Shaking up the meaning of Rock n Roll: Small Victories live @ The Horn

Small Victories are one of my favourite small bands currently, one I was lucky enough to catch live last year at The Water Rats for the single launch of explosive track Paint The Picture. The band are made up of Nick on lead guitar and vocals, Louis on bass, and Andy on drums, and last week they played a brilliant headline set at The Horn in St Albans. With support from TeeVes and Tactful Kactus, it really was a pleasure to see Small Victories live again. What an unreal live band they are; they pack this crazy energy and are incredibly skilled and talented live, which makes them one of the most exciting and interesting bands I’ve witnessed on stage.


The band have a very infectious energy and they channel this perfectly live, simply by having a brilliantly fun jam session on stage. Their sound has that fun rock’n’roll vibe too, with a very energetic indie rock bite, reminiscent of bands like Spring King, Oasis, Kasabian, The Vaccines… any loud gutsy rock’n’roll band really. The London based three piece have a very solid sound as well, one that’s very polished and professional; for such a small band it’s crazy how refined and brilliantly written their tracks are. They definitely have this aura of being one of those bands who could eventually be playing these indie rock anthems to larger crowds at much bigger venues, as they have the perfect foundations currently for this to happen. As a three piece, they still manage to pack the punch of a four piece group; Louis and Nick play guitar together brilliantly, with the bass line’s rhythmic intricacy all backed up by Andy’s fantastic drumming. The set list was class too, featuring ‘jam out’ style guitar tracks, original songs from the band, and personal favourite of mine Paint The Picture which is a brilliant catchy track, one which had me hooked right from the start with that brooding bass and Andy’s powerful energy on the drums- the line you show your face but you ain’t my brother, you got nothing to say echoed throughout The Horn. Their on stage presence is really dynamic and electric too, and the fun that they all have playing together is ridiculously fun in turn for the audience to experience. Their set was simply a pure burst of fiery, passionate, groove-filled rock riffs, heavy powerful drumming, and Nick’s soothing Britpop-esque style vocals. Small Victories have this quirky, classic indie rock sound to them, all backed up by the staggering attitude they possess as a band. Their music has real guts to it too, and has this vivid rock’n’roll rawness to it, which just adds to the powerful edge they have live.

You can read my gig review from November & single review of Paint The Picture here

For more on the band, and to keep up to date with upcoming gigs, you can follow them on Facebook, and listen via YouTube and Spotify





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