, so sincerely recommended to you by the New Musical Express.’ It’s blunt and open and sarcy; lyrically this is something I love in post punk music. The attitude and blinding sense of brashness to the track gives it an almost intimidating feel, and it’s packed to the brim with filthy brooding grit and a harsh DIY rawness. It oozes honesty and pain, and the way shame play together on this record is fucking stunning.

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Track of the Week: “Thank God I’m Not You” by Himalayas

Track of the Week: Thank God I’m Not You by Himalayas

For fans of: rough gritty rock’n’roll, blaring guitar riffs, post punk garage rock

Manic, frenzied, rough rock’n’roll hits you hard in the face with Thank God I’m Not You, the new single from garage indie rock band Himalayas. Thank God I’m Not You has this blindingly authentic rawness to it, with a gritty emphasis on the intense indie rock sound the track has. That opening guitar is killer, and the effect of the amped up distorted riff which opens the track continues throughout. The bass is deep and heavy too, and the way Louis plays it really sets the solid foundations of the track, accompanied perfectly by the raucous yet well contained drumming from James. Himalayas are completed by vocalist and guitarist Joseph, and lead guitarist Mike. The way Joseph and Mike play guitar together is blinding, with these electrifying distorted riffs crashing down in sync with these rolling drum loops throughout. Intense is just one way to describe Thank God I’m Not You. The way the drums crash down in the opening few bars with that short snappy riff in between is killer; and the opening line sets a harsh abrasive tone for the rest of the track- ‘I’m a coward, I’m a freak, the scum of the earth, a liar and a cheat but I could be so much worse.’ The rough abrasive lyrics and attitude behind the track give it a raw rock’n’roll edge, laced with meticulous riffs and blinding confidence.

In terms of new bands shaking up the music scene, big up Himalayas.

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Track of the Week: “Fickle” by Cabbage

Track of the Week: Fickle by Cabbage

Features on the: Young, Dumb, and Full of… LP & Uber Capitalist Death Trade EP

For fans of: politically charged riotous rock’n’roll, abrasive aggressive rock, anti-establishment & anti-austerity punk, social and political awareness, music with real meaning


Cabbage…what can I say about this band. Politically brash and full of lyrically abrasive social commentaries, they are one of this year’s best, most exciting punk bands. Fickle really is one of my favourite tracks, and this amped up moodily brooding track is this week’s Track of the Week. Lee’s voice is really raw and gritty, packed with a rough post punk gravel which gives the track a really raw indie punk sound. ‘Well I’m the ficklest fucker in town, no fucker is more fickle around. Well I’m low, I’m beneath the ground- failing that, fuck all keeps the cabbage down’ he spits into the mic, an element of indie punk grit to his voice. The rough vivaciousness of Lee’s vocal is backed up by messy loud guitar from Joe and Eoghan, and the aggression of Stephen’s bass and Asa on drums builds the track up even more. Fickle is a banging track, with layers of The Sex Pistols, The Clash and Fat White Family apparent. The uncaring unorthodox nature to the band makes them really unique and bold; this in your face attitude is very much needed in the industry, and tracks like Fickle are helping build a sense of excitement in the bubbling rock scene.

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Track of the Week: “Ramona Flowers” by The Blinders

Track of the week: Ramona Flowers by The Blinders

Appears as the: B-side to Swine

For fans of: brooding indie rock, rich sensual guitar distortions, psyched up 70s punk rock, Led Zeppelin

the blinders
The Blinders 

A psychedelic trip of wistfully brooding rock, this week’s track of the week is Ramona Flowers by The Blinders. A dark, mysteriously buoyant track, the band manage to pack Ramona Flowers with a heavy Led Zeppelin-esque edge, and its sound is unbelievable. There’s a melancholy darkness to it, particularly in the line ‘as mysterious as love, show me the door. And fuck on my bedroom floor…in my Ramona Flowers.’ The lyrics are spit into the mic with a real grit, and there’s a raw sense of cynicism to it throughout, with blistering guitar distortions used to give it that 70s post psychedelic rock sound. The bass is raw and rips the track apart too, played stunningly by bassist Charlie. ‘She’s amazing, you’re amazing…hell raising’ is another one of the track’s gripping lyrics, with these moody sensual undertones to it. There’s connotations of sex and lust throughout the track, played in a more dark, subtle sense. Thomas’s vocal is really rough and gritty and raw too, accompanied perfectly by these rolling crashing drum loops from Matt throughout the entirety of the track’s duration. Bang on psyched up rock.

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Track of the Week: “Big Sister Is Watching” by Strange Bones

Track of the Week: Big Sister Is Watching by Strange Bones

Features on the: We The Rats EP

For fans of: politically charged riotous punk, anti-establishment in your face blaring lyrics, brash abrasive raw rock, raucous fucked up punk aggression

strange bones one
Strange Bones

Politics right now is fucked up, no doubt about that. It’s a shitty blur of right wing extremism, and the only good thing that could come out of the UK’s dire political scene right now is music. Historically a muse for punk music, politics has always resulted in anger and aggression and frustration, which bands like Strange Bones channel perfectly in their music. Big Sister Is Watching is an aggressive dig at Theresa May, whose party is often attacked by Strange Bones slogans like Tory Scum and Theresa Is A Terrorist. Lyrically, the track has a brain explosive feel to it, with amped up lyrics like ‘Are you dead or you alive? Are you fed what you believe to be true? Big Sister’s watching you’ and ‘Big Sister’s gonna snoop, Big Sister’s gonna snoop, your freedom’s gonna fade comrade.’ The aggressive riotous shouting of ‘B-I-G S-I-S-T-E-R’ gives the track a really rough raw sense of punk angst and anger, which matches the punk look of the band perfectly. When done live, lead vocalist Bobby goes fucking mental on stage; jumping into the crowd and crowd surfing and moshing with the audience, a balaclava over his head. These concepts of liberties and personal freedom are emphasised in the track too, especially through the line ‘the age of the surveillance state, what you been searching that for mate?’

Brain explosive kinda shit, Strange Bones are abrasively blunt in a politically charged punk sense, and we need a band like this more than ever right now.

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Track of the Week: “The Boys” by Rosko

Track of the week: The Boys by Rosko

For fans of: cutting edge indie, grime and hip hop infused punk and reggae, indie infused rap, cocky abrasive attitude, early Arctic Monkeys, Jamie T, & The Streets

rosko main

Authentic, unique and part of the UK’s growing underground scene, this week’s track of the week comes from Rosko with debut single The Boys. The creative edge to the track makes it a crazily exciting and fun piece of indie grime music. In terms of genre the band are quite hard to describe, as they fuse a variety of different genres together- from indie to hip-hop, to post punk to grime. This sorta R&B edge gives the band a really quirky exciting sound and The Boys is genuinely one of the coolest, catchiest tracks to have been released this year. It’s an electric track, with very raw rough guitar and brilliantly British authentic vocals from Bruce. Performed live the track is a riot, with the band playing it not once but twice earlier on this month at The Water Rats. The track resonates with young people so well too, with a very blunt and real sense of honesty to the lyrics- lines like ‘same old drink double the price, tequila salt ten pound a pint’ and ‘might not be your cuppa tea we’re the boys, running from the police with the boys like “ayo, ayo”’ give the track a cocky attitude, backed up by the ‘Oi’ shouts and deep bass in the background.

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Track of the Week: “Weigh In” by False Heads

Track of the week: Weigh In by False Heads

Features on the: Gutter Press EP

For fans of: Anti-establishment rock, guitar rock, DIY punk music, blaring riffs and shouty lyrics, & rock music packed with energy and attitude

False Heads

‘The stink swings back and forward, you are hung, drawn and quartered- that’s my idea of torture’ Luke spits into the mic, the opening line a blistering start to track Weigh In. False Heads are one of those effortlessly class bands, who you can just listen to on repeat all day long; like Nirvana or Strange Bones, their tracks are full of gritty energy with intense punk undertones. The attitude behind Weigh In is blinding, and it’s the heaviness of the guitar which crashes down in an electric drop just over halfway through which makes the track so insane. Luke’s rough authentic punk sounding vocal on Weigh In is backed by his heavy raw guitar, and that intense bass from Jake and thrashing drumming from Barney. Blunt cynicism and abrasive hostility gives this track an edge over a lot of the music out there, and the passion and work ethic the band have makes it all the better.

False Heads feature on my Bands to Watch in 2017 list, as well as being part of my Who Says Guitar Music Is Dead? feature. You can read my review of the Gutter Press EP here, and read my interview with Luke here

You can listen to False Heads’ killer tracks via Spotify, iTunes & SoundCloud, or check the band out on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter

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