Bands To Watch in 2019

Another year of eclectic music has come to an end, the last twelve months tracing out the story of something very special within the music industry, particularly the blossoming strand of it which is the DIY circuit. The development and growth of new bands like Happy Hour, Legss and The Howlers has unveiled a perplexing and intriguing branch of the industry’s psych rock artists, and it has also been a pleasure to follow the growth of bands whom we tipped as ‘Bands Of 2018’ back at the end of last year, such as Calva Louise, Strange Bones, The Blinders, and Yonaka. 2019 promises a lot for new music; the next few months are poised to make their mark in music as tantalising and hedonistic months of growth, as new bands have a breathtaking foundation to build upon, one of abrasive creativity, and unorthodox flare. The new wave is coming, and you best be prepared. Here are our top Ten New Artists to watch in the New Year

The Howlers

Fulfilling a murky, post punk attitude of brash uncaring rock, The Howlers embody a raw, vividly angry rejection for mainstream convention in their music. Full of snarls and spits, the band use distorted grungy guitar riffs in a psychedelic twisted hallucination to build up a feel of darkness and savage rawness. Their sound has remained scathing and twisted, both the lyrics and riffs building up hyper, erratic stoner-rock balladry

the howlers
The Howlers


Clearly vibing of an influence from the South London artsy prog-rock scene, Jerry are an immense thrill to watch on stage. They have a feral roughness to them, blistering, incisive, fuzzy punk played in a meticulous yet wild manner. Full of unhinged surprises, their tracks take many twists and turns, leading you on a winding, sonic trip of a journey


A nod to the groovy elegance and spirit of 70s indie pop, FUR are a retro masterpiece. They bind sublime mellow pop with a modernised indie edge, infusing their sound with something old school and vintage, richly combining Magic Gang style lyricism with vibrant neo-psychedelic old school pop riffs. Their entire essence is charming; a pure delight to listen to

FUR by Julia Nala

The Mysterines

Fronted by the ever so bad-ass lead vocalist Lia, The Mysterines are a forceful punch of new wave furore, hailing from Liverpool. Their psych-rock grit is intense, especially in a close knit live atmosphere, where their deep riffs and rich bass lines bounce shakily from wall to wall – The Mysterines possess a hunger, a vivid passion, and are naturally extraordinary live

Milk Disco

An 80s style art-pop ensemble who experiment with synths and post punk influences, Milk Disco mix the bleakness of punk with the ambiguity and brightness of 80s pop synthetics. The clever usage of disco distortions and elusive post punk riffs takes you right back to an underground warehouse rave in 1984

Gently Tender

Sonically eluding you into a kaleidoscopic daydream, Gently Tender are one of the purest, most interesting bands to have emerged this year. They use choirs and a series of string instruments alongside soft harmonies and vocal layering, building up an almost holy image of the band. The psychedelia nods to a warming 60s-esque hypnosis, fuelled by an evocative and overpowering presence on record

gently tender
Gently Tender

Happy Hour

A dynamic four piece who formed in the scene in and around New Cross’ notorious Five Bells, Happy Hour are an artsy concoction of post punk and creative psych indie. They blend garage and punk in a very clever way, creating something that writhes with chaos and disorder. Rather than musing on the past, Happy Hour are building upon the foundations of old school punk to create something fresh and eclectic

Happy Hour, by Lina Zabinskaya

Uncle Tesco

Brooding and scathing, Uncle Tesco emit a perplexing scarring broodiness through their moody, abrasive lyrically witty pieces of music. Their dynamic is controlled, and very blunt and straightforward, the band using a careless vocal to add a brooding layer to their sound. Speaking rather than singing gives them an interesting edge, built up by the chanting of riffs (most notably in stellar track Meal Deal)


Witty and compelling, Legss produce with ease an eclectic fusion of so many different sounds and emotions, creating a vivid, sonic sound. They are overpoweringly good, a fuzzy authentic punk sound rippled through their sharp goriness. I particularly enjoy the well balanced combination of indie punk with a more mellow shoegaze element – they are immense live, and I would strongly suggest getting out to see them in the New Year

Legss, by Lina Zabinskaya

Pip Blom

Melodic and enticing, Pip Blom are an Amsterdam based four piece who have a glowingly addictive sound, one which resonates with you in a really special, impactful way. There’s a scuzzy swagger to their music; as a band they are keeping something fresh and revitalised in their strand of the industry, and it’s refreshing to see a young band recklessly making these steps

Indie Underground’s further picks for 2019 …

Projector, Haze, Phobophobes, Haze, Blue Bendy, Lumer, Luxury Apartments, Mice Ön Mars, Serene, Forever Cult, Squid, & Sorry

Mice On Mars, by Lina Zabinskaya

Top Ten Albums of 2018

Acts Of Fear And Love – Slaves

Tranquility Base Hotel And Casino­ – Arctic Monkeys

You Say I’m Too Much, I Say You’re Not Enough – Estrons

Joy As An Act Of Resistance – IDLES

Songs Of Praise – Shame

Friendship Music – Surfbort

Columbia – The Blinders

Coup De Grace – Miles Kane

A Better Life – Spring King

Black Honey – Black Honey

Top Five EPs of 2018

Less Is Better – False Heads

People Street – BlackWaters

Hate Music Last Time Delete – HMLTD

Blood On Suits – LUMER

Teach Me To Fight – Yonaka

Highlights of 2018…

Some Might Say ran launch parties this year for Issues Two, Three, Four and Five, as well as celebrating our One Year Birthday, and we were lucky enough to have the following bands play; Strange Bones, Arcades, Mummy, Calva Louise, Dirty Orange, Concrete Caverns, The Surrenders, The Americas, Monarchs, False Heads, Nana White Pepper, SONS, Freakouts, The Strawberries, The Wholls, Mice Ön Mars, Leggs, Happy Hour, & Luxury Apartments

Arcades- Lauren McDermott
Arcades, by Lauren McDermott
Calva Louise- Anna Smith 1
Calva Louise, by Anna Smith
Strange Bones- Anna Smith 2
Strange Bones, by Anna Smith
The Surrenders, by Jessie Morgan
The Surrenders, by Jessie Morgan
The Americas, by Eleanor Freeman
The Wholls, by Eleanor Freeman
FREAKOUTS, by Eleanor Freeman
The Surrenders, by Eleanor Freeman
False Heads, by Eleanor Freeman


All five issues of the Zine have sold out, and in 2018 we released three issues; Issue Three had Strange Bones on the cover, Issue Four had three split covers with The Scruff, Avalanche Party and The Surrenders, and Issue Four launched as the new square A5 edition, with Haze on the cover


It has also been a very proud year – artists we tipped last year have been making waves in the music industry; Strange Bones, False Heads, Anteros, Yonaka, Hotel Lux and The Blinders have been killing it this year, to name but a few, both in terms of album and single releases, and playing live all over the world

& MASSIVE love to fellow zines – Denim & Leather / Live Circuit

Listen to the Sound of 2018…

An Insight into the DIY Industry and Underground DIY Labels

Despite the age of digital and online media being the generation we are in, there is a generation of under the radar bands taking the industry back to the scatty DIY nature of 70s punk and 90s grunge, creating an immersive and exciting reputation for themselves, and the DIY scene in turn. The growth of self made zines, as well as a rise in DIY rock promoters and club nights around the UK, has helped fuel the DIY element of the rock industry, and many psych rock, grunge, and punk bands are putting releases out on vinyl now, as well as via online platforms. The remarkable thing about the shiny 7″ disc is the immense nostalgia and history that comes with it; the modernism, the romanticism, the authenticity. DIY labels like Flying Vinyl and Vallance Records are pushing more and more new bands into scratching their music into physical wax copies, whilst underground bands are working with smaller producers and studios to recreate their scatty, punk grit on record. I’ve picked out some of my favourite DIY labels within the industry, including my top releases from a few of these labels

Confidence/ Water – Dead Pretties – Big Score Records

Released as the band’s last 7″ before splitting up, Dead Pretties released Confidence and Water as a split A-side last year on Big Score Records. The label has an impeccable reputation regarding their work with smaller, grungier bands who bring an element of shouty 70s punk to their abrasive, sweaty tracks. Bands like Yowl, Gently Tender and Hotel Lux have put out releases on the label,  as well as Crewel Intentions who signed to the label last November


My Obsession/ Cheap Date Expensive Drugs/ Piece of Strange – Table Scraps/ Black Mekon – self released

Of all the records I own, this 7″ is definitely my favourite aesthetically speaking. The artwork is blurred with red and blue lines and comes with a pair of 3D glasses, giving the split front and back covers a 3D look. This is such a unique and intriguing thing for a band to do, yet not something unsurprising as Table Scraps have always managed to shock and excite with their music. My Obsession is the raw, scatty single from Table Scraps, with the b-side of the vinyl playing Cheap Date Expensive Drugs & Piece Of Strange from fellow Birmingham band Black Mekon

2018-07-28 18_44_17.5482018-07-28 18_44_18.3992018-07-28 18_44_19.277

Swine/ Ramona Flowers – The Blinders – Rockart Records

Despite now being signed to the more mainstream label Modern Sky, 2016 saw the release of Swine and Ramona Flowers by three piece The Blinders. The abrasive social commentary and intelligent view of politics projected in their music has always been a point of discussion and at times, controversy. The DIY rawness to the band was matched perfectly by Rockart Records who released the 7″, working alongside Art Beat Promo (run by Caffy St Luce, who is one of the most perfect examples of a media visionary who cares about new bands, currently working alongside 485C and The Velvet Hands)

I’m Gonna Do Well/ Getting Closer – Calva Louise – Flying Vinyl

Released on limited edition pink vinyl, Calva Louise released their debut single I’m Gonna Do Well and follow-up single Getting Closer through Flying Vinyl. Flying Vinyl apply the old school ethic of releasing physical music by picking out five new singles each month and pressing them into 5 individual 7″ records which then get boxed up and posted to subscribers. The two Calva Louise singles were recorded by Margo Broom who runs Margo’s Living Room (perfect for new music exposure) and released by Craig Evans who runs Flying Vinyl. Through his company, I am also lucky enough to own limited edition records from artists like Estrons, Free Money, and Willie J Healey

Retina/ Said and Done – False Heads – Vallance Records

Elliott Hale runs one of my favourite DIY labels, Vallance Records. Sisteray and Strange Cages are signed up to his roster, but he also releases singles from other bands, including False Heads who released Retina at the start of the year on red wax. He also works as an A&R for 1234 Records, who have put on bands like Thee MVPs, Frauds, Table Scraps, Haze, and Milk Disco at live events. Based in East London, the label rarely puts out standard black 7″ records; more so, they release coloured discs, splatter vinyl and tapes, bringing a proper old school authenticity to his releases

2018-07-28 18_44_15.733

A few of the best DIY Labels: 

1234 Records – Scab Hans, AKA Matador, Factotum

The label also runs free entry showcase events in South London and East London, with some intensely hedonistic and exciting live bands playing for them over the next month

16/8/2018- POSA / Slags / Sleaze / Mr Marcaille @ The Victoria, Dalston

29/8/2018- Artificially Yours / Italia 90 / Scab Hand / CXR @ The Old Blue Last, Shoreditch

Rough Trade Records – Goat Girl, Sleaford Mods, Starcrawler

Fat Possum Records – Yak, Fat White Family, YUCK

Clue Records – Avalanche Party, Forever Cult

2018-07-28 18_44_08.972

Roadkill Records – Projector, The Sly Persuaders, Weird Sex

Roadkill Records are run by Josh Cooper, and put on some of the best live events. Very scatty and fuzzy in nature, the nights are purely DIY, with an abrasive fun feel to them. There’s a focus on grunge and psych surf rock with the artists signed up to Roadkill, and live nights and weekender events are put on in London regularly

24/8/2018 – Muertos / Déjà Vega / Never Never Man / Something Leather @ The Shacklewell Arms, Dalston

10/11/2018 – Projector @ Moth Club, Hackney

Transgressive – Blaenavon, Pulled Apart By Horses

2018-07-28 18_44_09.884



In partnership with the Nick Alexander Memorial Trust; False Heads announce new merchandise line

Unveiling a brand new logo, False Heads have released a new range of merch to tie in with festival season, their upcoming tour, and release of the Less Is Better EP. The band have worked with the Nick Alexander Memorial Trust in the past, and £3 from every sale made from the new line of merch will be donated to the foundation.

Set up by Zoe Alexander, the Trust is a memorial foundation for her brother Nick, who lost his life in the callous and tragic terror attack at the Bataclan in 2015. He was working for Eagles Of Death Metal at the time, and died aged just 35. I’ve met Zoe before, and what I respect the most about her is her upmost strength and courage in the face of adversity; the memorial trust works in Nick’s honour, with donations raised being used to fund charities and grassroots community groups across the UK, providing them with grants for instruments and equipment. Last November, the charity ran A Peaceful Noise where Band Of Skulls and Josh Homme played, the gig opening with a set from False Heads and ending with a Libertines DJ set. Over £14,500 was raised for the Trust, and it’s heartwarming to see the band continue their support for Zoe’s work.

“Throughout the career that he loved, Nick saw people of all ages and backgrounds, all over the world, brought together through a love of music. The Nick Alexander Memorial Trust aims to continue to use music to contribute positively to people’s lives.”

The new range of shirts can be purchased at (pre-order)

Aaaand another bonus is this; upon pre-ordering, your name will be put into a prize draw where you can win half of Luke’s guitar, hand signed by the band (half of it being the neck as he smashed the body on stage at Isle of Wight festival last summer)

I would strongly encourage you to take a look at Zoe’s work as well as buying one (or two, or three) of the shirts. Please visit the website here


25 Upcoming DIY Bands to Know

In terms of new music, it’s easy for one to get stuck in a rut of repeating the same bands on a loop, getting sucked into a vacuum of bland, same old music with no real grit or bite. Indie Underground has always focused on promoting the best of new new NEW music, with a core focus on the grittiest, roughest DIY bands who are new to the scene and creating their own unique sound. There’s a plethora of intensely good new talent at the moment, and the scene underneath the underground is thriving with raw new music.

Here’s 50 hot new bands you need to get on your radar now. Go dig


Enigmatic raw grunge is a force and a half in Brainglue’s music. There’s a sense of perplexing broodiness to their sound, with scarring vocals and reverb, distorted effects used to amplify their authentic feel of garage muck

Top track: Hyperventilate


Visceral and scathing, PROJECTOR blend grunge with stabbing pop menace, lyrically and riff wise an ode to post shoegaze punk. Their sound packs an authentically 90s sound (think Pixies meet Hole), yet the grunge rawness blends in with revitalised rock’n’roll, producing an air of meticulous complexity

Top track: Break Your Own Heart



With a rough FIDLAR-esque sound, FREAKOUTS are an angry, vibrantly impassioned punk band with an insatiable sense of outlandish chaos rippled through their music. Aggressively riotous and disordered, the heavy pounding riffs set a solid gritty foundation for the band’s sound

Top track: Panic Room

4) Stray Scene

Intertwining a sultry Britpop sound with groovy 60s-esque rock’n’roll, Stray Scene have a dynamic energy which is bold and refined, trippy riffs and thudding guitar solos a key element to their music. Their sound is akin to old school retro rock music, with an authentic air of nostalgia rippled in their boldly impassioned music

Top track: You’ve Got The Clap


A whirlwind of punk vivacity, SCRUBS have an old school DIY feel of gritty garage rock, scratchy home recorded demos and an abrasively confident lack of respect for the mainstream enhancing this. As a band, they’re still new enough to have a fun, experimental sound which is unrefined and scathing

6) FloodHounds

A DIY assault of brash riffs and a nastily menacing guitar, this three piece messily blend garage rock with bluesy indie rock, a fast paced bite of dark grungy energy layered over their sound. They have a thunderous sound, one which is a uniquely eclectic fusion of genres

Top track: Wide Awake

7) Dirty Laces

Thriving and raucous, Dirty Laces have a vibrant rowdiness to them, powerful Mancunian rock’n’roll with a dirty garage edge embedded within. The thudding nature to their music is ferocious, mosh pit worthy hectic riffs fundamentally part of their sound

Top track: Get Out


A North London quintet pushed by Charlie from Thee MVPs, BAD LUNGS sound like Table Scraps , The Buzzcocks and The Slumdogs all in one messy, alien like musical body. Head-banging thrashing electricity is generated in their music, distorted vocals and trippy riffs creating the spark needed to create the hectic explosion the band seem to conjure with ease

Top track: The DT’s

Bad Lungs


9) Haze

Bands like YOWL and The Starlight Magic Hour are part of an immensely exciting and intriguing new sound, one of carelessly speaking, almost spitting lyrics over heavy riffs and pounding guitar lines. Hooking and sonically gripping, Haze’s sound is full of controlled dynamism, their lyricism just as quirky and interesting as their sound is bold and entrancing. Far from contemporary, Haze exist in their own little bubble of brutally abrasive post punk, tortured shoegaze

Top track: Piochitas 

10) Phobophobes

A sharp, intimidating carousel of witty raw rock, Phobophobes are a kaleidoscope of apocalyptic post punk, their sound authentically punk with a fuzzy, fresh charisma drowned in it. The use of dark and hauntingly brooding vocals contrasts the sharpness of the grating yet soothing guitar riffs, an integral aggression and pain taking over every inch of your soul; deafening and brutal in nature, this impact is one bands rarely make, a long lasting impact inevitable

Top track: Naked Rambler

Phobaphobes by Steve Gullick

11) Lady Bird

A Wonk Unit-esque, early Slaves sound obvious (early Slaves as in pre-Sugar Coated Bitter Truth, i.e. How’s Amelia?), Lady Bird are forcing a spotlight, dimmed as it may be, onto raw, classically British DIY. Signed to a DIY label and writing about pubs and hanging, there’s an instant youthful connection the band are making with people, their funky bass lines and shouty vocals something that could have jumped out of a punk club in 1970s London

Top track: Spoons

12) Blue Bendy

Tenderly vehement, Blue Bendy have a controlled ferocity to them, their music emitting a violent anger in a harrowing, raw tone. The construction of their tracks is so well thought out, composition being what gives their sound that air of delicate fragility, sharply angry and an ode to pure, genuine punk. Think a trippy mix of Hotel Lux, Black Midi and Sistertalk, with an overwhelmingly immersive quality

Top track: Common Joy

13) Riches

Vivaciously blending gory guitar rock with soothing drumming to produce hazy punk psychedelia, Riches get in your head with ease, spinning and twisting their sound to entice you as the listener. The vocals go from trippy and psychedelically soft to harrowingly scarring and grating, punk goriness embedded in their sound. More so than just being a band, Riches emit something completely unique; to me, they are more so an experience

Top track: Late To The Party


14) Dead Coast

Inducing bluesy psychosis with a weirdly intricate indie rock edge, Dead Coast have an Avalanche Party/ Thee MVPs sound to them. More thudding and constructed than some of the other bands on this list, Dead Coast’s music is very brooding and intense, a raw dash of psychedelia sieved into the already hefty mix of bluesy shoegaze rock riffs

Top track: Liar Song

15) Lumer

A harrowing feel of frustration and angst rippled through their music, Lumer use keyboard synthetics with gritty, gripping guitar riffs to build up this frustrated feel, transforming an energy and attitude into a gratingly powerful sound. It grates away at you, the guitar riffs scathing and distorted which act as the perfect base for the shouting, powerful vocals

Top track: Blood On The Street

16) Luxury Apartments 

Mercilessly brooding and full of compelling narcissism, Luxury Apartments have a secluded rawness to their sound, one which is untamed and impassioned. There’s a feel of manic boldness to their music, one of messy, kaleidoscopic vivacity. Building on word of mouth hype and a stunning live reputation, this band are one to keep a close eye on gig wise

17) Cannibal Animal

A wildly thrilling sound immerses you with Cannibal Animal’s thudding, Tarantino-esque sound. The bass lines set raw foundations for their tracks, distorted guitar riffs shaking through the music. There’s a manic air of violence ingrained in the post punk sound the band elude, lightning bolt riffs electrifying their music

Top track: Simply Sinking

Cannibal Animal
Cannibal Animal

18) MOLD

Abstract and vaguely disturbing, MOLD sound like a shrieking mix of Nirvana, The Starlight Magic Hour and HMLTD, stunningly vibrant guitar riffs used to entice their audiences. It’s brooding and melancholy, setting a tone of misery which those sharp guitar notes and riffs slice through menacingly. The shouting nature of the brutal vocals have a tenacious intimidation to them, something bold and brutal to their sound

Top track: The Puppet Master

19) Sorry

Having featured on here back in 2016 under their old name FISH, Sorry have had a stunning re brand in terms of sound. Grungier and more harrowing, yet also coldly soft at the same time, they have an immersive quality of eclectic indie, something mildly shoegaze to their sound. Their light harmonies are brooding and afflicted, something wonderfully 90s sounding to the band

Top tracks: Drag King & Stunner

Sorry, by Neil Anderson

20) Mōnk

Fusing alternative rock with gritty DIY punk, Mōnk play in a dark, vibrant jazz style, a cocktail of heavy riffs, softly raw bass lines, and dark vocals. There’s a dirty nasty sharpness to the band, the vocals reminiscent of bands like shame and Dead Pretties. The sombre eerie quality they invoke is what makes their sound so powerful and evocative, their music like a calming, distorted sedative

21) Gaygirl

Fusing messy post punk with hazy shoegaze psychedelia, Gaygirl epitomise brilliantly the concept of ‘guitar rock.’ The looped rolling riffs are amplified by the gory ballsy bass, further amped up by the carelessly raw vocals. Their sound is dark and full of punk undertones, whilst at the same time retaining a trippy pop element

Top track: Paralydise

Gaygirl, by Graham Austin

22) Mystic Peach

Their sound emblazoned with eerie romanticism, shoegaze indie, and hazy psychedelia, Mystic Peach have a raw Palm Honey-esque sound to them. Their tracks are like a day dreamy haven of surf indie and melodic indie pop, something they create meticulously well; yet this sound is firmly doused in a concoction of punk psychedelia which gives them an ample grit

Top track: I’ve Got Nothing To Say

23) The Garden Party

Rap-rock is a genre which the DIY UK scene has dipped in and out of over the last year, and The Garden Party are a band full of heavy electric vivacity, bringing a newly spirited vitality to the genre. With an almost grime sound subtly infusing their music, rapper Kenan’s lyrics add an element of relatability to their music, a raw honesty rippled into the heaviness and aggression of their sound

Top track: What We Gonna Do About This?

The Garden Party
The Garden Party, by Sahera Walker

24) Bad Girlfriend

Grungy and scatty, Bad Girlfriend have a screwy punk edge, very messy and dirty in essence. It’s brain explosive, mosh pit inducing powerful rock music, with a sound integrally heavy and borderline grungy. Reminiscent of bands like God Damn and Led Zeppelin (the latter in terms of riffs), Bad Girlfriend epitomise the heaviness and darkness of rough punk music brilliantly

Top track: The Royals

25) Ulysses Wells

What is so enticing and intriguing about Ulysses Wells is the purity of their DIY nature, with the band playing gigs on boats and in derelict pubs, bringing a dirty old school nostalgia to their pure punk gigs. Their sound is experimental which is in turn exciting, their tracks very much formulated around the gripping bass lines and sharp snappy riffs. The use of vocal distortions and twisted mic effects makes listening to the band a vividly vivacious experience

Top track: What It Takes


The Scruff launch new fan competition in honour of single ‘Her’

The Scruff Neil McCarty
The Scruff, by Neil McCarty

One of the most stunningly sentimental and emotionally evocative releases of last year was Her from The Scruff, a touching and poignant track written about, quite simply, your mum. Honest and raw, the track is very different from the usual rowdy raucousness the band tend to encompass in their music; there’s a rippled delicate fragility to it, and the lyrical openness and relatable nature made it a stand out track from the off.

Discussing the single, Adam explained I mean you can write songs all day about doing drugs and how fucking rock’n’roll you are like heavy nights out etc, but every now and then it’s nice to do something about like being nice to people,’ Omar adding ‘It was written shortly after I lost my Mum at the beginning of last year, and it’s quite fucking hard hitting to be honest, it’s not really like anything we’ve done before’

In honour of the nature of the single, The Scruff have launched a competition for their fans this Mother’s Day, where you could win the opportunity for the band to come to your living room and perform an acoustic version of Her for you and your mum, now how lovely is that? All you need to do to win this is like and share the Facebook post attached below, and tag a friend in the comments

Follow The Scruff here

Bands to Watch in 2018

2017, you’ve been killer. An insanely good year for unearthing new talent, the array of new bands on the scene has been astonishing. From bluesy post grunge music to raw gritty punk, the underground rock’n’roll scene is thriving and alive, full to the brim with raw new talent. Some bands I’ve been blown away by this  year are brand new discoveries, such as SHEAFS and White Room; others are bands I fell in love with last year who have used the past 12 months to consolidate and reaffirm their impeccable skill, False Heads and Calva Louise being perfect examples of this.

Here are Indie Underground’s Bands to Watch in 2018

White Room

A nod to retro 60s music with a groovy elegance, White Room are injecting a spirited vitality into old rock’n’roll with their fresh and vibrant burst of energy. Their sound is wonderfully 60s, with a heavy Sgt. Pepper’s tone running throughout. Infused with a neo-psychedelic 90s rock sound, the band bring a shoegaze post psychedelic aura to their music, using soft sitar-esque guitar riffs and a thudding tambourine to infuse their sound with rich authenticity.

White Room Annie Warner
White Room, by Annie Warner


Wonderfully fun and energetic on stage, Anteros are a fiery band full of artistic glamour and a fashionable elegance both live and on record. Laura’s voice is powerful and deep, but also soft and delicate when it needs to be, bringing together indie rock with a warm, mellow pop aura. The band blur the boundaries between indie and pop, their careless arrogance and elegance allowing them to pull off such an interesting fusion of genres. Artistically and fashionably, the band capture an aesthetically vivid elegance which makes for a raw hypnotic feel unique to an Anteros gig.

Anteros Phoebe Fox
Anteros, by Phoebe Fox


Full of harrowing power and a richly vivid darkness (both lyrically and through their deafening riffs), Yonaka have used the past 12 months to prove themselves as one of the UK’s best live bands. Theresa’s voice brims with an aptitude for power, and her vocal naturally flows from sensually soft, light whispers to richly intense bursts of power, gliding with ease over the ear-splittingly heavy riffs. Lyrically evocative, the poetic cynicism embedded in Yonaka’s tracks make for truly spectacular pieces of music.

Yonaka Mollie Yates.JPG
Yonaka, by Mollie Yates


Hotel Lux

Brooding, moody and carelessly arrogant, Hotel Lux are a dark five piece sticking to raw underground DIY roots, which are slowly making them the faces of London’s post punk subculture. Their sound has a deranged mysticism to it, very unique and intensely curated, which is immense live to say the least. As a five piece, they use grungy bass lines and raw riffs to build up a punk aura, but also entwining synth keyboard sounds into their music to blur the raw post punk sound with an 80s/90s feel.

Hotel Lux Rhi Harper.JPG
Hotel Lux, by Rhi Harper


Inspiring a feel of vivacious grungy punk, LIFE are an abrasively messy in your face punk four piece hailing from the streets of Hull. Their music is gritty, thrashing punk which makes no attempt to hide the hectic wild thrill which LIFE encapsulate so well. Lyrically, they refuse to shy away from a politically crass stance, and make direct digs at the USA on its gun laws & race laws in Euromillions. The stance they take is a refreshing and invigorating one, giving British punk a kick up the arse.

LIFE Lindsay Melbourne
LIFE, by Lindsay Melbourne


One of London’s most intriguing and captivating live bands, 485C capture the essence of neo shoegaze indie rock perfectly. A stunning five piece, they are a guitar rock band, playing elegantly delicate riffs perfectly in sync to build up a very refined, articulately contained sound. Adam’s voice has the brooding grit and rawness of a post-punk poet, and his controlled screams over the sharp guitar are musically audacious. This indie psych-rock vibe 485C have going on is delicately old school, with their unique sound and set up refreshingly modern, a thought provoking contrast.

485C Sahera Walker
485C, by Sahera Walker


They’re viewed by many as the faces of London’s rock’n’roll scene, bringing classic indie rock to the forefront with their immense guitar rock sound; and after seeing them live it’s hard to see why anyone would disagree with this reputation. Their sound is richly infused with sharp riffs and tight as hell vocals, with Luke’s rough gritty lead vocal backed up stunningly by the soft harmonies from bassist Perry. Guitarist Mike plays riffs to a delicate perfection, with a really natural sense to the way he plays, enhancing the feel of honesty to their sound. It’s class rock’n’roll, with a beautiful feel of rich romanticism to Luke’s vocals and lyrics.

Paves Annie Warner
Paves, by Annie Warner

Calva Louise

An immense force from the bubbling scene which is London’s underground punk scene, Calva Louise are revitalising what punk can sound like, giving it a lick of pop with immaculate riffs and lyrics. Jess is an incredible frontwoman; as lead guitarist, her riffs and the natural way she plays guitar is mind-blowing, her approach to playing the guitar on stage coming of as it being second nature to her. Her sharp screams and screeches can instantly change to soft whispers and a pop-esque delivery, backed up beautifully by sharp drumming and a raw, tight bass guitar which is hooking and gripping, hence why they go down a riot live.

Calva Louise, by Alan Wells

The Velvet Hands

60s rock’n’roll was revolutionary, an integral era for what rock music of today is, so modern day bands who encompass that authentic 60s sound are always an exciting band on the circuit. The Velvet Hands merge 60s and 70s elements, creating a really vibrant, fun sound. There’s a certain confidence to them, their overall sound and look definitively similar to The Rolling Stones, or Squeeze. It would be obtuse though to compare them directly to these bands, as the four piece have a really fresh youthful vibrancy which makes them exciting and modern, rather than cliché or seemingly stuck in another era. Their sound is brilliant too, very fun and groovy which is an absolute belter live on stage.

The Velvet Hands Caffy St Luce
The Velvet Hands, by Caffy St Luce

False Heads

The best live band around now, no doubt of that, False Heads are an insanely riotous raucous three piece heading up a revolution in what DIY post punk guitar rock really is. Luke’s snarly spitting vocals are harsh and raw, and his riffs are insane, particularly the solo riffs in Retina and Slew. The thrashing aggression from Jake’s bass guitar and Barney’s drumming sets the tone for a rough, gritty punk edge, and all their tracks are packed with this abrasive grit. Lyrically punchy and focused on nuances, Luke Griffiths is genius in his lyricism. Witnessing the three piece live is always an experience and a half, and if you crave a dose of real punk then look no further than East London’s finest.

False Heads Sahera Walker
False Heads, by Sahera Walker

Strange Bones

Messy, rowdy, ferocious. Strange Bones encompass so much in their music, both on and off stage, and are one of the best bands to see live. Mosh pits and crowd surfing are natural at a Strange Bones gig, their rowdy punk sound and the rigidity of their music always making them a mind-blowing band to see live. Their riffs are deranged and manic, and the political lyricism and sharp vocals from Bobby amplify this punk boldness even more so. There’s an insatiable chaotic sense of madness to their sets, fuelled by the purest taste of punk aggression and angst, which is authentic and real. Only Strange Bones could pull off rat masks, balaclavas, and band merch emblazoned with the slogan ‘Theresa is a Terrorist.’

Strange Bones Mollie Yates one
Strange Bones, by Mollie Yates


One of the coolest bands around right now, four piece BREED are building up an untouchable reputation for themselves, with rowdy crowds and killer riffs integral to their live sets. It’s indie rock/ post punk, bringing raucous riffs to the face of their music, tracks like Gimme More and Get With It having an anthemic feel to them. Jake’s voice is particularly standout, as it’s packed to the brim with grit and gravel, his voice tearing ever so slightly as he pushes it which makes for an intense post punk vibe. The guitar riffs are looped and repeated, which builds up a thrashing rock’n’roll sound, which would help explain why they’re such an exciting, popular live band in London at the moment.

Max BREED Eleanor Freeman 2
BREED, by Eleanor Freeman

The Blinders

Dark, brooding and controversial to a degree, The Blinders are brash and crassly uncaring which gives them an immense sense of intrigue. Johnny Dream & His Codeine Scene are the alter ego band, otherwise known as Tom, Charlie and Matty. The stunning, filthy lyricism is hauntingly vibrant, tracks like Ramona Flowers being cuttingly sensual, with tracks like ICB Blues nodding a head to more socially and politically aware controversy. They’re riotous and uncaring in nature, and are complex in sound, bringing a post psychedelic/ punk sound to their stages (psychedelic in essence and performance rather than sound), theatrical immensity rippled into their gigs. From Tom’s smudged black eyeliner covering half his face, to the controversial messages smeared across his chest (such as Fuckin’ Vote Labour! and Fuck The NME), The Blinders are a theatrical riot on stage, dramatic, raw, and intense as hell.

The Blinders Alan Wells two
The Blinders, by Alan Wells


Imagine a blistering combination of dirty riffs, garage-esque lyrics, and a dark and deep vocal delivery, fuelled by a gritty brutality howling through the music; that’s Peckham based five piece YOWL for you. Their sound is a bitter, miserably pure London one, their music capturing the harrowing essence of the city. Alike to bands like Dead Pretties or LIFE, the discontent and pain that comes through in YOWL’s music is gripping, with a raw relatability. Something snarling and almost sad behind their music gives their tracks an element of emotional resonance, YOWL gripping their listeners in a way only musicians completely honest and open (vulnerable, in a sense, through their lyricism at least) could be able to.  ­­

YOWL Lindsay Melbourne
YOWL, by Lindsay Melbourne


Authentically British in sound, LICE have that dirty pure punk sound, with nasty riffs and snarling bass lines tearing through their tracks. Built on foundations of hectic abrasive riffs and unusual, unorthodox beats and grooves, LICE have an artsy aura to them, very unconventional and avant-garde and subsequently thrilling. Their sound is riddled with satire and a dark gritty garage edge, and LICE sound like they’ve stepped out of a post punk subculture which is slowly starting to take over the UK, city by city. The thrilling rawness of the guitar, played alongside the casual vocals which come across as careless and moody, give the band something so incredibly special. I’ve extremely excited by this underground upcoming subculture made up of bands like Hotel Lux, YOWL, HMLTD, shame, LIFE, The Moonlandingz, Goat Girl, and LICE…maybe the most exciting scene going on right now.

LICE Simon Holliday
LICE, by Simon Holliday

The Slumdogs

A disordered four piece whose sound brims with outlandish punk vitality, The Slumdogs are a snarling force of chaos and immensity hailing from Blackpool/ Leeds. The faces of the dark grungy punk scene bursting with new talent, The Slumdogs’ sound is a chaotic mess of riotous, distorted punk. The thrashing aggression and insatiable energy in recent single Nightmare is immense, the track and video alike a homage to the roots of DIY punk.

The Slumdogs
The Slumdogs


Sheffield’s finest band at the moment, SHEAFS are a vividly vibrant indie rock band with a punchy post new wave bite to their music. Beautifully astute and elegant live, the band have a Shimmer Band/ White Room feel, and there’s an integrally raw feel good beat to their music. Their classic guitar rock sound is inherently infused with gritty vocals and sharp riffs which draws a similarity to post Britpop music, akin to the early 2000s indie rock/ post punk scene. Live, SHEAFS have an impeccable presence too, always going down a riot with their audiences at small and large venues alike.

SHEAFS Lewis Evans
SHEAFS, by Lewis Evans

The Wholls

A cocktail of deep riffs, gritty tough vocals and a dirty sense of mysticism rippled through their lyrics, The Wholls are an immense four piece with an insatiable appetite for edgy lyricism and hooking, gripping riffs. Each track by The Wholls is special and unique in its own little way, all of their music though being built on the same foundations which are tough and gravely vocals, fuelled by heavy guitar and pounding, thudding rich loops and riffs from the drums and guitar, both lead and bass. Arturo’s voice has the glass shard quality; it’s sharp and cutting, refined on the edges but scratchy and grating when he pushes it. A stunning live band, the abrasive approach to The Wholls and carelessly reckless attitude they possess turns their music from sharply written delicate rock tracks to blistering, blazingly hot guitar rock anthems.

The Wholls, by Sahera Walker

Naked Six

Thinking back to the roots of punk, the really genuine roots of honest 70s punk music, politics jumps out at you straight away. Politically crass and uncaring bands have always fuelled punk music, and Naked Six are a band hanging around the DIY scene right now, pushing their angst and infuriation into their music. A two piece from York, think fat riffs and scratchy vocals which transmit a feel of pain and anger, frustration almost. There’s a militant feel to the duo, the hectic chaos to their sound being gripping and meticulously put across on stage.

Naked Six

Avalanche Party

A frenzied mess of theatrically dramatic chaos, Avalanche Party are a harrowingly brooding, beautiful mess of a band. Their uncaring nature comes through in their abrupt and unorthodox style, a darkly intimidating yet at the same time intriguingly inviting aura being produced. There’s a feel of brooding intimidation, with lead vocalist Jordan almost coming across as possessed, and the frantic post punk nature to Avalanche Party intertwines with their brooding garage rock sound, a lethal combination which they pull off with a natural flair and ease.

Avalanche Party Annie Warner
Avalanche Party, by Annie Warner

Dirty Orange

A boozy sound infused with a dark post grunge rawness, Dirty Orange inject a fresh vitality into classic rock’n’roll, using rich bass lines and gritty sensually projected lyricism to capture and entice their audiences. It’s a raw and sexy sound, with a deeply pure element of Americanised nostalgia to it. Debut EP XXX is intensely impassioned, packed with filthy riffs and a raw spitting vocal throughout. The three piece are delicate and meticulous in their sound too, blending a variety of sub-genres and influences together to generate a uniquely idiosyncratic aura.

dirty orange
Dirty Orange

Thee MVPs

Fuelled by thudding bass lines and a vivacious beat, Thee MVPs have a cutting edge sense of pop grit to their music, with a vividly immense rock sound. Tracks like Funeral pack a nasty raucous punch, a deep groovy aura to their sound. An astonishing live set up too, the band throw out a refined cocktail of indie rock, grunge, and pop, which is hell raising and stunning to listen to.

Thee MVPs Lindsay Melbourne
Thee MVPs, by Lindsay Melbourne

The Scruff

A spirited four piece from Bedford who have a gritty edge rippled through their music, The Scruff have been one of 2017’s most exciting band. Developing from a band who were well known and popular but on a local level, The Scruff have developed hugely over the course of the year, gaining immense recognition from rock’s biggest names, such as BBC Radio One, This Feeling, and Radio X to name but a few. Their humour and cheek is infectious, their spirit and personality firmly embedded in their music. Their tracks can go from being raucous anthemic rock’n’roll tracks, to more subtle, stunningly emotive pieces of music, most notably Her which features emotional and harrowing lyricism.

The Scruff, by Sahera Walker

Safe to say 2017 has been incredible, promising a lot for the new year. Thanks to the love and support for new music bubbling in the underground scene, new music seems to be thriving more than ever before. The work promoters like This Feeling, Pink Rabbit Events and Double Denim do is amazing, backed up by an emerging scene of writers, photographers and bloggers, like Sophie Arnold, Arianne Jessop, The Zine UK, Northern Exposure and more. Photographers in 2017 have fuelled the music scene immensely too, big shout out to Alan Wells, Mollie Yates, Lindsay Melbourne, Annie Warner, Luke Jones and Lewis Evans for their spectacular work.

2018, get ready

Some Might Say is a DIY zine for upcoming post punk, indie rock and grunge bands; Issue Two is a ‘Bands to Watch in 2018’ special, featuring the majority of bands on this list plus more. With exclusive features and photos, you can grab a print copy now for just £4. Buy here

Check out Indie Underground’s Big in 2018 playlist here



Celebrating Ten Years of Juicebox Live: my gig highlights with Juicebox

So I am extremely lucky to have The Horn as my local venue; the home to some of the most insane bands I’ve seen, giving new bands and upcoming talent a platform to play

The Wholls playing Wilkestock festival for Juicebox 

on long before anyone else, The Horn has a stunning reputation for unearthing new talent before most people have got their heads round the last wave of artists introduced by the venue. Working with Juicebox Live, the venue has put on some incredible gigs, and I’ve been a regular at Juicebox gigs since last September, having first done a gig there in 2015. This week celebrated a very special landmark in Juicebox’s history; 10 years since Luke Hinton started up the promotion company. In these ten years, bands like Slaves, Sundara Karma, VANT, The Magic Gang and Yonaka have played the venue…some big names to say the very least. But what I love the most is the finesse Juicebox have in giving tiny upcoming DIY bands a stage to play on.

Last night was the Juicebox Live 10th birthday party, with five acts taking to The Horn to play all night long. Rather than doing a standard gig review, I wanted to do a piece exploring the top bands I’ve seen at The Horn, and the top live acts I’ve discovered thanks to Luke and the Juicebox team.

The Wholls playing for Juicebox at Wilkestock festival

Concrete Caverns

A rowdy four piece band, I first saw Concrete Caverns playing Independent Venue Week in January. Since then, the band have become far more gritty and raw with their bold

3/4 of Concrete Caverns at Wilkestock

riffs and politicised lyrics, epitomising the attitude and pure essence of punk music perfectly. Joe’s vocal is incredibly gritty and gravely, which is just what I like in indie rock/ post punk music. Always a hectic force on stage, the band’s sets are always packed with loud blaring riffs from Zach and Joe, tied together brilliantly by the finessed meticulous riffs from Liam. Last night I got to see the band play again, and the riffs and loops from drummer Adam were amazing too, packed with energy and power. Never shying away from a politicised message either, the band are proudly left wing with their powerful lyrics. They released debut single Unforgivable a couple days ago, and it’s a riotous political track with raw riffs and killer vocals giving it that post punk bite.

Concrete Caverns

Strange Bones

Strange Bones… so much to say about this band. Aggressive raucous punk, with a pure

sb mollie
Strange Bones, shot by Mollie Yates

70s bite. Their music is full of so much power and intensity, heavy riffs and thrashing screaming vocals from Bobby giving them an authentic punk edge. Tracks like Snakepit and Spitfire always get insane reactions from the crowd, with mosh pits, crowd surfing, and inevitable beer chucking and falling over just a natural part of their gigs. I’ve seen the band seven times now since January (where they played IVW at The Horn), and two of these times have been at The Horn. They always deliver an insane set, with thrashing drumming and rich heavy basslines from Will matching the screaming riffs from Jack and Bobby perfectly. What I love about Strange Bones too is the powerful lyricism embedded in their music; Big Sister Is Watching is a vivid political dig at the right wing media, a ‘toxic press’ as Bobby described it to me. The message behind their lyrics is fuelled with anger and aggression, creating an intimidating and moody aura. The band don’t shy away from controversy or in your face punk vivacity either, Bobby often chucking a balaclava over his face and referring to the Tories and The Sun as ‘scum.’


An artsy group full of spirited ambience, 485C embody beautifully the meaning of shoe gaze indie rock, bringing back an old school 80s sound with modern twists and unique

485C live

riffs rippled through. It’s indie with a psych-rock twist, very unique and cleverly written. Adam’s voice is beautiful too; it has a certain grit to it, an underlying element of rawness, but with this gorgeous quality of power and fullness to it, especially on tracks like She’ll Lie and Manic Filters. I love the unorthodox Avant-garde nature to the band, and the meticulous rawness of the riffs makes their sound even more intense. A five piece, Adam sometimes picks up guitar, meaning there are always 3/4 guitars playing at the same time. Rather than this being loud and heavy though, Dom and Rory almost intertwine their guitar riffs so they’re each playing something more delicate and finessed. Sam is a wonderful bassist too, and I love the way him and Dom play together (often standing next to one another on stage). What makes 485C so unique is the abrasive attitude and confidence to them, incredibly mesmerising to watch. Adam is a wonderful frontman too, embodying the carelessness and class of iconic front-men such as Morrissey or Ian Curtis. This neo-psych flow of indie rock mystery and romanticism makes 485C an absolute pleasure to see live; of the 4 times I’ve seen them, 3 have been thanks to Juicebox Live.


J.W. Paris

I’ve been lucky enough to see J.W. Paris live three times now, each time at The Horn. Playing with bands like The Amazons and Yonaka, the three piece are always a stand out act for me and I love them to pieces. A raw gritty rock band, J.W. Paris are made up of Aaron, Josh and Dan. Aaron and Dan take turns on lead and back up vocals, taking it in turns on each track and harmonising beautifully throughout their sets. Aaron’s voice is packed with this dark grit, a gravely undertone matching the breezy rawness of Dan’s voice perfectly. Dan on lead guitar and Aaron on bass is a lethal combination too, and tracks like BerlinWanted More, and Darker Side of Paradise have brilliantly polished tight riffs layered over Josh’s impassioned aggressive drumming. Josh is a fantastic drummer, his little loops and drum rolls just as refined and delicate as they are powerful and raw. There’s a seductive blues infused grunge edge to their music too, and they always tear the stage to pieces when they play. Slowly growing in popularity, not just around the local area but in London too, you can catch the band at Nambucca in a couple of weeks for the Some Might Say launch party. Buy tickets here.

jw paris two
J.W. Paris


image2 (1)
Backstage at Wilkestock festival

One of the best live discoveries I’ve made this year, BlackWaters played at The Horn in January for IVW on their co-headline tour with Strange Bones, and I was blown away by their set. A young band, they have this youthful rowdiness to their sets, an exciting indie punk edge giving them a very FIDLAR/ Shame/ Arctic Monkeys edge. Max’s vocal is gritty

bw mollie
BlackWaters, by Mollie Yates

and rough and raw, with a really careless punk edge to it which I love. David is a wonderful guitarist too, backed up perfectly by the raucousness of Ollie on bass and James on drums. What makes BlackWaters so special live is their energy and no-shit approach. Tracks like Help MeSo Far Out, and Let The Good Times Roll always go down a storm, fuelled by the vigorous bite and energetic grit they have. Having toured with bands like Strange Bones, Carl Barât & The Jackals, and Marmozets this year alone, there’s something veryyy special going on with these lads. The group feature as the cover band for Issue One of Some Might Say, which you can buy here. BIG up.

October Drift

Of the three times I’ve been lucky enough to see October Drift, each one has been thanks to Juicebox. One of the most insane bands I’ve ever seen live, there’s this manic deranged intensity to the four piece, their sets full of hectic aggression and abrasiveness. Kiran’s

Chris and Kiran backstage at Wilkestock festival

voice is calming and soft, gliding perfectly over the amped up distorted guitar riffs; the way they all play is mesmerising on stage, with this air of being in a whole other world on stage. There’s a feel of darkness and boldness to them, completely uncaring and unaware of anything other than the music. Tracks like Cherry Red and Losing My Touch are phenomenal, the guitar simply being out of this world. To create such a blurry distorted mess with this underlying feel of delicacy really demonstrates the immense skill and talent to the band. The band are wonderful on record, but the spirit and unique rawness to October Drift comes across perfectly in its most pure form when the band play live. Their sets are manic and frenzied with a sense of unhinged immensity, and every single October Drift gig I’ve been to has been a stunning experience, it being an absolute honour to witness these four lads play.

October Drift

Supporting your local scene is so important, I can’t stress how crucial it is. Keeping the scene alive and thriving starts with going to see local bands at your small grassroots venues, and I’m beyond lucky that The Horn is my local. For full listings and future gigs at the venue, head to their website here. Happy 10th birthday Juicebox!

Here’s some more snaps I’ve taken of bands playing Juicebox gigs (at The Horn and Wilkestock festival)

Echo Infirmary
October Drift
Tilt Back
The Scruff
The Scruff
The Wholls
The Wholls
The Wholls

Top 5 Live Discoveries of 2017 (so far…)

2017, you’ve been killer so far. A year in which I have discovered so many insane new bands, I wanted to a do a feature on the best 5 live bands I’ve discovered, as live music is where it’s at. Some of these bands I had heard of before the start of the year but not yet seen live, others are beautiful majestic discoveries I’ve made on random nights out. Big up all the bands involved, and please go check them out live when you can (trust me, you’ll wanna). Head to my playlist at the end to check out some of my favourite tracks; all beautiful pieces of art, the music floating around right now is absolute quality, so go check ’em out.

Avalanche Party

A lucky discovery I made at Reading on the Jack Rocks/ This Feeling Stage, Avalanche Party are insane. They create this harrowingly brooding explosion of post punk filth, with this hectic riotous feel on stage. As a five piece, their sound is nothing short of intense. There’s a feel of brooding intimidation, with lead vocalist Jordan almost coming across as possessed. Tracks like I’m So Wet and Solid Gold are insane pieces of music, with these raw thrashing build ups which tore that stage at Reading to pieces. It’s refined post punk music, with a bitter twisted edge giving Avalanche Party something raw and riotous and filthy. This nasty raucousness has a mosh pit feel, and their live aura is breathtaking, intimidating, and enticing all in one. Using keys, a bass and two guitars builds up a sense of dark thrashing rock music, which packs a forceful bite of power live. Garage dark rock’n’roll with a post punk bite is how I’d describe Avalanche Party, a lethal combination which is deadly live.

avalanche party aw
Avalanche Party, by Alan Wells

Dirty Orange

Dirty Orange, the name first of all is sick. “We’re dirty (George and Connor) and he’s orange (Scott).. And it sounds fucking cool as” the band told me in a recent interview. I heard of the band a while back and fell in love with the dark grit and post punk grunge bite their music had. I love the heaviness and richness of the bass guitar, and Dirty Orange make the most of the instrument, playing riffs on the bass and amplifying it up and up to give their tracks really solid strong foundations. Tracks like Too Much and Julie You Ain’t No Clara have fast become favourites of mine, with the raw distorted vocals complimenting the gritty distortion of the guitar perfectly. I recently caught the band live at Nambucca, and what an insane way to start the night they were. The band are ridiculously tight, with this solid meticulous aura of perfection running through their sets, but with enough post punk edge and carelessness to it too to give them that abrasive arrogance on stage.

Naked Six

Back in June I went so see BlackWaters headline The Social in London, Naked Six being a last minute addition to the lineup. I didn’t know what to expect, but fuck they were unbelievable. A three piece at the time (bassist Caleb has since left the band), Naked Six embody the filthiness and rawness of post grunge punk perfectly. Their on stage sound is heavy and vivid, yet tight as hell too. Riff wise they could play riffs for days, understanding the crucial points of rock’n’roll and knowing exactly how to make a post punk track click in that way. What I loved about Naked Six was the filthy sense of purity they had. It was honest, open punk music, with an almost nostalgic old school feel yet something very modern and fresh intertwined too. They ripped that tiny stage at The Social to bits, those heavy pounding riffs echoing throughout the venue. It’s neo-punk rock, with grunge and garage vibes chucked into the mix too, full to the brim with Hendrix/ Zeppelin-esque grit.


Shoegaze, neo-psych indie rock is embodied perfectly by London five piece 485C. The band are one of the most interesting, unique bands out there, one who could have easily stepped out of some underground 90s warehouse or an 80s indie dance bar. The band have a raw nostalgic feel, almost like Joy Division or The Smiths, but have a fresh vibrant edge which they build up through their stunningly polished tracks. Tracks by the band like Manic Filters and In My Cell are magical pieces of art, simply stunning live. The band play three, sometimes four, guitars at the same time, making for a bold powerful on-stage sound. Lead vocalist Adam often stands still too, swaying his hips ever so gently as he screams those vicious vocals into the mic. I love the unorthodox and borderline Avant-garde edge the band have, which transcend insanely well on stage. The tightness of the band is what makes their sound so good; each riff has been written with meticulous skill to balance out the other guitars, as well as to compliment the filthy rawness and gravely punch that is Adam’s voice. I caught the band for the first time at The Horn, and remember just standing there for the entirety of their set completely blown away. Big up the 485C lads.

485C live, by Sahera Walker

Calva Louise

A three piece I’d been aware of for well over a year thanks to Wonk Unit and False Heads’ Luke, I finally caught Calva Louise live at the Windmill Brixton back in April. I knew they’d be good, as their pure punk sound is evident on record, but I didn’t expect them to be that good. What is so special about Calva Louise is how well all the components of the band’s music fit together. Ben is an incredible drummer, some of his riffs and loops are unbelievably good. As a bassist Alizon is lethal, with front woman Jess simply being blinding. Her crazy shredding and riffs are mindblowing, and she manages to play in such a way whilst delivering some of the sickest vocals ever. Her screams and raw screeches build up the punk intensity of the band’s sound perfectly. The raw heaviness of their music is cutting edge, with a blinding dark angst and passion bubbling beneath those killer riffs and vocals. The vicious immensity to Calva Louise is revitalising the idea of punk music, and they provide you with a dose of pure, real punk.

calva louise aw
Calva Louise, by Alan Wells

Notable mentions also to Strange Bones, BlackWaters, J.W. Paris, False Heads, Rosko, Dead Pretties and LIFE

Listen to these bands below (and thank me later x)

25 Upcoming Bands you need to know

Indie Underground was set up by me last year with one sole purpose; to help give some form of publicity to new upcoming rock bands who deserve as much attention and success as they can get. From post punk to indie rock to grunge, the current music scene is absolutely buzzing, and the impact DIY independent music is having on the industry is blinding. With the help from ‘zone lords’ This Feeling in particular, as well as small venues like Nambucca, The Water Rats, Lexington, Windmill Brixton, and The Horn (to name but a few), the current rock scene is unbelievably good, and this list will round up the top 25 bands you need to know. Essentially what inspired me to write this piece was an unbelievably naive and inaccurate statement from The Sherlocks (who champion bland, shitty, landfill indie in their music) about being ‘the pioneers of guitar music when our new album drops.’ The stupidity in this comment is that a) The Sherlocks aren’t that good, let’s be honest, and b) the pioneers of modern day guitar rock are right here already.

Many of these bands are destined to explode sooner or later, so get on them while you can. And the truth is, if you think there aren’t enough good guitar rock bands, you simply aren’t looking hard enough.

Edit: since this post’s publication I’ve become a huge fan of one other incredible band…head down to number 26 to see who they are, and check ’em out in my playlist at the end 

One of the best current bands for guitar music; 485C

1. False Heads

False Heads are the best band right now, fact. They have this heavy, killer presence both live and on record and their backing from Iggy Pop and The Libertines’ Gary is very much deserved. Luke is a legend, and his lyrics and riffs are backed up by the aggressive power of bassist Jake and drummer Barney. Packing a brain explosive punch, False Heads are a killer force, and you’d be mad not to take notice of them.

For fans of: anti-establishment rock, in your face blaring riffs, killer bass-lines

Top tracks: Slew Weigh In

False Heads

2. Paves

Paves are pure class; a raucous rock four piece from London, they are a classic indie rock band with a slightly heavy, rough edge. Their charisma and confidence is blistering, and they have this unapproachable attitude which makes their sound even more bold and exciting. They really are leading this resurgence in DIY guitar rock’n’roll, and really excite me as a new band. Luke’s voice is full of raw indie grit too, just adding to their intense aura.

For fans of: in your face indie rock, blistering guitar riffs, quirky and lively rock’n’roll

Top tracks: BabyTake Me While I’m Here

3. BlackWaters

This four piece are a blistering explosive mess of raucous post punk indie. Their energy and attitude is undeniable, and they’re possibly one of the country’s most promising new bands. Max is a sick vocalist, with really raw rough punk vocals, and David and Oliver on guitar just add to the intense sound the band have, backed up by James’s Libertines-esque drumming. The lyrics are messy and blaring too, and the band always deliver 110% live.

For fans of: gritty post punk, raucous indie rock, wild mosh-pits and hectic live sets

Top tracks: So Far Out Fuck Yeah

blackwaters one


A recently formed band, BREED are a killer four piece from the Essex area. They’re really intense and heavy live, and Jake’s voice and charisma as a frontman is blinding. There’s this immense force the band have, and I was lucky enough to catch them live last month; I really was blown away by the harsh rock grit they have, and the unapproachable aura they have as a band.

For fans of: statement rock music, anthemic post punk, raw and honest rock’n’roll

Top track: Starman

5. The Wholls

A deeply brooding, intense force of indie rock, The Wholls are a killer group. From Bedford, they have a really rough gritty sound, and they just have a crazily unique edge. Arturo’s voice has this rough punk gravel to it, and this is backed up by heavy indie infused guitar. They always draw brilliant crowds live too, and just listening to their broodingly sensual tracks makes you want to get up and mosh.

For fans of: cutting edge indie rock, powerful mosh pits, energetic fun rock’n’roll

Top tracks: Angry Faces X21

the wholls
The Wholls

6. The Blinders

A harrowingly brooding, deeply sensual rock band, The Blinders seriously channel post Led Zeppelin vibes in their music. There’s a raw bitterness to the tracks, and the band don’t shy away from political commentaries or social observations either. Their music is packed with raw grit and a DIY bite; it’s messy, rough round the edges rock, which is a blinding sound for any band to have.

For fans of: Led Zeppelin, blaring guitar riffs, sensually romanticised lyrics

Top tracks: Ramona Flowers ICB Blues

7. 485C

A band full of artsy indie charm and a rough post punk bite, 485C are one of the most meticulous bans I know. The five piece play together perfectly in sync, and the harrowing pain and richness to Adam’s voice layers over the delicately heavy guitar and raucous drumming perfectly. There’s something captivating and mesmerising about the band, and their whole image and sound leaves nothing to be desired whatsoever.

For fans of: progressive artsy rock and unique art movements, 80s indie, unorthodox guitar rock

Top tracks: Primal ConcernsAmerican Walls


8. Strange Bones

Full of fucked up punk angst and heavy politically charged aggression, Strange Bones are creating their own version of punk music. Riff wise, the band are blinding, and create the heaviest most raucous pieces of music I’ve ever heard. Their lyrics reflect all sorts of political issues, and the band are so abrasive and confident that they scream anti-Tory slogans all over the place. Live, their crowds are hectic, reflecting the insanity you get on stage. The balaclava and rat masks used by the band just add to their unorthodox nature and sheer punk authenticity.

For fans of: rough mosh pits, heavy blaring riffs, unpolished messy punk

Top tracks: Pussy Galore’s Flying Circus Big Sister Is Watching

9. Concrete Caverns

One of my favourite local bands, Concrete Caverns are a lively force of raw indie rock, with a carefully polished indie rock sound. Joseph’s voice is really rough and raw, and this is backed up by Liam and Zach who are both killer guitarists. What I love about this band (aside from how lovely they are in person) is the catchiness of their riffs and sheer brilliance of their Britrock sound. They’re unreal live too, and are full of energy and skill and talent which they showcase on stage brilliantly.

For fans of: Arctic Monkeys, old school authentically British rock’n’roll, boldly catchy riffs

Top tracks: Jenny That’s Why

Concrete Caverns

10. SAP

This three piece are an immensely fun band live, and pack their sets with a heavily intense feel. Their sound really is a burst of power and aggressive riffs, which gives the band a killer aura. I really enjoyed seeing them live a couple months back, and their tracks have that head-banger feel which makes them all the more intense to listen to.

For fans of: loud heavy riffs, blaring rowdy rock, experimental vocal distortions

Top tracks: Feel It Sucker

11. The Scruff

Where do I even begin with The Scruff! I saw them live for the first time in 2015 supporting The Bohicas, and have been gripped ever since. They have a really classic, pure rock sound to their music, and Adam’s voice is authentically British, with the bold accent coming through giving it an almost nostalgic feel. They’re full of energy too, and use blaring guitar distortions and highly amped up effects to give their music even more of a bite.

For fans of: Britpop, old school rock from the 70s like The Jam, evocative guitar rock

Top tracks: Leave It Alone Bricks and Bottles

The Scruff

12. Yes Problem

Heavy, loud and intense; Yes Problem are one of my favourite bands to have discovered this year. They have this pure grunge/ punk sound to them, with two bass guitars being used alongside one lead to give the band this hectic heaviness. The power they have is blinding, and when I saw them a couple months back at the Brixton Windmill I was stunned by the sound they were able to create.

For fans of: proper gritty punk, heavy blaring riffs, killer DIY rock

13. Rosko

One of my favourite new bands, hands down, Rosko are a sick four piece who are crazily unique in terms of sound and style. They fuse indie and punk with reggae and hip hop, and have just enough talent and meticulous skill to pull this off with ease. Bruce’s vocal is sick too, and his rapping on stage alongside filthy heavy rock’n’roll riffs gives the band a very quirky Jamie T/ The Streets kinda vibe.

For fans of: indie grime, hip-hop infused punk with elements of rap and reggae, Jamie T, The Streets

Top track: The Boys

rosko main

14. Scarletinas

This band really excited me when I saw then live the other month at Nambucca, mainly due to their unique boldness, charismatic flare, and artistic fashionable style. Something about them has a really classic late 60s/ mid 70s feel, and their whole look and sound gives you that classic rock’n’roll feel. Their riffs are blaring, and the whole look and sound they have is killer- quite something for a band who are only a year old or so! They’re a thrilling force, and I would highly recommend catching them live at some point.

For fans of: Hendrix, 70s rock’n’roll, rock music with a creative and artistic flare

Top tracks: Walking On Water Surrender To The Night

15. The Americas

Another blinding band, The Americas are (again) one of my favourites. Like seriously seriously good. Despite the name, there’s a quintessentially British sound to the band, with bluesy post grunge elements to their music. Their tracks ooze confidence and attitude, which is so key to rock’n’roll, and they merge desert grunge with post punk sounds wonderfully. There’s an authentic rock power and boldness to the band, and their clever branding with the American flag and the classic red, white and blue colours adds to the band’s image brilliantly.

For fans of: desert grunge, vintage rock’n’roll with a classically retro edge, infused with a fresh youthful vibrancy

Top tracks: Hot Minute Tenth Day of May

The Americas
The Americas

16. Sisteray

A band heading up the indie scene in London, Sisteray are one of the coolest upcoming bands. Guitar rock at its best, Niall, Dan, Mick and Marco have a wonderful chemistry and all play wonderfully together. Their latest EP is full of political and social commentaries, and it’s refreshing to see a band fiercely channelling anti-austerity and anti-establishment views in their music. And if there was ever a band to be the face of London’s indie rock scene, then Sisteray would be strong contenders. They’re very smart and unique too in terms of their recordings, with their EP 15 Minutes essentially an artistic/ political project based on Andy Warhol.

For fans of: anti-establishment rock’n’roll, classic rock music, Brit-pop/ noughties post punk

Top tracks: A Wise Man Said Queen’s English


17. Mummy

Literally every blog post I do similar to this one features Mummy, and the reason behind that it simple; they are the best. The face of DIY punk, Mummy are a raucous, loud, aggressive force of authentic punk music. This archaic feel to them is thrilling and gripping, and the heavy crashing nature of the guitar gives their music a brain-explosive edge. Live, the band are truly thrilling and their DIY bite makes them an unreal force of punk rock in the London music scene.

For fans of: gritty DIY punk bands like Wonk Unit and Pizzatramp, music with a bit of character and humour, punchy dirty riffs

Top tracks: Hey Busy Doing Nothing

18. Nova Twins

Two of my favourite ladies, Nova Twins are proof that two people with guitars is all you need for that heavy aggressive punk sound which is becoming so dominant in the underground DIY punk scene. Killer riffs and hooks are blazing in their tracks, with cocky raw vocals (both sung and screamed) used to build up this sense of hardcore intensity. Nova Twins have the perfect punk look going on too, and their unique approach to music gives them a real edge. ‘London is calling back’ indeed.

For fans of: DIY punk (i.e. Wonk Unit, Mummy, Calva Louise), dirty bass lines, catchy riffs and killer guitar hooks

Top track: Bassline Bitch

Nova Twins

19. The Black Roses

Indie rock buoyancy comes your way with The Black Roses, who capture this brilliantly nostalgic 2000s indie sound perfectly. Arctic Monkeys are a clear influence on the band, yet their recent EP Utopia pushes them into a more individual, unique sphere of their own. They know that the classic roots of indie rock (i.e. two guitars, a bass and drum kit) work just as well as more unique musical variations coming through into the industry, and the band’s determination to retain a sense of classic indie rock to their music is paying off, as they really are killing it right now.

For fans of: noughties indie rock, quirky guitar riffs, anything Alex Turner related

Top tracks: She Makes The Rain Dance Bad Habits

20. Calva Louise

Calva Louise are one of the most insane bands I’ve ever seen live; Alizon on bass and Ben on drums build up an aura of heavy punk angst, all completed by Jess who is an unreal front woman. As a guitarist she is insane, with an unreal guitar and pedal board, and the killer screams she projects adds to the killer punk intensity the band have. There’s a very meticulous disciplined feel to their music too; the band practice every day, and the cutting throat perfection of every riff they play is evidence of this. The way Jess, Alizon and Ben play together is outstanding, and the riotous archaic punk sound they create is blinding.

For fans of: killer punk, raspy screeching vocals, heavy rich guitar riffs

Top tracks: Living In The Wild & I’m Gonna Do Well

calva louise
Calva Louise

21. October Drift

Manic chaos and hectic raw unorthodox filth hits you in the face with October Drift. The band use heavy killer riffs, with amped up chaotic guitar, to create this undeniably strong sound which really is mindblowing. Kiran’s voice too is deep and dark and raw, which adds an element of brooding mystery to the band’s sound. Live, they are one of the coolest most exciting bands I’ve ever seen, and the complex grunge edge they have is electrifying. There’s a harrowing brooding feel to their lyrics too, especially the line ‘cherry red, like the blood that’s rushing to my head’.

For fans of: uncompromising grunge, deep and dark lyrics, rock music oozing in attitude and confidence

Top tracks: Cherry RedCinnamon Girl

22. J.W. Paris

Yet another blog piece on J.W. Paris (no surprise there), I can’t stress how sick this band are. The three piece blend raw gritty vocals with heavy bluesy guitar and grunge infused rock’n’roll. Their sound and image and live presence is unbelievable, and the way Aaron and Dan sound when they sing together is mindblowing. There’s a filthy gravel to the band, with a very special quality of abrasive honesty to their brooding lyrics. This rough DIY edge shines through, and every single track that band come up with is killer.

For fans of: grunge and blues music, gritty messy rock’n’roll, chaotic messy bass lines

Top tracks: Wanted More Berlin

JW Paris
J.W. Paris

23. Wonk Unit

DIY punk! Such a sick, exciting concept in rock music, and it was introduced to me back last year by Wonk Unit. The kings of DIY punk (they record and produce on an independent label and host Wonkfest every year), Wonk Unit are one of the sickest bands I know. Alex is a wonderful frontman, and Pwosion is genuinely one of my favourite people ever. What the band channel is heavy punk aggression, through their roaring riffs and bass lines and Alex’s cutting edge vocal which has this cocky London sound so unique to the authentic roots of punk music. Their humour and quirky image (such as their ‘dinosaurs are wankers’ slogan) makes them all the more fun and exciting.

For fans of: the London underground punk scene, skate culture, DIY independent punk music

Top tracks: We Are The England Nan

24. Pages

Guitar rock doesn’t necessarily have to be hardcore and heavy; a lot of the time it can have a more buoyant indie sound, whilst maintaining a certain rawness and proper rock edge, and this is something Pages do perfectly. The way Matt and Danny play guitar together is brilliant and they are one of my favourite local bands to see live. The band have been turning towards a more heavier sound recently, and there are really exciting prospects ahead of them. There’s a sense of chilled, light indie to their music, but the band can still lose it completely on stage, resulting in these really raw bursts of powerful rock’n’roll.

For fans of: bands like Foals and Wolf Alice, soothing indie rock

Top tracks: Keep Your Love The Road


25. Yonaka

Yonaka are fast becoming a really big band, but now is your chance to catch them in small venues whilst you still can. The group contrast raw, distorted, heavy guitar with Theresa’s clear, cutting edge vocals which collide with the heaviness of the guitar and drums perfectly. Her voice is unreal, and the ability she has to adapt her vocal range throughout the tracks the band play really is blinding. On one hand there’s a very disciplined meticulous feel to their music, yet on the other hand the band really do lose their shit live which makes for undeniably raucous and exciting performances, drawing dancing and mosh pits from their crowds.

For fans of: heavy guitar, rich riffs and powerful bass lines, deep and rich vocals

Top tracks: Pride Gods and Lovers

yonaka main

26. Bang Bang Romeo 

Powerful, 60s infused rock’n’roll vibrancy is what you get from Sheffield four-piece Bang Bang Romeo. Authentic rock dynamism and unapproachable bold vocals give Bang Bang Romeo a very special edge; there’s something very unapproachable and dark about them, their bold rock sound laced with a very delicate, refined aura. Riff wise, there’s a distorted artsy elegance to their tracks, particularly the brooding opening of Carnival. Heavy distortions and richly heavy and deep rock authenticity sets the foundations for Bang Bang Romeo’s unreal sound. One of my favourite elements of Bang Bang Romeo is (of course) the quality of Anastasia’s vocal; fuck, she can sing. Kinda like this generation’s Alanis Morissette or Janis Joplin, the unbelievable intensity and power of her raucous rock vocal adds to the band’s brooding Led Zeppelin-esque vibe. The atmospheric cutting edge the band have is blinding, and I can’t recommend them to rock’n’roll fans highly enough.

For fans of: post-60s rock’n’roll, explosively intense vocals, vibrant & creative rock music

Top tracks: Chemical Carnival

You can listen to these killer bands on my Spotify playlist below:

© Photo credits: Alex Cabré (Yonaka), Alberto Pezzali (Sisteray), Emma Swann (Calva Louise), Rob Blackham (BlackWaters), Sahera Walker (485C and The Scruff), Andrei Saceanu (Concrete Caverns), Cath Dupuy (Nova Twins), Sam Gill (J.W. Paris), Caitlin Young (Pages), Andy Hughes (The Americas)