Brilliantly raucous, loud, and dynamic: Spring King live at Camden’s KOKO

Spring King are an intense force of dynamic, post-punk rock’n’roll, and always fill venues with the best, liveliest atmosphere you could want from a rock gig. Camden’s KOKO last week hosted Spring King’s final date of their UK tour, and it’s fair to say it was a hot, sweaty, messy blur of intensity and feel good blaring indie anthems from start to finish. Featuring support from Get Inuit and Kagoule, Friday 28th was a night of exciting indie rock tunes, and a blaring passion for rock’n’roll.


The gig opened with indie-pop four piece Get Inuit from Kent, and they were insane. They have a really interesting sound; it’s light feel good indie-pop music, but with really vivid rock/ grunge undertones to it. Their energy was the most infectious thing about their set, alongside their blaring catchy riffs which are certain to turn tracks like Pro Procrastinator and Teriyaki into indie anthems of our generation. They really showed the audience how proper guitar rock music is done, with a lively sense of humour on stage that enthralled the the crowd and infused them with the band’s lively energy and excitement. Pro Procrastinator live was immense, with heavy bass and drumming, and Jamie’s voice just going wild. Jamie is such a cool exciting front man too, and genuinely talented; the guitar riffs were note perfect, and his voice as well has an incredible range, with an ability to project these really high raspy screams. He was funny too, joking that for Halloween he’d “come dressed as Jack from The Magic Gang!” This brilliant humour was intertwined throughout their entire set, with their love for live music and performing clear from the off. For the first band to play that night, and the first time I’d actually seen them, I was stunned. Energy and boldness on stage sometimes compromises for lacklustre music, but there’s nothing Get Inuit lack; everything about their set killed it. The band are headlining The Lexington next January (25th) and it’s 100% not to be missed; you can buy tickets here, or visit their official store here for more on them.


The next band to play were Kagoule, a quirky indie band from Nottingham. I’d listened to the band a bit before, as they released their debut album Urth last year, alongside a host of singles. They’ve been around for a couple of years now; perhaps that’s how they have such a unique, refined look and sound about them. They’re very unconventional and a bit weird but it works really well. The band are a three piece, made up of Cai as singer and lead guitarist, Lucy as singer and bassist, and Lawrence on drums. For most tracks, Lucy and Cai sang together harmonising beautifully, but on others they went solo, giving each a chance to showcase the grittiness of their voices. Lucy was amazing to watch; she was very artistic and elegant in her look, with a rough grunge tone to it, as if she was from a 90s US rock band. They didn’t have as loud a sound as I would have preferred, as in I would have liked something a bit heavier. But they were enchanting and intriguing to watch nonetheless and their unique differences really excited the crowd; this melodic darkness and bold unconventional nature of the band promises a lot for them.

And then for Spring King! Friday night was my fourth time seeing the band, and actually my first time catching a headline gig of theirs having previously seen them supporting Slaves (14/01/2016, O2 Forum Kentish Town), supporting Wolf Alice (27.03.2016, O2 Forum Kentish Town), and playing Reading this year on the NME stage. Each time I see them, they manage to get better and better, with a ferocious boldness on stage and explosion of energy and fiery rock tracks. They have a dirty indie-pop sound, with the heaviness of a grunge band and fun energy of a rock’n’roll group. They love it on stage and this love for what they do was infectious; they excited and engaged every single person in the venue, hyping them up for each track.  Spring King are notorious for their crowds too; if you want a good mosh pit full of dancing and sweating and circle pits, a Spring King gig is the place to be. Because their music has a great funky beat to it, it’s perfect to mosh to and their young fans adore this about them. There was an immense heavy sense to the gig, with a circle pit for literally every song. Even for slower tracks like They’re Coming After You, the crowd managed to mosh to that too! It was so much fun, with the hectic crowd going mental. Personal favourites for me were Demons and Rectifier, as well as Detroit, The Summer, and Rectifier. To be honest, every track was insane, with a mad energy running throughout their whole set. Made up of James, Tarek, Andy and Pete, the lads were clearly having the best time ever on stage; that’s what I love about seeing them live too, they always have so much happiness and appreciation for the crowd’s mad love for them, and channel this in the best way. KOKO was the perfect venue for the gig too; last time I went there was last year seeing Royal Blood and VANT, which was a sweaty show, to say the least. It’s a downstairs venue, and has a really old authentic feel to it; when bands play there it’s dark and loud, smoky and sweaty, and just pure class. For a rock gig too, where better than Camden?! I definitely had high expectations for the gig, having been to an insane gig the night before (Trampolene and Fiende Fatale) and being a regular at Spring King shows, but they 100% delivered. Seeing such a great lineup of feel-good indie rock bands in one evening was the best night ever and, as always, Spring King killed it even more than they did last time round!

Gig rating: ★★★★★


Listen to Spring King’s set list below:

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