Sundara Karma, INHEAVEN and The Night Café Stun Their London Crowd, 16.09.2016

Friday 16th September was a very special night for London’s young indie music scene as Sundara Karma headlined Heaven, with support from The Night Café and INHEAVEN. Full of energy and just a great excitingly raucous, vibrant atmosphere, the night was absolutely incredible and really put emphasis on the growing indie rock scene in the country. The three bands that played come from up and down the country; Sundara Karma being from Reading, The Night Café from Liverpool, and INHEAVEN from London. Each band had a really cool DIY feel, and such a cool indie-pop rock sound. Being at a gig in the London club Heaven was immense to, as it’s such a good venue. The venue itself is tucked away underground, in central Charring Cross. It’s small and dark and intimate, with a sick live sound. The venue opened in 1979, six months after Thatcher became Prime Minister which the venue mark as being the perfect time for the opening of such a venue, as ‘The Swing London of the 1960s was a distant memory.’ And that bright, exciting, dazzling edge from the 60s certainly was revitalised in Heaven. The venue runs as a gay nightclub, but also acts as one of the city’s best venues for rock gigs, having had performances from acts like Ratboy and Blood Red Shoes, and with upcoming performances from The Japanese House and Pretty Vicious.


The doors opened at 6.45- with hundreds of eager fans waiting in the cold in anticipation for Sundara Karma. The first band to play were Liverpool four piece The Night Café, who are made up of Sean Martin, Carl Dillon, Arran O’Connell and Josh Higgins. For such a new band, they had a really intense quality that makes their tracks sound well beyond their years- it’s edgy rough indie rock, kind of similar to bands like Peace or The Bohicas. Despite the crowd being really dead and unenthusiastic for their set, I found The Night Café to be really vivid and so professional and well-practiced; the quality of their set was ridiculously impressive, and sounded fucking amazing. Their sound is really uplifting indie-pop, and to me their best tracks are ‘Mixed Signals’ and ‘Addicted.’ And with the funky bass lines, drum riffs and raspy indie vocals, you can’t go wrong with this band who are certainly ones to watch.


After The Night Café, the second (and final) support act played: INHEAVEN. Getting over the amusing connotation of seeing INHEAVEN in Heaven, they were outstanding. Having never really listened to them before, I was blown away by them and the intense sound they created on stage. The band’s sound is hard to describe, part of it being indie-rock, with pop and grunge elements to it. They’re made up of James, Chloe, Jake and Joe. What I particularly loved about them was their charisma and fun messy stage presence- they looked so excited to be playing, especially when the entire crowd were singing along to their tracks and jumping and moshing in unison to ‘Baby’s Alright.’ The crowd really went crazy, with heavy moshing and circle pits. The band have a really creative art-pop aura about them too, blending all sorts of musical genres together beautifully. James has a great voice too; it’s melodic but also rough and raw- but maybe this edgy sound is due to their hardcore lyrics, like the line ‘No they ain’t got your technology so we’ll burn ‘em down with no apology.’ The band (who released ‘Regeneration,’ their debut single, on Julian Casablancas’ Cult Records label) are badass and deserve more and more recognition; their raw talent and sick vibrancy on stage, paired with the mental reaction they got from the crowd is proof that they are needed right now- quite simply, they killed it. Their set came after a killer slot at Reading & Leeds festival on the Festival Republic Stage, and they’re also in the middle of their UK tour with support from grungy indie quartet Pale Waves. For last minute tickets you can buy them here.


And then finally, it was time for Sundara Karma. There’s a really magical element to the band, and they have so much going for them. They recently opened up the Reading & Leeds main stage, playing an impressive opening set to thousands. Heaven also marked the start of their September 2016 tour, which includes dates at Manchester’s O2 Ritz and Liverpool’s Arts Club- for last minute tickets, they can be purchased here. The hype and build up and anticipation to see Sundara Karma was unreal. Their fans were head over heels in excitement, just showing how much their music has touched people and connected with them. They formed 5 years ago in 2011, and have built up a fiercely dedicated strong fan base, following years of relentless gigging and the release of perfect indie music. Their indie-infused rock sound is undeniably outstanding, and they just sound incredible whatever they do- whether it’s their own tracks, or covers like their cover last Friday of Luther Vandross’ R&B soul track ‘Never Too Much.’ Overall, Sundara Karma were magnificent. They played all their big tracks, including ‘Vivienne’, ‘Loveblood,’ ‘Indigo Puff’ and ‘Flame.’ They’re so much fun on stage too and Oscar’s vocals actually sound better in real life than on record. It’s rare for a band to be better live than they are on record, but Sundara Karma really are- their sound was absolutely beautiful, so melodically perfect and almost trippy and hypnotic to listen to. Oscar had a really soft feminine edge too, with the hip swaying and gorgeous melodic voice. The guitar riffs paired with the vocals and massive backdrop of their sun logo was all perfect, literally nothing was wrong with their set. I’ve read reviews in the past talking of Sundara Karma being bad and boring and dull live, but I feel like this is the same problem bands like Catfish and the Bottlemen have; with such a young crowd, Sundara Karma have a really infectious atmosphere that you’re either involved in or not. When you’re not part of their heavy, crazy mosh-pit wild crowd, it’s hard to see the appeal but when you’re in their bubble, it’s honestly the best thing ever. Their rousing, indie infused pop-rock edge was undeniably brilliant, and was so fun and raw and vivid live. Up until now, the band have released a variety of singles, as well as EP I and EP II. Their debut album, ‘Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect’ is due for release next year on January 6th, and it’s available to pre-order now. To finally see them live properly (having only caught the last half of their set at Reading), I was absolutely blown away- it’s so refreshing to see such fantastic new indie bands selling out some of London’s most renowned venues, and if Friday was anything to go by, Sundara Karma are destined to sell out many more.


See below for the full setlist, from Sundara Karma, The Night Café and INHEAVEN

The Night Café

  1. Time
  2. The Way of Mary
  3. You Change With The Seasons
  4. Together
  5. Addicted
  6. Mixed Signals


  1. All There Is
  2. Stupid Things
  3. Baby’s Alright
  4. Meat Somebody
  5. Real Love
  6. Drift
  7. Bitter Town
  8. Regeneration

Sundara Karma

  1. Indigo Puff
  2. A Young Understanding
  3. Run Away
  4. Olympia
  5. Freshbloom
  6. Never Too Much
  7. She Said
  8. Flame
  9. Deep Relief
  10. Vivienne
  11. The Night (encore)
  12. Loveblood (encore)

The Visitors, Moon Blue, and Echo Infirmary: the best of St Albans’ indie rock scene in one evening

On the surface, St Albans is a pretty normal, clinical suburban city yet behind that, there is a vivid music scene for young indie rock bands. The Horn is one of the country’s most renowned small venues for rock music, and whilst hosting loads of big names over the last year, including VANT, The Magic Gang, The Hunna and The Bohicas, it’s also known as a hub for new upcoming bands from the local Hertfordshire area. Tuesday night (6th September) was an intense, fun, music filled evening at the venue, with performances from local rock bands Moon Blue, The Visitors, Echo Infirmary and a special opening set from RAH!

The night started with an opening set from RAH!, made up of Angus Hughes and Jake Redgwell from Echo Infirmary on lead guitar/ vocals and drums respectively, with Lucy Crockett from Moon Blue on bass guitar. It was a fun casual set, clearly the three were just having loads of fun on stage, and their performance was relaxed yet retained a really catchy, infectious energy. Lucy was so effortlessly cool on stage as well in her Stone Roses shirt, flinging out a series of mega sounding bass lines. Angus is crazily talented as well, with really great skills both on the guitar and as a vocalist- this accompanied by Jake’s brilliant drumming really helped build up the anticipation and excitement in the venue for the main three bands.


And then the first main act was on; The Visitors. Clearly heavily inspired by bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers and Arctic Monkeys, they rallied the crowd with their vibrant excitable energy on stage. Alex is a typical fun indie frontman, with a really raucous rowdy stage presence that the crowd clearly loved. Even the repeated dabbing was popular and their set had a really great feel good fun aura. Their setlist consisted of a few covers, with the band performing impressive versions of ‘Moonage Daydream’ by David Bowie and ‘Don’t Sit Down Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair’ and ‘I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor,’ both by Sheffield rock icons Arctic Monkeys. Their original tracks were just as impressive too, and really great to finally hear live after getting into the band a good few months ago. My personal favourites are ‘Partying All Night’ and ‘Change’; the live sound of these tracks was so intense, with a really great crowd to accompany the immense sound the four piece created. Another amazing element of the band is Matthew on guitar who comes out with amazing riffs, which clearly have hours of practice behind them. This talent was particularly striking with his note perfect guitar on their cover of ‘Moonage Daydream’ which The Last Shadow Puppets have recently covered on the majority of their UK dates. For more on The Visitors, you can check out their Soundcloud account, my top tracks being their cover of ‘Brianstorm,’ or original track ‘Out From Here.’

The next band to perform were four piece rockers Moon Blue. Made up of Hattie Randall, Lucy Crockett, Tara Simmonds and Lily Newby-Ricci, the indie rock group performed a brilliant set, including a fun cover of Dizzee Rascal’s ‘Dance Wiv Me.’ Their seven track long setlist also comprised of some of the band’s original pieces like ‘King of Hearts’ and ‘Up and Out’. For me their set was a really lively, energetic one with an intense buzzing onstage spirit. They seemed so relaxed and casual and comfortable on that stage too, despite the fact they were playing to a sold out venue. Moon Blue’s music is really fun to listen to as well, and it’s so infectious and lively when played live. Lucy and Lily are really strong on guitar as well, belting out really insane guitar riffs. Having never seen the band live before, it was so refreshing to see a sick new live band for the first time; definitely helping with St Albans’ growingly exciting music scene, Moon Blue are dazzling and exciting, definitely one to watch.


And then the final act to perform was the main band of the evening: Echo Infirmary. Having supported acts like VANT, Man Made and Missing Andy at The Horn before, they’ve also appeared at The Horn as the headline act regularly. Their set last week really was amazing, with such a great crazy intense on-stage energy. Their stage presence is vivid and loud and they got the crowd going so easily- their talent and relationship as a band is so blatantly clear as well and that really entertained the crowd. This gig was sadly the band’s last before the four members go off to uni, but they certainly ended their streak with a bang; it was such a great piece of messy loud blaring indie rock music, and their intensity and pure rock ‘n’ roll bite on stage really reminded me of an early Arctic Monkeys in that they had a really cool ‘don’t care’ attitude, matched with blaring tracks and crazy guitar riffs. A really unique element about the band is Max, Angus and Jamie all take turns on lead vocals, paired with each of them on guitar (Angus and Max on lead, with Jamie on bass). This intriguing set up is combined with Jake’s insanely skilled drumming which bought their set together so well. Their setlist was great too, including a cover of ‘Stacy’s Mom’ by American rockers Fountains of Wayne. It also included a load of the band’s original tracks like ‘Bust Your Windows,’ ‘Make You Mine,’ ‘MIA’ and ‘Ultra Violet.’


The night overall was pure class, full of really great local indie talent, with blaring tunes and riffs, just a great night for rock music. The Horn delivered 100% as a local music venue too, with a really small sweaty dark room and incredible sound system that amplified the guitar and vocals ridiculously well. The Visitors, Moon Blue and Echo Infirmary were wonderful, and really set the bar high for local indie rock music; and it will be hard for a local gig to beat the lively intense atmosphere the three bands created last week.

For more on the three bands, you can follow them on Facebook and Soundcloud via the links below

Echo Infirmary: Facebook & Soundcloud

The Visitors: Facebook & Soundcloud

Moon Blue: Facebook

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The Last Shadow Puppets at Ally Pally 15.07.2016

Following eight years since their debut album, 2016 saw the return of Miles Kane and Alex Turner with The Last Shadow Puppets, with new album, ‘Everything You’ve Come to Expect’. As well as this, the band performed a series of live dates, including festival appearances at T in The Park and Glastonbury. Last March, they started their first UK tour at a variety of tiny venues, including London’s Hackney Empire. And a few weeks ago, they started their second leg of UK dates which included 2 nights at London’s Alexandra Palace, Friday 15th and Saturday 16th July.  Doors opened on Friday night at 6.30 and by around 7.00 the venue was packed. The first support band were rough indie rock trio Yak. Having released their debut album ‘Alas Salvation’ in May, Yak never fail to amaze me live. Their stage presence is rough and messy, and their sound is really experimental and fresh; they really impressed with their loud distorted sound, and reminded me a lot of Royal Blood and The Libertines in terms of their crazy fun on-stage presence. They were especially incredible when doing tracks like ‘Harbour the Feeling’ and ‘Smile.’ The next support act was Gaz Coombes, more commonly known as lead singer of fun indie-rock band Supergrass. His backup band were a bit strange, and their stage presence wasn’t honestly as impressing or exciting as Yak’s had been. However, his voice was incredible and the sound produced was really nice, particularly on the track ‘The Girl Who Fell To Earth.’

And then the wait for the main act began. The wait between the last support act and headlining band is always the longest, tensest wait ever, with anticipation and excitement building in the room. The atmosphere in the venue was buzzing, and by 9.15 (when the band came on) it was dark and crowded inside the venue, the perfect gig atmosphere. The first instalment of excitement for the crowd was the band’s orchestral four piece coming on stage- the baroque orchestra sound is key to The Last Shadow Puppets, and it played a huge role in the intensity of their live sound last Friday.


The show was captivating and messy and sexy, a lot rougher and crazier than you would expect from The Last Shadow Puppets. But their album, which came out in April, is actually full of dirty sexy lyrics and crazy experimental rock riffs, completely different to the baroque-orchestral sound produced in their 2008 debut ‘The Age of The Understatement’. Their presence on stage really was insane, and Miles and Alex had this natural chemistry which just added to the vibrancy of their set. Zach Dawes (bassist) also had this ridiculously sexy aura about him, especially with the joint backing vocals with Alex during the band’s cover of ‘Totally Wired.’ That cover was a lot of fun, with Miles really losing it on stage; his vocals throughout the entire gig were fantastic, really raspy and cutting. Watching him and Alex perform together is always an incredible experience, and I’ve been lucky enough to see them three times within the last couple of years.

They had such an exciting setlist as well, opening with their classic hit ‘The Age of The Understatement’ and going on to perform another 17 tracks. The crowd was so much fun as well, with heavy moshing and dancing especially for tracks like ‘Aviation,’ ‘Calm Like You’ and ‘Bad Habits.’ The band also performed a cover of ‘Totally Wired’ by The Fall, which featured lead vocals from Miles and sexy backup vocals from Zach and Alex who both harmonised on the same microphone. The second cover the band did was Bowie’s ‘Moonage Daydream,’ this time led by Alex, featuring an incredible guitar solo from Miles. It must have taken immense courage to cover such an amazing Bowie track, especially as he is such an inspiration to the band- they covered ‘In the Heat of the Morning’ as part of ‘The Age of the Understatement’ B-sides in ’08, and their track ‘Everything You’ve Come to Expect’ features the lyric ‘croc-skin collar on a Diamond Dog,’ clearly inspired by Bowie. The setlist also featured a heap of tracks from their new album like ‘Miracle Aligner,’ ‘Dracula Teeth,’ and ‘Sweet Dreams, TN’ as well as countless tracks from their 2008 debut, including ‘Only The Truth,’ ‘In My Room’ and ‘Standing Next to Me.’


The venue was beautiful as well, and for my first time at Alexandra Palace- or Ally Pally- it certainly didn’t disappoint, with a fantastic sound system and gorgeous curved roof with stained glass windows that magnified the sunset outside beautifully. Overall, the gig was truly incredible, with an outstanding crowd to accompany the fantastic live stage presence Alex and Miles had. Their onstage chemistry was undeniable, and made for a fantastic, fun, beer drenched evening.

To buy tickets to see them, or browse their merchandise store, click here

Gig rating: 9/10

See the band’s setlist here:

How Catfish and The Bottlemen’s killer gig in London went down

Monday evenings aren’t typically the best night for a gig, but Catfish and the Bottlemen the other night (11th April) absolutely killed it at their sold out London gig at Camden’s O2 Forum. Everything about the gig was absolutely mental; the setlist and overall performance was incredible, alongside a crazy rowdy crowd and fantastic support. The gig sold out in minutes, so getting a ticket was a huge shock, and the four piece certainly didn’t disappoint. Their heavy indie-rock edge and bite filled the venue with energy and adrenaline, and their intense stage presence was incredibly captivating.

Black Honey

Doors opened at 7pm and by half seven or so the venue was packed out with hundreds of fans all buzzing for the gig. They had The Beatles’ ‘Revolver’ playing on repeat, with tracks like ‘Good Day Sunshine,’ ‘And Your Bird Can Sing’ and ‘Taxman’ filling the 2,300 strong venue. Support is always important at gigs, and the support act were Black Honey, a messy indie-grunge band from Brighton. Fronted by killer bad ass vocalist Izzy Baxter, the band have a really exciting, vividly fresh undertone. Their performance was raw and messy, and they have a really interesting fun stage presence. The four piece are a proper indie band, similar to acts like Wolf Alice and Sundara Karma in terms of their on-stage aura and intensity. They’re a stylish band too, with a really artistic fashionable bite to their whole look, from Izzy’s messy pale blonde hair style to the pink flamingo on stage with them. Their lyrics are dark and kinda brooding too, especially the introduction to their killer track ‘Corrine’ with the line ‘Corrine, come back to me cause it’s six in the morning and we’re only playing make believe’, and the track ‘Madonna’ with the line ‘tell me how you sleep, I drag you back from every dream.’ Their intriguing and exciting set definitely sets them as a brilliant, much needed new rock band.

Catfish and The Bottlemen

After their set, the buzzing atmosphere inside the venue was mad, with a widespread sense of exhilaration and intensity. The band had also picked a fantastic playlist, comprising of tracks like The Rolling Stones’ ‘Miss You’ and ‘Make it Wit Chu’ by Queens of The Stone Age. And then at 9pm, all the lights went down (cueing thousands of screams and beer chucking) and Paul’s stripped back vocals from the heavy cutting edge Beatles track ‘Helter Skelter’ playing, with the lights flashing in sync with his raw rough vocals. And then on came Catfish and the Bottlemen. The crowd was honestly one of the best I’ve ever been in; they were rowdy and amped up, with moshing and messy circle pits throughout the entire gig. Their set opened with ‘Homesick,’ and they went on to play all their tracks from their debut album ‘The Balcony’ alongside new tracks ‘Soundcheck,’ ‘7’ and ‘Red’ which will feature on their upcoming album ‘The Ride.’ For me, the best tracks were either ‘26’ or ‘Tyrants,’ which they finished with; ‘Tyrants’ actually saw a huge circle pit form filling most of the standing area, and at the drop all the fans rushed into it. The crowd was sweaty and chaotic and everyone was jumping and screaming and moshing, which just added to the vibrancy and crazy nature of the gig. Another incredible track was Van’s acoustic performance of ‘Hourglass,’ where the entire crowd sang back every single line; the entire show was mesmerising and overwhelming, and the band performed exceptionally. Van’s vocals were fantastic, as was the heavy guitar and intricate riffs from Benji and Bondy alongside Bob’s brilliantly skilled drumming. Overall the gig was absolutely incredible from start to finish, with the band playing for well over an hour. This set of UK dates is just the start of what is set to be an incredible year of gigs and festivals for the band, and given the incredible performance the band put on the other night, they deserve as much success as they can get.

Their new album, The Ride, comes out May 27th available for pre-order here

Wolf Alice stun their London crowd with a rough rock gig, and a whole lotta glitter

London’s grungy indie rock band Wolf Alice have recently finished their sold out UK tour, rounding it off with four nights at the O2 Forum Kentish Town and Sunday night saw the glittery quartet (minus bassist Theo) perform to a crazed psyched up 2,300 strong crowd. The show was a messy, intense pure rock gig from start to finish, with fantastic support acts and a vivid, lively atmosphere for the whole show. The gig opened with FISH, a raw grunge band from Camden with a rough unrefined North London edge. Frontwoman Asha Lorenz has a vivid post punk undertone to her voice, filling the Forum with savagely intense screeches. The band are something new and exciting, and hopefully playing to such a large crowd will have given them the much deserved platform they deserve. They’re interesting and intriguing to watch, with an unorthodox unconventional bite. Their setlist included tracks like ‘Stunner’ and ‘On The Surface.’ The next support band were fiery rock band Spring King who recently supported Slaves on their sold out January tour. The band’s fronted by Tarek Musa who plays drums and sings at the same time and their whole onstage atmosphere is insane; with mosh pits starting from the first couple of songs, the band excited the crowd with stellar performances of tracks such as ‘Demons,’ ‘Rectifier’ and ‘Who Are You?’ The band’s stage presence was rousing and vivid, and they really engaged the crowd and rallied them for Wolf Alice.


Wolf Alice live

And then Wolf Alice came on; the crowd were so amped up and exhilarated that even the band’s entrance to stage was electrifying and insane. Crazed fans drenched in glitter were out of their heads with excitement as Ellie, Joel and Joff came on stage, with Gengahr bassist John who was filling in for Theo who had an elbow injury. And their performance was absolutely incredible. The band’s aura on stage is heavy and grungy, with a pure rock edge to their set. Joff’s guitar was exceptional as well, with Ellie’s voice having a tough raw undertone to it throughout. Even without Theo’s presence (John played excellently) the entire show was brilliant, with the band playing all their hits as well as some of their EP tracks and more unknown album tracks. For me, the most intense tracks were ‘You’re a Germ’ with the entire crowd chanting the countdown, or ‘Blush’ with one fan screaming ‘I’m happy’ after the melancholy line ‘are you happy now?’ Despite Wolf Alice playing a selection of softer slower tracks, like ‘The Wonderwhy’ and ‘Turn to Dust,’ they also played all their heavy grunge tracks like ‘Fluffy’ which was followed by ‘She’ then ‘Moaning Lisa Smile,’ accompanied by heavy moshing and circle pits in the crowd. The band’s crazy stage energy and dynamism was infectious, and fans were even moshing to tracks like ‘Silk,’ ‘Your Loves Whore’ and the end of ‘Swallowtail.’ The audience were mesmerised too, trapped in the mental rough glittery world of Wolf Alice, and the atmosphere inside the small dark venue was mad; the fans were hyped up and going out of their heads, and after months of waiting the show certainly did not disappoint. They ended with an epic performance of ‘Giant Peach’ where, at the guitar drop after the bridge, glitter confetti was sprayed all over the crowd. The band definitely deserve their reputation for being one of the UK’s best live bands (which they won the 2016 NME award for) and their passion and energy and vigour is contagious. Their force and power is colossal, and the roaring flame that is Wolf Alice is set to burn for a long, long time.

See their setlist below:

The Libertines deliver a stunning set to their London home crowd

2015 was one of the most exciting years musically, one of the main reasons for that being the return of The Libertines. The indie rock band performed on Saturday evening to their home town crowd of London, playing to a sold out O2 arena. Following a messy, complex 20 odd years, following their formation in 1997, the band are responsible for shaping modern day indie and garage rock and their London gig definitely proves why. 2015 was their summer, and the festival season belonged to them, given their secret set at Glastonbury and immense headline set at Reading. And their garage rock revival from the early 2000s shone through on Saturday evening, as they totally owned the night too. Following a series of massive gigs all over the UK, including performances at Manchester and Birmingham, the boys in the band ended it in style, playing an electric set to their home crowd.


The O2 isn’t traditionally a venue for heavy garage rock, and The Libertines who are used to playing smaller intimate venues should have seemed out of place, but they weren’t. They were completely at home in the 20,000 capacity venue, playing hit after hit from all their albums. Following the insane success of ‘Anthems for Doomed Youth’ last September, the band played a range of tracks from all their albums, including a cover of ‘Albion’ by Pete’s rock band Babyshambles who formed in the early 2000s. Overall, their set was insane; the crowd went especially mental for classics ‘What Katie Did,’ ‘Time for Heroes,’ ‘The Good Old Days’ and ‘Boys in the Band,’ as well as new favourites ‘Gunga Din, ‘Fame and Fortune,’ and ‘You’re My Waterloo.’ The band’s chemistry was undeniable as well, with Pete and Carl sharing the microphone at any given opportunity. Their beautiful vocals together with John’s bass and Gary’s intense drumming made for amazing music which sounded even better live than on record. They also had an emotional tribute halfway through with pictures of the late Amy Winehouse and David Bowie filling the screen. Bowie’s ‘Diamond Dogs’ was also playing as the band walked on stage to thousands of deafening screams.

The crowd was insane as well; one of the slight negatives about larger venues is the crowd can sometime be a bit dead, but it was the complete opposite on Saturday evening. The entire standing area was one huge, mad, sweaty mosh pit with crazy fans screaming the lyrics and chucking beer everywhere, one intense crowd going out of their heads. The atmosphere was electrifying and exhilarating, with every second of the show gripping every single audience member. Definitely a 5 star gig…now just waiting for their next line of live dates to be announced!

Listen to the band’s setlist here: